GoTranscript Review 2023: Get Paid To Type

Do you want to know how to make money typing? In this post, you will learn how to make money from home with transcription jobs in this GoTranscript review.

Starting a side hustle or a work-from-home job is a great way to make money. Plus, you will create much more freedom. 

You will have the time to work whenever it suits you and you can make as many hours as you want. 

When you’re done for the day you simply close your laptop and go enjoy the rest of your time. 

Who doesn’t want that?

Why Is Transcribing A Great Way To Make Money

I briefly touched on why making money online with transcription is so great. 

Here are 6 reasons why making money typing is so great:

  • Many have gone before you – meaning that it is a legit work from home job. 
  • You can be location independent – you only need an internet connection and a laptop. Why not do this from the place you love the most?
  • Fixed pricing – you know what you will get paid, as the prices per word or audio minute are often fixed. 
  • High demand – transcription jobs are in very high demand and there are hundreds of companies that want you to work for them. There is always work in this field!
  • Earnings increase over time – when you start making money by transcribing, you can make this your career. You build up experience and customer relationships, which means your earnings will be higher over time. 
  • Combine it with other side hustles or your family – because this transcribing job is so flexible, you can combine it with anything. Whether you are a stay at home mom or having a 9-5? You can schedule this any time that you want!

So, how do you actually make money typing for GoTranscript? That’s what you’re reading the GoTranscript review for right. 

How To Make Money Typing Using GoTranscript?

GoTranscript is one of the great companies that are offering transcription jobs from home. 

In this GoTranscript review, we look first at why it is so great?

  • GoTranscript is a global company that can be used by anyone. No matter what country you live in, GoTranscript will provide you with the best transcription work from home jobs. 
  • With GoTranscript, you don’t have to have any experience with transcribing text or audio. It is the perfect start of your transcribing career!
  • Other companies often ask to type at a certain speed, with GoTranscript that’s not as issue. They give you 6 hours for every 10 minute audio file, that would be enough no matter your typing speed. 
  • When compared to other transcription companies, GoTranscript gives you more room to grow. You received regular feedback to develop your skills. This gives you great room to develop yourself as a professional!
  • You will get paid weekly, via PayPal or Payoneer. 
  • They have a wide variety of jobs, meaning that you won’t get bored. One day you will work on a research proposal and the next day you work on translating a police investigation. 
  • You choose your own work hours and your own projects. You decide when you work and how many hours you spend on it. 

Start Making Money Online

The Application Process

You can register for their site here. By doing that, they state you can earn up to $1215 per month. In addition to your regular income. This means they pay up to $0.60 per minute for audio or video.  

Woman Typing On Computer Stock

Once you have signed up, you answer 14 questions they made to test your English. After that, you transcribe a few minutes of audio from a test file. 

When you have completed and submitted this, they will come back to you within 2 weeks. 

Now The Fun Starts

When you have completed the application process and you have received feedback, you can select your job. 

Once you have selected your job, you have a fixed amount of time to complete it. For a 10-minute audio file, you can take your time and transcribe it in 6 hours. If you need more time, simply click on the ‘extend time’ button. 

When you want to start transcribing and you are a beginner, these tools are especially useful. 

The transcription tool of GoTranscript saves your work regularly, so no need to worry that your work is lost.

Once you submitted your work, you can see the final edited transcript. Check for any changes, to improve your work going forward. 

If you are delivering good work and have completed at least 15 transcription jobs and are rated above 4.5, you can apply for the editor job. You will get a raise and get more responsibility. 

What Tools Do You Need To Work?

1. Laptop or computer

2. Internet

3. Headphones – they just need to be comfortable, they don’t need to be expensive. Just be aware of the fact that you’re wearing them for a long time. 

How Much Money Can You Make Typing From Home?

You earn up to $0.60 per audio or video minute. The average earnings per month are $150. However, if you would approach it like a job you can earn up to $1215 per month. When you get more experience and get promoted to editor, there will be even more money coming your way. 

Is GoTranscript Legit?

Short answer: YES! GoTranscript was founded in 2005 and has been operating since. They are focusing on online transcription jobs and have huge clients like Netflix and BBC. Plus, they have a 9.5 rating on Trustpilot. This wouldn’t be possible if they are a scam. 

If you want to jump-start your online career, making money online by typing could be a great place to start. It can make up to $1215 a month and you are flexible with your hours.

You don’t need a lot besides your computer, headphones, and internet.

Let me know what you think once you tried it out!

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Would you want to make money typing online with GoTranscript? What do you think of this GoTranscript Review?

Start Making Money Online

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