People Spending Money on These Non-Frugal Purchases are Happier Than Those Who Don’t

I was on the internet and saw someone asking, “What things do you purchase, even if it’s not a smart money-saving decision, just because it brings you a lot of joy?”

The user wanted to know “the things you spend money on that no amount of mental gymnastics will land on frugal. I don’t want to hear, ‘well, I spent $300 on these shoes, but they last 10 years, so it actually comes out cheaper!’ I want the things you spend money on simply because it makes you happy.”

He adds, “Expensive Diptyque candles? Fancy drinks? Hotels with a view? Deep tissue massage? Boxing classes? What’s tickling your non-frugal fancy?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Man Vacuuming the Living Room Carpet at Home in Front of Couch MSN

One person bought an $800 vacuum cleaner and said it’s like driving a BMW in the vacuum world. It’s made vacuuming fun for this person.

Another one commented on it, “I second this. After many bagless/wind tunnel vacuums, we finally splurged on a Miele canister. You can never go back once you’ve seen [the] quality.”

2. Being a Single Woman

Woman Shrugging Her Shoulders MSN

Lisse said, “I am a single woman and lived alone for most of my adult life, even when it stretched my budget. Was it the smart financial decision? No. Did it greatly increase my peace of mind and mental well-being? Hell, yes!”

Another added that she loves knowing that when she gets home, everything will be where it was left. No one will have eaten her food, and her cat is still inside with no chance she was accidentally let out. Plus, if she’s tired and wants to go to bed before cleaning up or rushing to work without putting anything away, there’s no pressure because she answers to no one. Her words, not mine. 

3. Soft Towels

Woman Lying on Bed in Bathrobe with Towel on head Smiling Happy MSN

One mentioned, ”Really soft towels. They changed my life.” A lot of users related to this comment.

Someone added that they broke up with their partner and bought bath towels for $90 a piece. They thought it was glorious, and they still use them today.

4. Metal Detector

Woman on Beach Sand Looking for Gold with Metal Detector MSN

Someone said they have a $300 metal detector and $100 of accessories for it, because why not? We only live once.

Another excitingly added, “I know this is a thread about not being frugal, but I’ll take any chance to shill for public libraries. My library loans out metal detectors (and other hobby stuff like sewing machines and fishing rods). It’s a nice method to test out a hobby for free before you invest in your own equipment. Ask your local library if they have a ‘Library of Things.’” We love those tips! 

5. Lego Sets

Two Happy and Smiling Lego Men MSN

Lego sets make a lot of people smile, and people simply love playing with Legos. You only get one life, someone added.

Another user commented that his friend added the Star Wars Lego Millenium Falcon set to his wedding registry.

6. A Dog

Woman with Dog Sitting in Living Room on Laptop MSN

One said her dog is a discretionary expense because pets are, but he makes her happy on a daily basis.

Another added that a pet saves your mental health. She also said she typed this with something small and fluffy on her lap. You go and connect the dots.

7. Books

Woman Smiling Pleased Carrying Six Heavy Books

Books. Just keeps buying books.

Someone replied that he loves books if they’re a bit older. He enjoys new books if he’s looking forward to them or when it’s a preorder for a series he likes. He asked if he would ever catch up on his books. The answer he gives is maybe. I think that’s a fair answer for any book lover. 

8. Gym Membership

Woman Working Out In Gym Doing Sport and Lifting Weights MSN

Someone said, “High-end gym membership. I know I could do the same thing for cheaper, but I like guilt-tripping myself into going, and I like the reward of being somewhere nice when I work out.”

Another person agreed with them. They go to a small gym where they know their trainer and the trainer knows what weight they used last week and about their health barriers. They say it’s expensive but 100% worth it. 

9. Heating and Cooling Fixtures

Couple Man and Woman Sitting on Couch in Living Room Home House with Air Conditioning MSN

One person commented, “I keep my heat in my house around 70 in the winter, the heating bill be damned! I still wear warm socks, sweaters, etc., but you can only do so much in an old, uninsulated house. Winter is depressing enough, and I’ve chosen comfort over coins. It’s made a significant, positive impact on my mental health.”

Another commented with the same problem, but the other way around. They said that Phoenix, Arizona, gets ridiculously hot, like, raising blood pressure hot. They are way more productive when it’s cool. So when the air conditioning broke, they were exhausted and foggy because their body prioritized staying cool. They paid for the air conditioning to be repaired quickly. 

10. Spices

Cooking Chicken Food Making a Nice Meal MSN

Someone mentioned, “2-3 times per year, I will go into a dedicated spice/vinegar/oil shop and stock up, as well as pick up a few gifts. Getting high-quality spices can go a long way to doctoring up cheaper meals, and you typically don’t have to use as much if it is fresh/good quality.”

They buy smoked pepper, smoked or flavored salts, some Vietnamese cinnamon, some rubs, taco seasonings, and more. If you’re into cooking, these spices can add much flavor to a dish.

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