Adult Recall the 13 (Mostly Harmless) Lies They Heard as Kids, and I Was Duped by the Same Ones

When you were little, can you recall something your parents said that you truly believed but later discovered wasn’t true as you grew up?

Whether it’s about the tooth fairy or old Saint Nick, you’ve definitely believed a lie in your childhood. Here are 13 harmless lies adults often tell kids. 

1. Adults Are Geniuses Who Know Everything

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Adults always seem like geniuses in the eyes of children and feel like everything that comes out of their mouths is gospel. This is the main reason why many kids are duped by adults’ white lies.

Getting told by one’s dad that the waves of the ocean are made by whales seems realistic enough. And yes, anyone can absolutely believe that for years. 

2. Moths Were the Ghosts of Butterflies

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Many superstitions go with the haunting looks of moths.

The one that considers moths to be actually ghosts of dead butterflies is hauntingly beautiful. It’s a cool concept to lie about, but that doesn’t make it true. 

3. One Needs to Behave in School Because of the “Permanent Record”

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The concept of having a permanent record has been introduced early in kid’s childhood to motivate them to behave and do good in school.

While some teachers introduce this lie early on, some admit to their students that it was a complete lie and to just do their best without the added pressure of a permanent record. Imagine your elementary misdeeds being brought up on a job interview. That’s just hilarious.  

4. The Rules Only Get Stricter

Woman Teaching Holding A File In Front Of A Blackboard
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Another lie connected to schools that adults concoct is that rules only get stricter as you move up in your level.

Jeffrey said that he heard this at the end of every school year when he was in elementary. While subjects may be added the next year and they can be more difficult, it doesn’t necessarily make it stricter. 

5. You’re Getting So Tall

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From your grandmother to your uncles, you will always hear them say that you’re getting so tall.

Your grandmother telling you you’re getting so tall when you’re stuck at 5’1” seems like an insult more than a compliment. Maybe all she could imagine was when you were just a baby.

6. Math Teacher Claims “No Calculator in Your Pocket”

Happy Young Woman Using A Calculator And Holding Money
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When smartphones were not invented yet, teachers would often say it’s important to learn math because you can’t always have a calculator in your pocket. Not anymore, though.

Ralph remarked that at that time, it might not be a lie, but now, it’s absolutely not true since people carry their phones (with built-in calculators) everywhere they go. 

7. Bad People (Criminals) Never Win

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In the real world, the idea that bad people never win is a solid lie. They sometimes do, and that’s the harsh reality of life.

Not only do they win, but they even own it and control the world. This might be why adults lie about it to kids since it’s such a horrible thing to think about. 

8. Cracking Your Knuckles Is Bad for You

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Adults often say that cracking your knuckles can cause arthritis, and this is one of their most popular lies to kids.

Many still genuinely believe this. The truth is, no, it won’t cause you arthritis, so crack away. 

9. Saddam Hussein Shot Down Santa’s Sleigh in 1990 with An Anti-aircraft Missile

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No, Saddam Hussein was not responsible for killing Santa Claus in 1990.

Many even joke around that Santa is alive and well and that it’s actually the plot of the 2002 movie Red Sleigh Down. And if it’s not Hussein, some adults would say it’s the Soviets instead. 

10. We Are Almost There (During a Long Car Journey)

Woman Driving in Car, Behind the Wheel MSN
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“We’re almost there” is most often the answer to all children who would ask, “Are we there yet?”

When on a long car journey, especially when it’s the first time to go to that destination, this is not a surprising annoyance. Adults would often lie and say, “We are almost there,” just to shut kids up. 

11. Human has blue blood and it turns red because of oxygen

Medical worker with blood test - MSN
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While they may look blue because of our veins, human blood has always been red. The lie that human has blue blood is often told to kids so that they would avoid getting wounded.

With biology in schools, though, this lie is corrected early on anyway. 

12. Only People Who Work Hard Get Ahead in Life


Considered one of the most painful lies, this lie claims that only hard workers are rewarded. Some people work hard every day but are still in a horrible place in their lives.

Nola said that to turn this into truth, it should say that people who work hard have a better chance of getting ahead in life. 

13. If You Keep Making That Face, It’ll Freeze That Way

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Well, if you get a facial spasm, then it can be true that “if you keep making that face, it will freeze that way.” But the lie that you will stay cross-eyed if you keep doing it is absolutely made up. 

Which of these lies were you hung up on when you were a kid? Did you believe any of them?

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