These 12 Everyday Activities Can Cause Serious Injury – Are You Guilty of Any?

As I was looking through the main page of the internet, I found a interesting question that grabbed my interest: “What are some things that can be really dangerous but many people don’t know about?”

The top-voted responses were quite fascinating and informative.

1. A Few Inches of Moving Water

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The most upvoted comment is, “A few inches of moving water over a roadway.”  Even a small amount of water can cause hydroplaning, which means a vehicle’s tires lose contact with the road surface and begin to slide uncontrollably. This can result in a loss of control of the vehicle and potentially lead to an accident. 

So even a few inches of moving water over a roadway can pose significant dangers to drivers and pedestrians alike. It’s essential to exercise caution and avoid crossing flooded roads whenever possible.

2. Driving When You Are Tired

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Driving while tired is a dangerous activity often overlooked by many people. 

Research shows that being awake for 20 hours impairs an individual as much as having a blood alcohol concentration of .08%, which is considered driving under influence in numerous states. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize getting enough sleep before getting behind the wheel to avoid any accidents caused by drowsiness.

3. The Results of Overusaging Tylenol

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One person shared that overusing Tylenol can lead to liver failure, a serious health concern. He added that it’s important to avoid treating Tylenol like candy and to recognize that it is not harmless. 

Acetaminophen poisoning, the general name for the active ingredient in Tylenol, is so severe that his school provided a public service announcement about the risks of over-the-counter medications containing it. It’s crucial to check the drug ingredients and ensure you don’t consume excessively.

4. Not Having Enough Sodium in Your Body

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A user shared that they had experienced a medical emergency due to not having sufficient sodium in their body. Although there are commonly voiced concerns about consuming excessive salt, not enough can also significantly disrupt the body’s functioning. 

Another user contributed to the discussion, highlighting the vital role of sodium and potassium in maintaining the electrical potential across nerve cell membranes. Without this, the nerves are unable to function properly.

5. Tailgating at 70 Miles per Hour

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Tailgating at a speed of 70mph can significantly increase the risk of accidents compared to patiently sharing the road with others, a user on this thread shared. 

Maintaining a safe following distance between vehicles is important, especially at higher speeds. Not only does this reduce the risk of accidents, but it also allows drivers to react to sudden changes in traffic.

6. The Garage Door Springs

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One person shared it’s the garage door springs for them. A lot of people in this Reddit thread agreed, and they shared their experiences. For example, “Ours broke one night, and it sounded like a 12 gauge going off. Can confirm, do not go anywhere near those things.” and “when ours broke, it sounded like a car crashing into the garage.” 

Garage door springs can pose a serious safety hazard if not maintained properly and can cause injury or property damage in case of malfunction. Or just a racing heart if you are home but not close enough to get hurt. 

7. Being Pregnant

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Pregnancy is a thing most people don’t realize is dangerous just because it is so normal.

Someone shared that his wife is a medical expert, and they were prepared for the risks and expectations of our planned pregnancy. However, the pregnancy was challenging, with many scary moments, including tests, hospital admissions, and complications like placenta previa and preeclampsia. Despite a difficult labor, their baby was born healthy, and they left the hospital soon after. Raising a baby is a big responsibility for the rest of their lives.

8. Eating Grapefruit While Being on Medication

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Consuming grapefruit while taking medication can have numerous adverse effects, including rendering the medication ineffective or causing toxicity, as mentioned by one user. 

Another user found it ironic that while they could have a new heart implanted without any issues, consuming grapefruit could be lethal.

9. Putting Your Feet on the Dashboard

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Heka mentioned that putting your feet on the dashboard is extremely dangerous. A lot of people shared they didn’t think about this particular example. 

Kat shared that her high school physics teacher provided a detailed and disturbing account of the consequences of being in a car accident with your feet placed on the dashboard, which was utterly horrifying for her.

10. Walking Up or Down the Stairs

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According to one, the most dangerous thing most people don’t realize is dangerous is walking up or down the stairs. Falling down the stairs is the most common accident at home.

It is advisable not to leave shoes or any other objects on the stairs as they might be visible to you, but it could easily go unnoticed by your spouse or child, especially in low light conditions or when they are in a hurry.

11. Sitting on Your Butt for the Whole Day

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Sitting all day can harm your health, including developing painful pressure sores due to lack of movement. Taking breaks and incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is important to prevent these negative consequences. 

Prolonged sitting has also been linked to an increased risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Standing desks and regular stretching can help combat the negative effects of sitting for extended periods. It is important to prioritize movement and avoid prolonged sitting for optimal health and well-being.

12.  Getting Someone’s Attention While Using Heavy Equipment

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If someone uses heavy equipment, it’s best to wait until they finish before getting their attention because it’s safer. The Redditor in the thread shares he often has his back turned to the counter while using the band saw for wood in his shop.

He added, “some customers expect immediate service and try to get my attention by making loud noises, which startle me and can make me flinch dangerously close to the saw. Regardless of how important their order is, risking my hand and livelihood is not worth it.”

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