“He Never Considered This Once”: 15 Fundamental Aspects of Womanhood That Too Many Men Fail to Grasp (or Refuse to)

In a world striving for equality, it’s crucial to recognize that understanding one another’s experiences isn’t always straightforward. Women, like men, navigate a complex tapestry of life’s challenges and joys, each thread woven with unique experiences and perspectives. Despite ongoing progress toward gender equality, aspects of a woman’s journey may elude the understanding of their male counterparts.

Here, we delve into 15 aspects of women’s experiences that can be challenging and aren’t always understood by men. 

1. Embracing the Night

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This woman often expresses her affection for the city at night and her desire to take midnight strolls. A close friend once suggested, “Why don’t you?” When she raised safety concerns, this friend casually replied, “Just leave your phone behind. That way, you won’t have to worry about potential theft!”

That response made it very clear that he didn’t understand what she was talking about.

2. Stored up Milk

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Once, this woman shared that she stood up too quickly while reaching for something beneath a table and accidentally hit her chest on the way up. Her male friend got concerned and immediately asked if she should go to the doctor to get it checked out. She assured him it wasn’t necessary and asked why he thought it was.

He had a rather unusual idea that her chest might explode and something unexpected would happen to release the ‘stored milk inside.’ All she could do for the next 10 minutes was blink in disbelief.

3. The Misunderstood Reality of Pregnancy

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Mel explains she once went on a date with a guy in the medical field. He told her that because mitosis (the process of cells separating) is an involuntary process, growing and birthing a baby isn’t that much effort for women. 

He also believed that women and men put in the same effort to birth a child. It’s as if he doesn’t realize that a woman’s body literally supports two entire human lives for nine months. There’s nothing easy about it.

4. Challenging Gender Assumptions 

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During a midweek lunch with a coworker at a Mexican restaurant, only men and the waitress were present. This woman and her coworker started having a ‘not all men’ moment, and she patiently listened to him.

When he finally paused for breath, she asked him to look around and tell her which one she was supposed to be scared of. He appeared surprised, glanced around, and responded in disbelief, asking her how he should know. She just smiled and replied, “Exactly.” She could see the light bulb clicking on in his head.

5. The Misconception About Hysterectomies

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This woman recounts how her brother once believed that women could simply walk into a gynecologist clinic and get a hysterectomy whenever they wanted, assuming it was a straightforward procedure.

Rin is in disbelief and shares her experience, explaining that she wished it were that simple. In her case, she had to fight for a hysterectomy for years due to chronic pelvic pain. Many doctors prioritized her fertility over her overall quality of life. However, after persisting, she eventually received the surgery, which was her best decision ever. It brought an end to her pain and eliminated the need for periods.

6. The Complexity of Abortion Laws and Access

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This woman shares that in a conversation with two American men, the implications for abortion rights came up. Surprisingly, they downplayed its significance, suggesting that women could easily get abortions by driving to another state. 

However, this response oversimplifies the complex reality of abortion laws in the United States. The legal landscape varies widely from state to state, and accessing abortion care often involves logistical, financial, and legal challenges. Restrictive abortion laws and their impact on women’s reproductive rights are a matter of ongoing concern, making the situation more complex than a simple drive across state lines would suggest.

7. Challenges of Women’s Pants Sizing

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While this woman was talking to a male coworker about pants sizing, she shared her frustration with the inconsistent nature of women’s clothing sizes. She mentioned her preference for pants sized by both waist and length, similar to men’s sizing. He suggested that she simply buy pants with that sizing. She clarified that women’s pants don’t use that system.

The problem lies in the illogical and inconsistent sizing of women’s pants, which varies between brands due to differences in their cuts. Despite her explanations, he couldn’t grasp the complexities of women’s pants sizing and why switching to men’s pants wouldn’t resolve her issue.

8. Understanding the Pocket Predicament

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Many men fail to understand that the lack of pockets in women’s clothing isn’t a matter of choice but the availability of options in the market. It’s not about what women want but what’s offered. 

Additionally, they may not grasp the frustration of constantly searching for a place to stash essentials like keys or a phone. The issue lies with the limited options for pants with functional pockets designed for women’s clothing, not women’s preferences. 

9. Challenging Medical Misconceptions

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In a recent medical encounter, a male doctor dismissively remarked, “You’re 29, not 19 anymore,” in response to this woman’s complaints of severe pain and fatigue, among other symptoms. 

It’s a common experience for many women who often find themselves not being believed or having their concerns written off due to their menstrual cycle. Fortunately, her next consultation with a female doctor led to a different perspective as she suspects it might be fibromyalgia.

10. Confusing Concern for Convenience

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This woman informed her ex that her period typically lasts around 7 days, with the last 2-3 days being very light bleeding. 

He suggested she see a doctor, seemingly more concerned about not wanting to wait for her period to end before resuming activities.

11. Misconceptions About Female Anatomy

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An ex-boyfriend once told his woman that women needed to clean their intimate areas because he thought that’s where pee comes from. He thought there were just two openings in that region, one in the front and one in the rear.  

Her jaw dropped at the misconception, especially considering they were both in university and over 20 years old at the time.

12. Misconceptions About Catcalling

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While dating someone, the topic of catcalling came up, and this woman explained. A man questioned whether women exaggerated its frequency, suggesting it might happen only once or twice a year. 

She disagreed, saying it occurs weekly, sometimes daily, especially in summer. He found this hard to believe, attributing it to her attractiveness.

13. Uncomfortable Airbnb Experience

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There is this woman who booked an Airbnb to escape from a difficult time and relax alone. The owner repeatedly messaged her, asking if she’d come alone and pressing for confirmation. 

This constant badgering about her solitary stay made her uncomfortable, leading her to cancel the reservation. She considered that the owner might have had legitimate reasons for asking, but he seemed oblivious that his inquiries were unsettling her.

14. Bathroom Waiting Lines

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For nearly six decades, this woman’s dad remained blissfully ignorant that public bathrooms often have lines simply because he never had to wait in one. 

This obliviousness can be frustrating because it highlights the gender disparities in restroom usage, with some men never experiencing the inconvenience and thus lacking awareness.

15. The Perspective on Childcare

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When men mention that taking care of a baby all day is “easy.” This woman couldn’t help but point out that for some, like her husband, it may seem “easy” because they only focus on the child. 

For them, tasks like laundry or household chores might be overlooked, with their attention solely on childcare. In contrast, when she looks after the kids, it involves managing the house, grocery shopping, running various errands, and juggling numerous responsibilities. So, while it might appear “easy” if you focus solely on one aspect, it’s a different story when considering the broader picture.

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