10 People Reveal the Most Ridiculous Ways They’ve Wasted Money – But Don’t Regret It

I recently scrolled the internet when I saw someone ask, “What was the highest waste of money you don’t regret?” To me, this is quite an interesting question. So I thought I’d gather the top-voted responses.

1. Wedding Cake

Chocolate Drip Cake with Macarons for Birthday or Wedding MSN

Someone spent their first paycheck buying a $900 wedding cake. They and their brother could not get it home since it didn’t fit on their skateboards.

So they just had a cake fight in the parking lot. People loved this, and one even stated, “That memory alone is worth more than $900.”

2. A Fight With My Brother

Couple Man Woman Yelling and Shocked Surprised and Expressive MSN

Someone said they got into a fight with their brother. They they found a game on Kickstarter (Space Haven) and saw that for $360, they could write a premade character bio that would randomly show up. They pledged it, wrote a character bio with his name, and made him a flaming a**hole. 

One expressed that they would be tickled if their sibling paid to immortalize them in a game (even as the bad guy). 

3. Ridiculous Gifts

Woman Laughing While Pointing MSN

One person described their story in detail. They mentioned the summer after graduating high school, they won a decent amount of money playing online poker. Since they weren’t going off to college and all their friends were, they decided to buy ridiculous going-away gifts. Among the gifts were a carpet, mailbox, toilet seat, etc.

The most expensive and ridiculous gift they bought on a whim was a massive wheel of cheese, somewhere between $200-300. Little did they know then that the cheese wheel would set off a yearly event called “Cheesegiving,” where their entire (much larger now with spouses and kids) friend group gets together to celebrate and partake in cheesy goodness. This year was their 17th, and they genuinely hope it never ends!

Honestly, what could be greater than buying absurd gifts and ending up as a yearly event with your friends?

4. Jukebox

Jukebox Standing in Bar MSN

Somebody shared that a friend spent $30 on a jukebox to play “I Whip My Hair Back and Forth” on a loop for an hour in a bar. The bartender ended up unplugging the machine.

Another acknowledged this and added that a friend did something similar, except it was “Yellow Submarine” by the Beatles. People were getting super riled up.

5. Lego 

Two Happy and Smiling Lego Men MSN

This person voiced they bought the $350 Lego Ghostbusters firehouse 5 years ago. They were a huge Lego kid in the 1980s and loved Ghostbusters. When that set was announced, they told their wife they were buying it, “ridiculous expense be damned.” It is set up in their home office and will never come down.

Many agreed that the ECTO-1 set is also an outstanding set from LEGO. 

6. Towel Heater

Woman Lying on Bed in Bathrobe with Towel on head Smiling Happy MSN

According to one, it is $120 for a towel heater. They explained they would never dry off with a cold towel again.

Another announced, “Huh, didn’t expect to need one. But now I do.”

7. Not Using a College Degree

Man Pointing On A Book While Talking To A Woman

According to one, it’s their college degree that they didn’t use, which cost $56,000. They added that they met their husband there, so they can’t complain. It is a pretty good deal if they divide that over the nearly 25 years they’ve been married and consider that he’s the best of dudes.

One related to this and shared that it was the same for them for their Master’s. The subject was pretty broad and hasn’t really led them directly into a career, but they got to study in 3 countries, learn a language and meet many cool people. “It’s given me a new perspective on the possibilities in life that will never go away.”

8. First-Ever Date With a Plot Twist

Man And Woman On Date While Woman Looks Bored MSN

Richard mentioned his first-ever date in high school. Better said, what was supposed to be his first-ever date in high school. He made extra money to ensure he had enough (around $600 saved). The day before their date, the girl he wanted to have a date with gave him a letter in which she basically broke things up before it even began.

After school, because he didn’t have any other way he could process his emotions, he went to 7-Eleven and bought 2 large Slurpees, and 6 hotdogs, got a pre-paid card, and bought a bunch of NECA action figures. 

He admits he actually had a good weekend because he splurged that money and got into action figure collecting as well as practiced stop motion, which ended up helping him to pursue an animation career. He’s about to finish his college and ready to apply to stop motion studios.

9. A Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Plate with Food from Michelin Restaurant Ready to Eat MSN

Somebody commented dining at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Milan. They had an 18-course meal with wine pairings for like $400 or so.

One expressed that they used to scoff at spending that money on meals, got convinced to try it once, and loved it. Now, every couple of years, they try to find something big. It really is amazing what top-tier chefs can do to food.

10. The Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys Live in Concert Boyband MSN

One explained that they spent around $3,000 for their wife to meet the Backstreet Boys and get front-row seats.

“It is the best thing that has ever happened to her. The smile on her face after the show and the look of pure bliss in someone who often suffers from anxiety was worth every cent.”

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