The Ultimate Guide to Navigating Life’s Unwritten Rules – Are You Making These 11 Mistakes?

Have you ever thought about the hidden rules that guide how we act and talk to each other? “Can you share some of these unsaid rules that you believe everyone should know?”

Join me as we explore the top-voted responses to this question. Discover the hidden codes of conduct and unspoken expectations that shape our social life. 

1.  Getting on an Elevator

Man and Woman Shaking Hands in Front of Elevator MSN

The most upvoted comment in this thread is, “If you’re getting on an elevator, don’t stand right in front of the doors, it’s so rude. Especially in hospitals.” 

Another user commented that they are always surprised by how many people don’t know this. 

2. Know When It’s Time to Go Home

People Having Dinner Party Breaking Bread and Eating Pasta MSN

The second unwritten life rule is, “If you’re at a party and the host slaps their knees and stands up… it’s time to go home.” 

Another user added you should add standing around for 20 minutes while ever so slightly moving toward the door, and you’ve got a Midwestern goodbye.

3. Act As You Know Them

Women Friends Having a Party Dancing Happy MSN

An unwritten guideline a user shares is if an unfamiliar girl or woman approaches you while you’re out and discreetly requests you to pretend like you know her, guess what? You’ve coincidentally encountered your best friend, and all you have to do is engage in a friendly conversation with her!

One user asked why it should be a woman; they responded that it doesn’t have to be a woman. They explained further that it is a woman or girl in distress most of the time, but she also meant it the other way around. People are helping people; that’s the main reason she posted it. 

4. Don’t Have Your Phone Out on a Date

Bored Couple On Couch With Smartphones MSN

Coy commented people shouldn’t have their phones out while they’re on a date. Another user jokingly said, “That’s why they say to keep it in your pants.” 

A third said this is also the unspoken rule if you hang out with friends you don’t see often. Just talk and if you don’t want to talk, stay home and be on your phone. 

5. Always Answer the Banana 

Woman Holding Banana like Phone MSN

One user shared that if a young child says you have a call and hands you a banana, you answer it. 

Johnny shared a tip if you want to escape the call, he has a full one-sided conversation on the banana, then eventually make it sound like the person on the other end is asking for the kid so I can say, “yeah, they are right here” and hand it back to them and say “it’s for you.”

6. The Use of a Urinal

Man Using Urinal Toilet MSN

Davos comments that an unspoken rule is to never use a urinal directly next to another guy if others are available. 

One shared he got to watch this guy code in action this weekend. “Driving long distance hit the rest stop, I and 4 other strangers are heading in the same time, no one in there, everyone skipped a urinal, and the last guy took the stall. Brilliant work.”

7. Cover Your Mouth

Man Coughing Having a Cold and Being Sick MSN

Polly comments that the most common unspoken rule is to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing. You can keep your germs with you. 

Ricki added that if you’re shaking hands, cough into the crook of your arm. 

8. Making Marks in Books That Are Loaned

Woman Writing On A Notebook

Nami comments, don’t make marks in a book someone loaned you. She explains that it means no dog-earing the pages, no highlighting/ underlining/ circling phrases, and no writing notes in the margins. “If you want to do that, get your own copy, don’t ask to borrow a copy from me.” 

A second user added, “Don’t lick your fingers to turn my pages”. 

9. Don’t Point Out Someone’s Acne

Woman With Acne Unclear Skin MSN

Yala shared their opinion about the most important unspoken rule, commenting that you don’t point out if someone has acne. “Believe me, they know.” 

Another user explained that people have a deep familiarity with their bodies, which extends to everything that has to do with them. They are much more aware of their body’s appearance than anyone else. Anything that someone else might notice, they see constantly. This includes acne, fat, scars, birthmarks, asymmetry, deformities, balding, gray hair, etc. They know. 

According to his comment, the items that can be identified are minor details that can be easily corrected. These include a tag sticking out, an untied shoelace, random lint, a strand of hair out of place, and odd clothes bunched up. Only these things will be appreciated. 

10. Someone Using a Service Animal

Woman with Dog Sitting in Living Room on Laptop MSN

This user comments that if you see someone using a service animal, do not inquire about that person’s disability, and don’t try to get the dog’s attention. Assistance dogs are medical tools, and distractions can cause harm to the people that rely on them. 

Another user, Ner, added, “On a side note, if a service animal ever comes up to you alone. Follow it back because their owner might need help.”

11. Sharing Pads or Tampons

Two Women Talking Over Coffee

Kat shared that, in her opinion, the unwritten rule #1 of the girl code is that if a sister in need asks if you have a pad or tampon and you have any, you give it to her, no questions asked. Even if they are a total stranger. 

A second shared, “If you are a father, you have that packed in your vehicle starting at age 10. Tampons and pads plus a brush, bobby pins, and hair ties. Be prepared to make her feel normal when her anxiety says it isn’t.”

Did this make you think of something you are thankful for because you already knew that specific unwritten rule? 

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