26 Cheap Christmas Gifts To Give To Your Loved Ones

Are you checking your Christmas shopping list already? With a budget in mind, we present this carefully curated list of cheap Christmas gifts.

Holiday shopping can break the bank, especially if holiday gift-giving is a tradition you can’t forgo. But buying affordable presents is not just a matter of money; they should also be well-thought-out, original, and of good quality.

If you’re on a tight budget this holiday, don’t worry! There are plenty of great gifts you can give without emptying your pockets. 

Here are 25 inexpensive Christmas gifts from our Christmas gifts guide to get you started:

Cheap Christmas Gifts for the Budget-Conscious

1. Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies

We all love snacks around the holidays, so why not make it a healthier one? If you’re looking for a budget gift that is a crowdpleaser, you can’t go wrong with Naked Nutrition’s Chocolate Chip Protein Cookies. They also offer oatmeal raisin and sugar cookie flavors, so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to gift.

When the new year’s resolutions start to kick in, and people want to have delicious snacks that are healthy and quick, you can’t go wrong with these cookies.

2. Christmas Candles

If you’re searching for a cheap option that will surely please anyone who receives it, you can’t go wrong with a scented candle

Candles are always popular for gifts, and there are plenty of festive scents. Whether you go for the traditional aromatic candles like the smell of cinnamon or something more unusual like peppermint, candles make a great way to show your loved ones that you care. 

And best of all, they won’t break the bank. 

3. Dumpling Lights

Dumpling lights are made with LED bulbs that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, and super easy to use, which you can give to friends and family. Just peel off their adhesive backing and stick them to any surface. When you’re done utilizing them, you can toss them in the recycle bin. 

So, if you want a unique, affordable, and eco-friendly gift, look no further than dumpling lights!

4. Mugs

Looking for cheap Christmas gifts? Why not make a mug? 

Mugs are always useful; you can personalize them to suit the recipient. You could choose a festive design or something more personal, like a photo mug. 

Cheap mugs make great stocking stuffers, Secret Santa gifts, or even Kris Kringle gifts. And if you’re feeling generous, fill the mug with some goodies before giving it to your loved one. 

5. Mobile Stand

This Christmas, give your friends and loved ones the gift of convenience with a mobile stand. A mobile stand is perfect for keeping your devices charged and within reach. It’s also a great way to watch movies or videos hands-free. 

First, it’s an affordable option that will fit any budget. Second, it’s a practical gift that the recipient can use daily. And lastly, it’s a thoughtful way to show you care about your loved ones’ needs. 

6. Customized Pillowcases

Whether you wish to add a special touch to your home or give someone else a one-of-a-kind present, customized pillowcases are the way to go. 

You can add any text or design you want, making them unique. Also, unlike other gifts that might get forgotten or lost, pillowcases will undoubtedly be used and appreciated for years to come. 

Cheap Christmas Gifts for Those Special People in Your Life 

7. Desktop Golf

Woman Giving Gift Shocked Stock
Image Credit: VitalikRadko/Depositphotos.

Desktop golf is the perfect gift for coworkers this holiday season. Not only is it a fun way to relieve stress, but it also provides an enjoyable way to bond with colleagues. 

Best of all, it’s a relatively inexpensive gift that will be sure to please. 

When choosing a desktop golf set, select one with all the necessary equipment. Most sets come with a putter, a chipping tool, and a few golf balls. However, some sets also include a driving mat, which can help add an extra level of realism to the game. 

No matter which set you choose, your coworkers are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of your gift.

8. Paperweights

Consider a paperweight if you’re looking for good Christmas ornaments for a colleague. They are available in various shapes and sizes, and there’s sure to be one that suits your colleague’s personality. 

For the workaholic, choose a heavy weight to keep their papers from flying away in a strong wind. For the more creative type, go for something bright and colorful to add a personality to their desk. And for the person constantly losing their pens, a paperweight with a built-in holder is a practical and thoughtful option.

9. Matching T-Shirts

Matching T-shirts are a great holiday gift idea for best friends. They’re practical and fun, and you care for your friend’s style. Plus, who doesn’t love a twinning moment? There are numerous options, so you’re sure to find the perfect match for your bestie. 

If you’re feeling festive, you can get matching sweaters or PJs. So whether you’re looking for a cheesy gift or something with more meaning, matching T-shirts are always a good option.

10. Books

Christmas is a time for giving, and what better way to show your wife how much you care than by giving her a gift that celebrates her favorite book? Whether it’s the latest bestseller or a classic novel, a book is a perfect way to show your wife that you know her interests and are willing to help her escape into another world for a few hours. 

With so many great titles, you’re sure to find the perfect book for your wife’s taste. 

11. Tote Bags

Tote bags make great fun gifts for anyone on your list, but they’re especially perfect for your best friend or sister. After all, what could be more handful than a bag that can carry all their essentials, including gadgets? 

And with multiple different styles, you’re sure to find one that suits their personality perfectly. 

Additionally, a tote bag is a gift that keeps on giving: every time they use it, they’ll be reminded of your thoughtfulness.

12. Brew Maker

Christmas is a cherishable time for family, friends, and good cheer. What better way to spread the holiday spirit than by giving the gift of homemade beer? A brew maker is a perfect present for men. With a brew maker, they can create unique recipes and ultimately control the brewing process. 

They can also experiment with different hops, malts, and yeast strains to create truly one-of-a-kind beers. And when they’re done brewing, they can share their creations with friends and family. 

This Christmas, give the gift of homemade beer and let your loved ones enjoy the fruits of their labor. Cheers!

13. Garden Accessories Kit

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Image credit: vadimphoto1@gmail.com/Depositphotos.

Gardeners are a special breed. They’re passionate about their crafts and take great pride in nurturing their plants. If you know someone who loves spending time outdoors tending to their garden, then a garden accessories kit is the perfect Christmas gift. It’s a thoughtful present that can show them how much you care. 

The kit includes all the essentials for a successful gardening experience, including gloves, a trowel, and seed packets. It’s everything they need to get started on their next gardening project. So go ahead and give the gift of gardening this holiday season. 

Your green-thumbed friend will be sure to appreciate it.

14. Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage these days, and for a good reason. They’re portable, relatively inexpensive, and can pump some serious sound if you’re searching for a Christmas gift for that music lover or party animal. Hundreds of models are available, so you can find one to fit any budget. 

And if you wish to go all out, you can get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for those pool parties or days at the beach. 

15. Customized Pet Portrait

Searching for cheap Christmas gifts to make your animal-loving friends smile? Why not give them a customized pet portrait? You can have a talented artist create a one-of-a-kind drawing or painting of your friend’s furry (or scaly) best friend for just a few dollars. 

And if you’re feeling generous, you can add their human family members to the portrait for an extra special touch. Whether your friends are cat people or dog people, they will appreciate these unique gifts. 

16. Chocolates 

Christmas is an ideal time to indulge in your sweet tooth, and there’s no better way to do that than with a box of chocolates. Chocolates are a delight because they’re delicious, come in various shapes and sizes, and are relatively inexpensive.

You can pick up a box at your local grocery store or order them online. And if you want to impress your loved ones, you can make chocolates at home. 

Cheap Trendy Christmas Gifts 

17. Instagram Calendar 

Every year, there’s a new must-have Christmas gift. This year, that gift is the Instagram calendar. It’s a trendy way to display your favorite photos, and it’s easy to make yourself. You only need a printer, some photo paper, and a little time. 

Choose your 12 favorite Instagram photos, print them out, and glue them onto the pages of a standard calendar. Voila! You’ve just created a personalized gift that they will cherish for years. 

18. Travel Skincare Kit 

There’s nothing worse than being on holiday and realizing you’ve forgotten your skincare essentials. Whether you’re going to a tropical beach or hitting the slopes for a winter wonderland, a travel skincare kit is the perfect fun Christmas gift for the globetrotter in your life. 

This way, they can stay hydrated and protected no matter where their travels take them. Plus, it’s an awesome way to try new products without committing to a full-size bottle. 

19. Wine Bottle 

Wine bottles make for fancy Christmas gifts, but only if you know how to pick the right one. The perfect way to do this is to think about the person you’re buying it for. 

What kind of wine do they like? Is there a specific type of wine that they’re seeking out? Once you’ve narrowed down the options, look at the different brands and pick the one you think they’ll enjoy. 

It’s also important to consider the price point. You don’t want to break the bank on a fancy Christmas gift, but you also don’t want to make it affordable. Find something that’s well-made and stylish but won’t cost a fortune.

20. Watch 

Young Woman Looking At Her Wristwatch Smiling
Image credit: yacobchuk1/DepositPhotos.

Watches are a fancy Christmas gift. They’re not just a piece of jewelry but also a practical way to keep track of time. A watch is an important accessory for both men and women. It’s a way to make a statement and show your style. 

This accessory is a timeless jewelry piece that will last for years. It’s the perfect gift for a person who loves to accessorize. Give the gift of time this holiday with a beautiful watch.

21. Chess Board

Chess is a game that people of all ages can enjoy, and it’s a nice way to spend quality time together. It’s a game of strategy and requires both logic and critical thinking. It’s also an amazing way to exercise your mind and can be addictive. 

The best part about chess is that it’s relatively easy to learn but takes a lifetime to master. So, if you’re looking for a fun Christmas gift that will keep on giving, a chess board is a perfect choice.

22. Portable Reusable Drinking Straw

Everyone on your Christmas list would love this reusable, pocket-sized, expandable straw for iced Americanos, smoothies, milk teas, or other beverages. 

It comes with a protective case in sets of 2 (Rose Gold, Pink & Light Blue, and; Black & Navy) and 4 (Silver, Pink, Teal & Light Blue; Pink, and; Navy).

23. A Year of Zen: A 52-Week Guided Journal

Full of practical life tools, this guided annual journal could help your besties live more mindfully, one week at a time. Each page comes with prompts leading to self-reflection in style. 

24. Platters and Boards: Beautiful, Casual Spreads for Every Occasion

A charcuterie board book that will be useful all year round, Platters and Boards is a bestselling book that will inspire you to create attractive, easy, and delicious boards and spreads for your cheese, crackers, and meat hors d’oeuvres. 

25. NedFoss Huge Pocket Knife

This large pocket knife is best for your outdoorsy friend during hiking, camping, backpacking, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. An ideal gift for your hiker, hunter, angler, gardener, or mechanic friend. 

Bonus: DIY Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for something unique and personal, why not make your own Christmas presents this year? With innovation and basic supplies, you can create top homemade gifts that please family and friends. Why not bake cookies, truffles, or bread for the foodie in your life? 

Or, if you’re more crafty, you could knit a scarf or make a custom keychain. The possibilities are endless, and making gifts is a great way to show loved ones how much you care. 

Get creative and start planning your DIY gift list today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cheap Christmas Gifts

How Can I Get a Cheap Christmas Gift?

Try to search for good deals online, shop at thrift or second-hand stores, bracelets, cakes, or make DIY gifts.

What Are Some Small Gift Ideas?

Some small gift ideas include flowers, chocolates, coasters, a special book, a custom-made photo album, a balm, a snow globe, and a coffee mug.

What Can I Get My Friend for Christmas With No Money?

Possible options include making or baking something special for them, exchanging homemade gifts, spending time together doing an activity they enjoy, or simply expressing your appreciation in other ways, such as through thoughtful notes or gestures. 

Conclusion – Cheap Christmas Gifts 

With this list, you can send your holiday greetings to your family, friends, colleagues, and other special people as inexpensive presents beyond stocking stuffers. 

While the saying “It’s the thought that counts” is a heart-warming and practical idea, getting carefully considered yet simple and inexpensive presents will undoubtedly score more points in your recipients’ hearts. 

Now go check that list twice! 

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