How To Save Money In The Summer & Have Fun

Do you want to know how to save money in the summer? Today’s post is full of money-saving tips for summer, to make sure you spend less and still have fun by making it memorable!

School is out for the kids, the weather is nice and warm, and everything seems perfect. You have planned your holidays, but there is still a lot of things that need to be arranged. Things like extra summer activities, higher electricity bills, or additional daycare. These are all things that want something from you – more specifically, your money.

Besides that, you want to make memories in the summer. You want to enjoy the company of your friends, family, heading on vacation or going to a festival. 

In summer most people are spending more money than usual. BUT, that doesn’t need to be the case for you. 

For me, the summer period is one where I can save the most money and have the most fun! I’m a naturally frugal person, but there are many activities that you can do that will make summer even more affordable. 

Let’s dive straight into the blog post, where I will teach you different ways to save money in the summer. You can make memories and have an amazing time without spending significant amounts of money!

How To Save Money In The Summer

Go Outside

Summer is a great time to go outside and explore. You can go on hikes, go for a camping trip, walk your dog, go for a run, go for a swim, have a BBQ, ride your bike, visit friends, go to the beach, go to a nearby lake, and more. 

The options are endless when you’re going outside. Everyone has some option for doing these things, no matter where you live. 

If it gets very hot during summer, you could wake up a little earlier and go outside before it’s heating up too much and getting too warm to do anything decent.

Pro tip: if you want to get fit while outside, try this 30-day beginner plank challenge. you will feel strong and motivated afterward. The best thing? It’s completely free.  

Ride Your Bike

If you need to get to the supermarket, do some groceries, have to get some other things at the store or run some errands – you can do it by bike! In the Netherlands, we do everything by bike, which is great. It allows people to keep moving, to be outside, to enjoy the weather, and to get some things done at the same time. 

If you want to do some errands with your bike, I recommend you get a saddle bag on your bike – very convenient!

You don’t have to ride your bike with a purpose, many people are just biking around in summer in a nice piece of nature. They pause for a drink or something to eat along the way, and they return. 

Pause Your Gym Membership

A lot of gyms give you the option to pause your gym membership in the summer. If you love working out outside, this can be a great option to save some money! Go for a run, a swim, or simply take your workout outside. 

If you don’t enjoy working out outside or it’s too warm to do that, you can work out in your home totally free. You’re paying for that AC anyways, so why not use it? 

When you’re going into summer thinking you will work out a lot, think about if you actually will. Be realistic. If you’re not, you can pause it or cancel it altogether. If you’re using your gym membership go for it, being active is important!

Travel On A Budget

Most families and people I know will travel in summer. Kids are out of school, you’re allowed to take holidays at your company, and the weather is nice. Some short tips for saving money in summer, that will allow you to travel on a budget are:

  • Ask for a discount at your holiday accommodation
  • Eat like a local
  • Buy groceries and don’t go out to eat every day
  • Travel in the low- or midseason
  • Stay in Airbnb
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Turn Your AC Up

Summer means increased temperatures and a warm house. Many people have an AC nowadays, even people in the Netherlands are considering it – which is crazy to me. 

If you’re having an AC, you can save a lot of money by turning up your AC a few degrees. Only put your AC on when people are in the house, or expecting to be home soon. In summer I would recommend putting your AC up to 25 Celcius of 76 Fahrenheit when you’re at home. 

This will easily save you a lot of money for your next electricity bill!

Use A Programmable Thermostat

If you don’t have one yet, a programmable thermostat is something you might want to invest in. They can be affordable and make you the money back in just a few months. 

What does a programmable thermostat do? You most likely guessed it, but it’s setting exact temperatures for different times during the day. You can make a set schedule, meaning you can set it and forget it. 

What you can do, is put your thermostat higher when you’re leaving for work. That way you’re not cooling down the house when no one is inside You can make it cooler 30 minutes before you go home. Very convenient. There can be separate settings for when you’re going on a holiday, for the weekend, at night, and more. 

I did a quick search for you, and I’ve found many programmable thermostats for less than $50. If you’re deciding to invest the money you save, you’ll earn it back within months. I would say that’s well worth the investment!

Go To The Library

Going to the library can be a great way to find something fun to do. Find a good book to read, find a movie to watch, or simply wander around checking if there is anything you like. 

The good thing is that libraries are often cold, which means that you can have a break from the heat at the same time!

Start Meal Planning

I am a big advocate for weekly meal planning. It’s something that has completely changed the way I eat. I’m eating healthier, I’m saving money on groceries, and there is minimal food waste. 

If you’re having trouble eating at home and eating healthy, I would recommend you check out the $5 Meal Plan. $5 Meal Plan is a meal planning service that will email a weekly meal plan directly to you, including the shopping list, for only $5 per month! This will save you money and time, if you’re interested in the 14-day free trial, click here.


Find Free Fun

Finding free fun around the area you live in is the most fun way to save money in the summer and cross things off your summer bucket list. Probably you have a website or online calendar where you can find free events that are offered. 

In most towns, there are many free concerts, free festivals, or other free activities!

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Shop Second Hand

In summer there are lots of people decluttering their homes, which means they’re finding things to sell around the house and selling them on a flea market or a garage sale. 

It can be fun to spend your morning wandering around flea markets or garage sales while searching for some things that you actually need and want. Things are so cheap, that it might be worth it to you! I have friends who shop around in summer and flip things for profit, making an extra buck at the same time. 

Do Some Summer Reading

I love to read, especially when it’s outside in the fresh air. I can read on the beach, on a lakeside, or just in my balcony. 

If you’re looking for some books that I’ve enjoyed so far, those are:

Use Airbnb To Save Lots Of Money

On things that can save you money while you travel, Airbnb is a big one for me. It’s cheaper than hotels and even hostels, while can choose what facilities you want in your Airbnb. I love to be able to cook at my Airbnb and save tons of money. 

Besides that, I love having a local experience. Talking with the locals, wandering around in the neighborhood, and really getting to know the city from the inside out.

Go Out To Eat Less

Going out to eat can become very expensive when you’re doing it multiple times per week. Take advantage of the nice weather, the longer days, and get together with your friends and family for dinners. 

You can get the BBQ ready for the summer season and step up your BBQ game. If you don’t have a BBQ yet, I’ve found some nice ones for you

Believe me, you will get it back tenfold when you’re grilling your own steaks and veggies during the summer!

Cut The Cord

Stop paying for cable! The average American spends 5.5 hours PER DAY on video content. This is totally insane! Summer should be spent outside with your friends and family. Go for that hike, camping trip, swim, relax, and put on the BBQ. 

If you’re in a flexible plan, you might be able to give it a try and just cancel your cable subscription for the summer. If you’re not in a flexible plan, you might give it some thought to cut the cord completely and cancel your cable. You will have tens of thousands of dollars in the course of your life, and why would anyone need the cable when you have the internet and Netflix?

If you want to take the extra radical approach, get rid of your TV altogether

When you’re not ready for that yet, I suggest you cut the cord and switch to a streaming service that will save you money while still being able to watch your favorite shows and movies. 

Here is a list of 16 Cable TV Alternatives To Save Money, so cut the cord now!

Earn Extra Cash This Summer

While you’re at it, why not try to earn a little extra cash this summer to be able to splurge on some things that you value?

A few ideas include:

If you want to take more tips than only the ones listed in this article, here I’ve listed some more ideas to make more money or save more money.

How are you having frugal fun and saving money in the summer?

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  1. Good list!

    Saving money can be exciting and fun, if it’s done right 🙂
    There are many options to travelling. It doesn’t always have to be an expensive holiday abroad.

  2. Feeling pretty good right about now, as I think we’ve done almost everything on your list except for holding our gym membership (which they just don’t allow. *sigh*). Our current favorite and free summer activities are boogie boarding at the beach, going on epic hikes, and playing music together. I’m trying to teach my fiance how to harmonize. Our date nights consist of perfectly packed picnics taken to the beach for sunset – totally romantic, and about 1/5 the cost of going out to a nice dinner. We’re also loving life without cable. It is so nice to no longer feel like we’re totally being taken advantage of by the cable company! Excellent tips!


  3. Great Post and perfectly timed! I was actually going to ask you if you had an affiliate with Airbnb. Looking for one for next year. Going to Europe!!!

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