Why You Should Wake Up Early [Not Only Productivity]

Since summer last year, I decided that I should wake up early. I read all the blogs about people who woke up early, and it just made sense to try it. All blogs stated that waking up early, meditating, affirmations, would all help you. They made it sound as if my life would magically change when I would start doing these things. Well, I didn’t buy it, so I want to try it to see for myself.

So I read Miracle Morning by Had Elrod, which is an amazing book! Let’s start out by first outlining the book, after that, we’ll go into my morning routine.

The Miracle Morning

The book starts by stating that you are deserving of creating a life full of health, wealth, and happiness. In order to do that, you should stop settling for less than you deserve. You need to take action each day to create this success for yourself, and the best way to do this is to create time for you each day.

How you wake up every day determines the rest of your day. If you have focused and productive mornings, you will set yourself up for focused and productive days, which will create success in your life.

The book suggests doing 6 life S.A.V.E.R.S in the morning, by getting up an hour early:

  • Silence – 5 minutes – meditating, breath work, staring at our spouse
  • Affirmations – 5 minutes – mantra’s, money affirmations, say positive things to yourself
  • Visualization – 5 minutes – vision boards, visualize your day, visualize your goals
  • Exercise – 20 minutes – move your body
  • Reading – 20 minutes – your favorite blog for example
  • Scribe – 5 minutes – write in your journal, write on your blog

This means that there is a total of 60 minutes in the morning routine if you’d like. For the night owls among us, there is also the 6-minute version where you do everything on the list for one minute.

My Morning Routine

Especially in the beginning – my morning routine was no miracle morning, at all.. I’m a night owl and didn’t ever sleep before midnight. So the first step I took was starting with 10 minutes, and I’ve taken it from there. Now my morning routine is around 40 minutes!

Nowadays, I’m getting up at 6:15 am Monday through Friday, that’s the earliest possible time that I can handle setting my alarm clock. On the weekends I’m still sleeping until 8 am mostly, still working on my routine at the weekends. As I’m not a natural morning person, I love to ‘sleep in’ a few hours on the weekend.

I’ll walk you through my current morning routine one by one!

Silence – 5 minutes

I start every morning by waking up, sitting up straight, and starting my meditation. In the beginning, I didn’t know what I was doing, at all. I would just close my eyes and try to think about nothing.

In the first weeks, I started with meditating for 1 minute. I would set my timer to one minute, sit up straight and close my eyes. It was awful. I couldn’t focus, my mind would go in all different directions and I didn’t understand: how could anyone do this? The one minute turned into two and at this point in time, I’m meditating 5 whole minutes each and every morning. Wow.

It took me about 3 months before I finally got there, I discovered that it’s pretty difficult to think about anything.

Meditation really brought me clarity. It’s not woo-woo, it has taught me to slow down and live in the moment. It taught me to not be so fired up all the time, to react more calmly to stressful situations and it enabled me to create more space in my mind. Space that I didn’t have before. Above all, space led me to create this amazing little space on the internet.

Visualizing – 5 minutes

I skipped visualizing all together in the beginning. For a few weeks I’m trying it, I still didn’t really get the hang of it.

It’s too abstract for me, I can’t get myself to see a certain situation in my mind as I am thinking about it. I can think thoughts surrounding certain situations, but actually seeing it in my mind is too much.

Most days I’m just thinking about what things I will do for the day, how my day will look like and what I’ll do in the morning. Other days I try to focus on what I want to do when I retire early, focusing more on my goal of financial independence and specifically on my why.

Maybe I’ll get better in it along the road – just as was the case with mediation.

If you have any tips for me to up my visualizing game, send help please!

Affirmations – 5 minutes

Immediately I added affirmations in the mix because I loved the fact that I could tell myself every morning how amazing I am going to make my life. I read about all the amazing things affirmations could do to people, so I decided to try for myself. I’ve even written an entire post about money affirmation that will help attract wealth and abundance!

Affirmations have truly influenced my life for the better.

I write down five affirmations per month and I spend 5 minutes every morning reading my affirmations out loud. I just repeated them until the five minutes are over, it’s not so complicated.

The best thing is, that you don’t even need to believe your affirmations yet!! You can just read them out loud every day. The magic is that once you do that, you start automatically believing them after an X amount of time.

For me, after a few weeks, I noticed that I started to believe in them. I AM an excellent money manager, I DESERVE wealth and abundance in my life, I have ENOUGH money. It’s amazing what affirmations can do for you!

One of my favorite affirmations is: I am financially free, I work because I choose to. I actually feel this affirmation now, where it excites and motivates me to be financially free. It also gives me an inner calm; I’ll get there one day.


I work out twice per week in the evenings, once with my roommate and once by myself. I’m having an office job, so I’m also walking with my coworkers during lunch for about 15 minutes. Also, when I’m at home and I feel like moving, I’ll walk another 20-30 minutes.

However, the one thing I cannot do is work out when I just woke up. I just can’t. It’s already requiring enough of my mental energy to get up, let also do push-ups and squats in the morning. Sorry but I’ll skip this one.

One day, when my morning routine has evolved more, I’ll do it. Not today my friends!


I love reading, I read all day every day. Other peoples’ blogs, social media, articles online, books, you name it.

In the morning it’s not so much reading for me, I try to focus on meditating, affirmations, and visualizing. I feel like I read enough during the day, where I don’t have to explicitly take the time in the morning to read.

Scribe – 30 minutes

FINALLY, we get to my favorite part; writing! Most mornings I write for about an hour, on anything I want. Sometimes I start working on new blog ideas, sometimes I just write down my thoughts, and sometimes I read other articles.

Writing can be such a flow to me, I am happy that I decided to focus on it now with this project.

Before I started my blog, I didn’t really write much. I wrote down what I was thankful for when going to sleep, but that was about it. Since I’m blogging, I’m writing much more – obviously!

Every morning after I finish my meditation, affirmations, and visualizing, I’m starting to write. I love writing, the process of putting down your thoughts on paper – amazing. It’s like therapy but better.

I’ve already hit two major marks with the blog: I’ve blogged for over 6 months and I published over 100 blog posts. Life is good!

The Benefits

After implementing this, my life has not drastically changed and I’m not a millionaire yet.

But it has improved my life in a few ways:

  • My sleep quality improved – no more laying in bed for one hour with my eyes wide open, waiting for the alarm clock to ring
  • Throughout the day I am more present – because I already had the time to work on my own projects
  • I am calmer and can delay responses in stressful situations – because I have organized my thoughts
  • I can enjoy the peace and calm before the hectic day starts
  • There is time to work on my side projects

HOW to Wake Up Early

Now we know why it’s amazing to get up early and what are alll the benefits. The only thing to tackle now is, how do I get up so freaking early?

My most important tips are:

  • Have a game plan – decide what you will do once you get up. This way, that little voice is not able to sabotage you once your alarm clock goes off.
  • Don’t think – when your alarm goes off, get out of bed immediately. Believe me, one minute extra in your bed will not want you to get up at all! Just turn on the coffee machine or the kettle if you don’t drink coffee.
  • Go to bed, but seriously go to bed – get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep. The benefits of getting up early are fading quickly once you don’t get enough sleep to function throughout the day.

Keep in mind: it’s doesn’t matter what you do when you wake up in the beginning! It’s about building the habit first and foremost. Do some yoga, read a book, or write. Alternatively, you could scroll on social media, just get started. Not all heroes wear capes!

What is your current morning routine? Are you planning to get up early?

This article is published and syndicated by Radical FIRE.

9 thoughts on “Why You Should Wake Up Early [Not Only Productivity]”

  1. I wake up at 6am every morning. Three days a week to lift weights, the other days to read books and articles and write on my blog.

    I’m going by Jocko Willink’s spirit here. If you wake up before the enemy, you’ll win. Now Jocko wales up at 0430 and that’s a bit too hard core for me. But I like the effects of arriving at work and having done everything already.

    My only problem is going to bed on time. I’m quite tired sometimes when I went to bed too late and the alarm goes at 6.

  2. It is such a coincidence as I was listening to Hal Elrod being interviewed by Ruth Soukup on the Do It Scared Podcast only last week. I love the fact that you pick and choose what you do. I have a morning routine, but it varies depending on how much time that I have each morning. My days are never the same and so I have to leave at different times. I always make a cup of tea, take it back to bed and read a self-help book for 30 minutes. If I have plenty of time I exercise, meditate for ten minutes, eat and then shower. If I don’t have plenty of time I shower, meditate and eat. When I have very little time I shower and meditate and then drink a smoothie in the car on the way to work. For me an hour doesn’t seem enough, as only ten minutes reading and ten minutes exercise doesn’t seem satisfactory. Having a game plan is definitely a good idea. I learnt this from Laura Vanderkam who suggests working back from when you have to leave the house, like a chef works back from when he has to serve a meal and work out how long each activity takes and write out your routine e.g. for me, 6.30am make tea, 6.40am read, 7.10am shower, etc. Every evening I write out my routine for the next day as it varies and it stops me rushing as I know that I will have time to do everything on the list as I have already worked it out the night before. Anyway, I have gone on far too long. Maybe I need to write my own post on this! Many thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Great job B, do you also wake up early in the weekends? This is the difficult part for me, as I often have social activities during the evenings.
    That’s also where the going to bed on time comes in, I can relate that it’s hard to go to bed early! I’m experiencing the same issue.

    “If you wake up before your enemy, you win” – I couldn’t agree more!!

  4. Hi Sam, good to see you on here and thanks for your comment!

    Love your thoughts on this, especially working back is a very good idea, I’ll give that a try for sure!
    If you’re working different shifts every day, it takes some more effort to establish a solid morning routine. It sounds like you have a very established morning routine that is working very well for you, keep up the good work Sam!

  5. During the weekends it depends. I do get up early when I have scheduled a podcast recording. Usually, they take place around 9 am on Saturdays, so I set the alarm clock for 8 am and wake up, do some stretches and meditation, and then dive into the podcast.

    On other days I might not set the alarm clock and wake up anywhere between 9 am and 1 pm myself. Sleeping in is no big deal if you’ve got the weekend. I’ll let my body figure that out 😉

    If you like this stuff about rising early and being a go-getter, make sure to look into Jocko Willink. A fantastic starting place is this video on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljqra3BcqWM (if the link doesn’t work search for Jocko Willink Extreme Ownership TedX).
    Also, his podcast is pure gold, but a bit long (2 hours plus).

  6. Hi M,
    I admire your honesty sharing your real path. It’s full of flawless superhumans out there that woke up at 5am since the first day without a hitch…
    I’m building my morning routine slowly, ok, but consistently. I noticed an increase of energy up to now, but I’m still far from my a-ha moment.
    A couple of things that helped me: 1) A vibrating alarm wristwatch. Useful if you don’t want to annoy someone beside you 🙂 2) I’m not a great visualizer too. But focusing on feelings I have when I imagine my ideal life improves my visualization experience. Feelings and sensations, not physical details so much.
    Great post as usual!

  7. Thanks for your comment Frank! Yes a morning routine is built slowly and consistently, just keep at it and one day we’ll be the superhumans that wake up at 5am. Focusing on feelings is a great tip, that’s something to keep in mind for sure!

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