20 Interesting Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree in 2023

Do you want to do a job you enjoy that pays well? Out there, you can find many jobs that pay $30 an hour without a degree. 

The high cost of a college education has always been a daunting reality for most, so much so that many are forgoing a full 4-year course or opting for shorter diploma courses. While a college diploma is a good investment that paves the way for a steady and lucrative career, other options are possible to ensure good pay. 

The good news is that you can land jobs with the relevant skills and experience and earn an hourly rate of $30 or even more.

This article features a list of jobs where you can get S30 an hour with minimum higher educational requirements or none at all. 

20 Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree

1. Proofreader

Are you the person who always finds grammar mistakes when you’re reading something? If you have an eye for spotting typos and mistakes, becoming a proofreader may be something to consider.

As long as you have your computer and an internet connection, you can work from anywhere as an online proofreader and earn as much as $40 an hour.

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2. Blogger

Establishing your blogs can become a great source of passive income if you know the right content and audience to target. 

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3. Transcriber 

Are you good with grammar and paying attention to details? Becoming an online transcriptionist may be for you. 

As an online transcriptionist, you can work from anywhere – as long as you have your computer with you and an internet connection. 

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4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are extremely popular now, as many online business owners need VAs to help grow their businesses or manage their social media accounts. Don’t know where to start? Here is a list of over 275+ highly in-demand services you can offer and start your VA business. 

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5. Bookkeeper

Do you enjoy numbers or have some accounting experience? Bookkeeping might be a side hustle for you to try. It’s a job you can do online, determine your hours, and work from anywhere you want. 

Bookkeepers are always in high demand as businesses continue to expand and thrive, and those with experience can command an hourly rate of $30-80 an hour or more

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6. Professional Driver

All around the nation, there is a great demand for commercial drivers. You can drive across the country or work locally and make more than $30 per hour.

You can make money delivering food using your own car or bike and make as much as $500 a week with DoorDash or Postmates.

Read our DoorDash review or compare DoorDash vs. Postmates to see what best fits you.

7. Chaplain

Chaplains are licensed clergy who are tasked with offering comfort and assistance to those who are struggling spiritually. 

A chaplain with excellent listening and communication competence and high social skills often earns $30 per hour.

8. News Reporter

The public face of various news stations is the news reporters. They are in charge of conducting interviews, delivering the news during broadcasts, and frequently reporting live from the location of major news stories. 

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean hourly salary of News Reporters, Analysts, and Journalists in 2021 is $32.92.

9. E-business Coordinator

E-commerce coordinators oversee every facet of online enterprises. Although most e-commerce coordinators hold a bachelor’s degree, businesses prefer candidates who can demonstrate their ability to operate an online store. 

If you can demonstrate this ability, you will have no trouble finding such work that pays an hourly wage range between $26 and $34.

10. Financial Expert

Financial analysts or consultants offer clients or employers information and suggestions concerning financial decisions. They analyze data and offer suggestions for investments, tax policies, and other financial decisions using their mathematics, statistics, and financial modeling knowledge. 

The average yearly pay for a U.S. Financial Expert is $75,050 a year, or approximately $36.08 an hour.

11. Handyperson

People want handypersons for everything from leaking roofs to blocked toilets. If you are ready to help at a moment’s notice and have the skills and experience doing odd jobs, you can make a considerable amount of money each hour. 

While handypersons’ average hourly rate is approximately $31, it mostly depends on their location, with Alaska, Massachusetts, Hawaii, Rhode Island, and Maryland paying the highest rates. 

12. Political Campaign Manager

Political campaign managers are responsible for managing all parts of a campaign, including strategy development, financing, and building voter support. A political campaign manager often earns $30 per hour.

13. Editor

Editors examine and modify content before publication, ranging from books and magazines to newspapers and online information. 

Skills needed include syntax, style, and grammar proficiency, and the ability to multitask and work under pressure. Focus on developing your editing, fact-checking abilities, and writing if you want to become an editor. 

The typical pay range is between $31 and $41, with an average hourly wage of $36. 

14. Loan Officer

Loan officers handle the process of approving or rejecting loan applications for both individuals and corporations. They examine their financial records, including bank accounts and credit reports, to determine whether the applicant is a good fit for the loan. 

Their average hourly wage is $34, with a salary range typically falling between $30 and $39.

15. Screenwriter

Screenwriters write scripts for movies, TV shows, and video games. The work entails conceiving the narrative, creating the characters, and crafting the dialogue. 

To ensure the script is understood accurately and brought to life in the greatest way possible, screenwriters frequently collaborate closely with directors, producers, and performers. 

With an average $32 hourly wage, scriptwriters’ pay ranges between $27 and $41, with options and potential for more depending on the film’s success, according to their contract. 

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16. Surveyor

Surveyors are responsible for measuring and tracing the client’s land, including assembling the surveying tools, measuring, and compiling the information. Surveyors frequently encounter developers, property owners, and other interested parties.

A surveyor’s work is growing more and more technical. As a result, surveyors are expected to be expert mathematicians adept at using GPS and other surveying tools. 

A surveyor often earns $30 per hour.

17. Actor

Memorizing lines, researching the character’s motive, and collaborating with the director to make the character come to life are all part of the acting process. On average, acting jobs pay $31.31 per hour.

While acting has no required educational requirements, it is uncommon for a person to enter this industry without formal acting training. 

Aside from training at acting academies or participating in community theater, some aspiring actors enroll in college programs. 

18. Mediator 

Conciliators, arbitrators, and mediators aid in resolving disagreements between parties. Contract negotiations, divorce proceedings, workplace disputes, and claims for property damage can all be included in this. 

A mediator often earns $30 per hour.

19. General Contractor

Buildings and dwellings are constructed under the supervision of general contractors. They collaborate with subcontractors to ensure every facet of the project is finished on time and within budget. 

They must also acquire licenses and permits to finish the project. 

A general contractor makes $30.09 per hour on average, but their skills and experience, as well as the project type and location, can increase that pay to as much as $339,343 annually.

20. Web Developer

Websites are designed by web developers, who improve the site’s functionality and user experience and maintain and update websites regularly. 

Web developers are highly sought after, so the job is yours if you have the necessary talents and experience. These website designers can earn as much as $125,000 yearly with a pay range from $35 an hour to a typical $75 to as much as $80, depending on the project’s complexity. 

21. Fitness Instructor

You can become a fitness instructor if you enjoy working out and are interested in fitness. You can create your schedule and instruct individuals in yoga, pilates, and other exercises. 

You will start making around $30 per hour, but as you gain experience, you could make $40 or more per hour.

22. Airline Mechanic

To become an airline mechanic, you need to have a high school diploma or to have passed the General Educational Development (GED) Exam. Technical skills training is also required, specifically from an Aviation Maintenance Technician School (AMTS). 

Aircraft mechanics typically have hourly rates that range from $20 to $50, with a yearly salary from $35,000 to $110,000. 

23. Construction Equipment Operator 

If you enjoy operating huge machinery, this may be the job for you. These positions are always in demand and can be very well paid, with the average hourly wage ranging from $28 and $38.

You can obtain a position as a construction equipment operator with the following requirements: a high school diploma or passing the General Educational Development (GED) test; completion of heavy equipment training and apprenticeship with corresponding certifications; and a commercial driver’s license.

24. Translator 

You can work as a translator or interpreter if you speak multiple languages and have excellent grammar and syntax. Numerous businesses directly employ translators. 

The hourly rate for a proficient translator might reach $50 per hour.

Tips For Landing a $30 an Hour Job Without a Degree

Here are some tips for finding a job paying $30 per hour:

  • Become Knowledgeable – Many training programs and boot camps are available online to help you get started quickly. Get educated about the work you wish to undertake by taking basic classes. Start learning programming languages in the area of expertise. Enroll in online classes, some of which are free!
  • Create a Work Account – You may launch a freelance graphic design business by advertising your skills on Fiverr, Flexjobs, Upwork, 99Designs, and other freelance job sites. It will be simpler for folks to contact you if you create a work account.
  • Build a Portfolio – Create or gather a few resumes, articles, or papers you’ve written if you’re a freelance writer for a portfolio (extra points if any of these get published, even if it’s only an op-ed in the neighborhood paper). Your work will gain credibility as a result.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree

Is $30 an Hour a Good Pay?

Salary data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that the national average hourly wage of workers in the U.S. ranges from $27.86 to $32.58, depending on the industry or sector. An average pay of $30 an hour is achievable even for non-college graduates.

But everything here is relative. A full-time, entry-level job paying $30 an hour is good compensation for someone who recently graduated high school or even college. Someone with 20 years of experience and many advanced degrees would consider $30 an hour below market value.

What Jobs Make 6 Figures Without a Degree?

Among the jobs in the 6-figure salary range include those in Web Development and Construction Management. 

Web developers make as much as $125,000 yearly, while experienced General Contractors typically earn approximately $339,343 annually. 

What Is $30 an Hour Annually?

If you put in 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, a total of 40 hours, at an hourly rate of $30, your annual salary for this full-time work will be $62,400 before taxes. 

Tax percentages vary in different U.S. states, with some, like Texas, not even imposing any state income taxes. Use this online tax calculator to calculate your tax due according to your location and other deductions, including social security, Medicare, disability insurance, and federal taxes, if applicable. 

To illustrate, depending on where you work or live with a $62,400 annual salary pre-tax, your take-home pay will range from $47,384 (California) to $50,911 (Texas), after deductions of $15,016 and $11,489, respectively. 

Conclusion – Jobs That Pay $30 an Hour Without a Degree 

The list above shows you don’t need a 4-year college diploma to earn at least $30 an hour. However, some may need training certifications or trade diplomas, especially in technical fields requiring specialized knowledge, skills, or on-the-job experiences. 

More important than college degrees are your skills and experiences relevant to the work. Be aware of the skills you can offer, search for jobs aligned with your strengths and preferences, and limitless opportunities could open for you. 

Get out there and bag that $30-an-hour paycheck!

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