88 Free Magazine Subscriptions You Actually Want To Keep

What would you like to see in a free magazine subscription? You can easily find offers for free magazine subscriptions. Do you want to know how? Continue reading and learn how to get free magazine subscriptions.

Everyone has probably got offers for free magazines, but there are still people who would say no to totally free stuff. Maybe because it’s not exactly free if it becomes cluttered in your house or you have to buy something to get one. 

Free should mean free, but it would be better if it’s something you’ll want to keep and reuse according to its purpose time and again.

There are free magazine subscriptions that you’ll want to keep at home, on your shelf, or beside your coffee table because they provide an interesting read. 

Reading stuff in magazines at the right place and time provides much-needed comfort for anyone who wants to take a break from the daily grind.

Reading magazines would be perfect in stores with waiting areas; reading materials that provide the appropriate distraction to pass the time pleasantly. And it can easily brighten up anyone’s day.

Free Magazine Subscriptions Delivered To Your Doorstep

Here is a list of magazines that offer from a few copies to a full subscription of 1 to 2 years, shipped to the address you provide. Take advantage of these free magazine subscriptions before the offers expire.

Free Magazines For Men, Women And Health-Related Publications

  1. Women’s Health Magazine was named Magazine of the Year twice. Providing tips and information on health, fitness, beauty, and trends for women since 2005.
  2. A rare 2-year complimentary subscription to Women’s Health Magazine via Mercury Magazine.
  3. Weight Watchers Magazine is now called Eating Well magazine. They may have switched the name, but the publication still offers the same valuable information on healthier living. 
  4. EatingWell Magazine offers a complimentary 2-year subscription via Mercury Magazine.
  5. Brain & Life® Magazine offers a free subscription with six issues delivered to your home. 
  6. Men’s Health Magazine is a leading digital and social platform dedicated to providing helpful information to readers worldwide.
  7. GQ Magazine is a New York-based, issuing monthly publications on men’s health, lifestyle, fashion, and overall well-being.
  8. Hearing Health Foundation is a non-profit organization focused on providing information on the latest medical treatments and innovations for hearing problems.
  9. Arthritis Today Magazine provides information on how readers can better understand Arthritis.
  10. Brain and Life offers free subscriptions on specific neurologic disorders and brain health.
  11. Shape Magazine is all about keeping the mind and body healthy. Follow the link to claim a 2-year complimentary subscription from Shape Magazine.

Free Technology Magazines

  1. CNET is short for Computer Network. It’s one of the popular goto for news and updates on technology and consumer electronics.
  2. Sound & Vision Magazine is an American magazine under AVTech Media Ltd. (UK) covering home theater, audio, video, and multimedia consumer products.
  3. WIRED from Zinio© is something you should check out if you’re interested in science to arts, politics to medicine, and culture to the environment.

Free Entertainment Magazines

  1. A rare treat from Entertainment Weekly Magazine, just follow the link for a 2-year complimentary subscription.
  2. Just sign up and get a free subscription to WATCH! Magazine from CBS.
  3. 1-year free subscription to WATCH! From Mercury Magazines.
  4. Get this 1-year freebie from Vanity Fair Magazine.
  5. Us Weekly’s 6-month subscription giveaway. Get it before the offer expires.

Free Family Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Parents Magazine has been around for decades, providing the much-needed tips and wisdom to manage parenthood through an enjoyable read.
  2. Family Circle Magazine is the ideal homemaker’s handbook, filled with everything needed to create your ideal home and raise a healthy family.

Free People, Lifestyle, Fashion And Beauty Magazines

  1. People Magazine has been around since 1974 and is still one of the leading magazines on celebrities, human interest, and news.
  2. Harper’s Bazaar is a famous fashion and lifestyle magazine. Get a 2-year subscription for free by following the link.
  3. Esquire Magazine has been around since 1933, covering the interests of traditional and sophisticated men. Follow the link for a 2-year complimentary subscription.
  4. Another freebie from Esquire Magazine.
  5. Elle Magazine is a lifestyle magazine catering to strong, sophisticated women. Receive a 2-year complimentary subscription by following the link.
  6. Country Living is a magazine dedicated to readers interested in period homes and the Early American lifestyle.
  7. Allure Magazine offers information on the newest trends and updates on fashion and beauty.
  8. Red Bulletin Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine with news on sports, travel, arts, and music.
  9. Subaru Drive offers a free subscription to travel and lifestyle.

Free Food & Recipes Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Food Network Magazine offers a complimentary 2-year subscription of fabulous eats and kitchen tips.
  2. Rachael Ray Everyday Magazine is another magazine to look towards on how to improve meals for the family.
  3. Whiskey Advocate Magazine is an American magazine on how to enjoy whiskey and more properly. 
  4. Wine Spectator Magazine is your guide to the finest wine from the different regions that make them.
  5. Food Fanatics Magazine is a quarterly magazine produced by US Foods.

Free Hobby, Sports And The Outdoors Subscriptions

  1. No Nonsense Magazine is for any person with a sincere desire to improve their fitness, form, and physical health. Subscribe now, and you’ll receive printed copies of their quarterly issue.
  2. Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine is catered to young sports fans, and children could enjoy the magazine and appreciate sports more.
  3. Runner’s World Magazine offers the latest expert advice on training, nutrition, and health for runners.
  4. Another offer from Runner’s world but for a complimentary 2-Year Subscription 
  5. Digital Photo Pro is a trusted source for the latest news on photography, camera techniques, equipment review.
  6. Den of Geek offers the latest in games, books, and comics. Subscribing to the magazine is absolutely free. 
  7. LEGO Life Magazine offers free subscriptions to kids ages 5 to 9 years old. Magazines are delivered to your doorstep five times a year – free shipping.
  8. Clay Times is a magazine for ceramic arts, professional clay artists, teachers, and students. 
  9. Outside aims to encourage readers to enjoy the outdoors while providing the necessary information on gear, tools, products, health, and safety. 
  10. Outdoor Life outdoors magazine about camping, fishing, hunting, and survival.
  11. Grand View Outdoors is another magazine for all things outdoors.
  12. Snow Goer covers all about snow sports and activities, including equipment and safety.
  13. Ski Utah is a complete guide on what to expect for a great winter vacation in Utah.
  14. Sport Fishing is a recreational sports magazine that covers all about fishing.
  15. Boating Magazine offers a reliable source of information from boat and equipment reviews to DIY repairs and maintenance.
  16. Professional Pilot Magazine is a monthly publication in the United States that covers everything about the aviation industry.
  17. Tennis Magazine is something you should check out if you’re into the sport for everything and anything you wish to know about tennis. 
  18. Links Magazine is catered to golf enthusiasts and those interested in learning the sport.
  19. Outdoor Photographer is an American-based photography magazine for nature lovers and those who appreciate everything outdoors.
  20. Sports Illustrated is an award-winning magazine that centers on sports and its athletes. Claim a complimentary 2-Year Subscription by signing up. 

Free Pet Magazine Subscriptions

Corgi Dog Running Toward The Camera Stock
  1. PETS+ is a subscription that every fur-parent should have. The magazine is offering a free subscription service for US residents. 

Free Design and Home Improvement Magazines

  1. Traditional Home Magazine is a design and decorating magazine for designers and homemakers alike. 
  2. Better Homes and Gardens provides a valuable reference on how to care for your home and garden.
  3. Another link to a 2-year free subscription from Better Homes and Gardens.
  4. This Old House from Zinio is a magazine offering guides and inspirations on remodeling, rebuilding, and maintaining homes. 
  5. Good Housekeeping is a magazine for homemakers covering everything from recipes to excellent and healthy food to properly caring for your home.
  6. Elle Decor is a magazine on design and interior decorating for professionals and enthusiasts.
  7. Veranda is also a magazine that covers home design and interior decorating.

Free Travel, Luxury, and Leisure Magazines

  1. Condé Nast Traveler is an authority on travel and lifestyle. Many refer to it as a guide to ensure an enjoyable vacation.
  2. Town & Country is one of the oldest magazines still publishing today. Since 1886, the magazine has centered on general interest surrounding the American lifestyle.
  3. Dujour Magazine is an exclusive luxury magazine brand. 
  4. Cigar Aficionado publishes articles about different brands of cigars worldwide.

Free Real Estate Magazine Subscriptions

  1. Homes & Land provides you with extensive real estate listings of every kind.

Free Profession, Money, and Business Magazines

  1. Time Magazine needs no introduction. It’s one of the leading and most trusted publications in the world.
  2. Money Magazine is an American brand of finance and money-making tips, filled with surprisingly easy-to-understand articles.
  3. Supply House Times is a magazine catered to wholesalers, distributors, and business reps.
  4. Entrepreneur Magazine contains stories and news on entrepreneurship and success tips for businesses.
  5. Fast Company is a magazine publication centered on the fastest-growing companies and the most progressive business leaders in our time.
  6. Fortune Magazine is an alternative to Forbes; also a business magazine focused on the elite, the famous, and the wealthy.
  7. Claims Education is a magazine covering issues on international insurance.
  8. Architectural Digest is a valuable resource for design, landscaping, internal and external architecture.

Digital Free Magazine Subscriptions

Aside from being free, you can build a mobile library of useful information and entertainment for yourself and the rest of your family – including something your children can find interesting, right in your purse or pocket. 

Free Health and Wellness Digital Magazine

  1. Time for Health is dedicated to bringing trusted information on health and mental health to people worldwide.

Free Entertainment Magazines For Your Device

  1. WATCH Magazine also sends out digital copies you can keep on your device.
  2. Entertainment Weekly is another subscription you’d want to take advantage of while it has free offers.
  3. RangerRick is the oldest wildlife adventure magazine catered to children.
  4. RangerRick Jr. is a spinoff of the RangerRick series but targeting younger children as audiences.

Free Family Health and Parenting Online Magazine

Family Walking Stock
  1. KIWI Magazine is catered to parents raising a family in natural and organic food.

Free People and Lifestyle Magazines

  1. Working Mother Digital Magazine is dedicated to supermoms and how to balance their career and time for family.

Free Pets Digital Magazines

  1. Animal Wellness Magazine is a good resource on which food and product you should be giving your loved furry companions to keep them happy and healthy. 

Free Digital Food Magazine Subscription

  1. Prepared Foods magazine is a convenient subscription that you can rely on. Prepare great food for family and friends, anytime and anywhere.

Free Travel & Leisure Digital Magazines

  1. Travel + Leisure is a complete travel guide you can keep in your pocket and refer to anytime during your travels.
  2. Finger Lakes Wine Country is another digital magazine dedicated to fun, leisure, and travel.

Free Digital Gardening and Home Improvement Magazines

  1. Garden & Gun digital magazine’s latest issue is available for download after quick signup.

Free Digital Technology Magazines

  1. LEDs is a business magazine product information, business and financial news, and a wide variety of other information relevant to the LED industry.

Final Thoughts On Free Magazine Subscriptions

Getting something for free is always a good deal, but what would make it great is the real value on top of being free. Magazines on safety, education, travel, and health are just examples we should consider having as part of the permanent information resources in our homes, offices, and schools. Even schools and libraries keep numerous issues of magazines for their educational and informative value.

It is also a good thing that many publications are now available as digital copies. It’s not only convenient but the fact that, frequently, these copies will only cost a few moments of your time, and the documents will be free for download or can be expected through email. 

But do make sure you’re only providing personal information to legit websites and nowhere else; it’s mainly to avoid unnecessary messages filling up your inbox.

If you are interested in freebies. Here are some suggestions to checkout:

Have fun getting free information right at your doorstep or at your fingertips. Anytime and anywhere. What better thing in life to have free knowledge to which you can use to make you and your life better. It will only take a couple of minutes of your time now but can and will impact your whole life moving forward. 

Get that free magazine and let your world become bigger and better.