Top 25 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree

Do you need a diploma to get employed? Aren’t there any low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree? 

The answers to those questions are right here in this article. It is a common belief that you need a degree to land a good job, much more one that is well-paying and low-stress. We say: no, you can get good-paying jobs without a degree, and yes, there are many low-stress jobs out there, even for those who didn’t finish college. 

Job-related stress is a widespread problem in the United States. In the US, 83% of employees in the US experience work-related stress, with 25% citing their jobs as their biggest sources of stress.  

So, with the current rat race stressful enough as it is, not having a professional degree could bring additional anxiety to a job hunter. But occupations that do not require college diplomas (and low stress to boot) do exist. It is just a matter of knowing where to look.

Top 25 Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree 

If you were looking for low-stress jobs that pay well and require less than the usual college degree, you have come to the right place. 

The following are a few best-paying jobs that will not give you much stress and do not require a college diploma. 

1. Bloggers 

Nowadays, blogging is one of the most rewarding and low-stress work from home jobs. This online job does not require a college degree and can even be part-time work. It entails maintaining a website with engaging, regularly updated content that attracts readers. 

Your income as a blogger is generated through ad networks like AdSense, affiliate links, sponsored posts, merchandising, and other monetization strategies. In the United States, a blogger makes an average of $49,638 annually. This amount varies according to your niche and location. 

Consider that the most successful bloggers in the world take home as much as $4.8 to $250 million, and start that blog now! 

You can check out Bluehost, an excellent web hosting service, to get your blog to a great start. 

2. Real Estate Agents 

Real estate agents are often considered people who can land high-paying jobs without putting in the long hours or stress of other professions. Nowadays, landing a job in a real estate trust investment (REIT) company, in particular, is considered an excellent and lucrative career track. 

They need to know everything from the prices of homes in different neighborhoods to the features buyers want. In addition, real estate agents must be skilled at negotiating. 

They make a considerable amount of money annually, about $104,451 on average. 

3. Virtual Assistants 

Virtual assistants perform various services, from handling customer service to managing social media accounts. The best part is you can do most of these jobs from the comfort of your own home. 

In addition, many virtual assistant positions offer flexible hours so that you can work around your other commitments. 

The average salary for this well paid job is $91,000 per year in the US. 

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4. Medical Assistants

Medical assistants are trained to handle clinical and administrative tasks in medical offices and clinics. They are considered an important part of the healthcare team as they often assist doctors and nurses with patient care. 

While the job can be demanding, most medical assistants report high satisfaction with their work. 

Their annual average income is approximately $37,000

5. Library Technicians 

Library technicians play a vital role in keeping libraries running smoothly. They are responsible for shelving books, assisting patrons, and cataloging new materials. 

While being a library technician can be demanding, it is generally low-stress and high paying. They typically work regular hours, and many positions offer benefits such as health insurance and retirement plans. 

They make up to $37,757 per year. 

6. Massage Therapists 

Massage therapists provide various services that can help relieve stress and pain, and they can often set their hours and work independently. 

From 2020 to 2030, it is anticipated that the number of massage therapists will increase by 32%, which is substantially faster than the average for all occupations. 

The median annual salary for a massage therapist is $40,000.

7. Opticians

Opticians are responsible for helping patients select and fit eyeglasses and contact lenses. They also provide primary eye care services, such as measuring vision and testing for glaucoma. 

After completing their training, opticians must pass a national exam to become licensed. There is a positive outlook for this occupation, with an expected growth rate of 6% over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

On average, opticians earn an annual salary of $41,000. 

8. Insulation Contractors 

Insulation contractors install insulation in homes and businesses to seal up cracks and gaps that can let heat escape. It’s a physically demanding job, but it’s not usually considered high-stress. 

You don’t need any degree to become an insulation contractor, but you will need some training. The average income you get from this job is $44,000.

9. Freelance Photographers 

If you’re looking for low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree, freelance photography could be a great option. Freelance photographers typically work on a per-project basis, meaning they only have to commit to jobs that they’re interested in and that fit their schedule. 

This job can be a great way to make money without the stress of a traditional 9-to-5 job. They get an average yearly salary of $44,000 when they sell their photos and work with clients. 

10. Travel Agents 

Travel agents help people plan vacations, business trips, and other traveling options. They work with airlines, hotels, and car rental companies to find the best deals for their clients. 

Most travel agents work in an office setting, but some may work from home. It would be best if you should be organized and detail-oriented, as you will arrange clients’ travel plans and oversee their itineraries. 

It can make travel agent jobs quite lucrative, with the average annual salary for full-time agents exceeding $50,000

11. Carpenters

Carpentry is a skilled trade that has been around for centuries. It is a versatile profession that can be applied to various projects, from building houses and furniture to repairing bridges and boats. 

Carpentry can be physically demanding, but it is generally considered low-stress compared to other professions. In addition, carpenters are typically paid well for their work, especially when they have the experience and can make $50,000 per year. 

12. Event Planners 

Event planners must be able to handle last-minute changes, stay calm under pressure, and deal with demanding clients. They must also be organized, detail-oriented, and have excellent communication skills. 

While college degree programs are not required to become an event planner, most successful event planners have at least some job training in hospitality or business. 

An event planner can expect a paycheck of $51,335 annually. 

13. Graphic Designers 

With an average salary of $52,110 per year, a graphic designer earns a good wage while working in a relatively stress-free environment. It’s a highly creative field that requires a strong understanding of color, composition, and typography. 

Graphic designers use their creativity and artistic skills to create visual communications, such as logos, advertisements, and web design. 

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14. Curators

Curators typically work in museums or galleries, and their duties can include selecting and purchasing new pieces for the collection, researching and writing about the art, and planning exhibitions. They also often give tours and lectures about the art. 

You may need at least a bachelor’s degree in art history or a related field, but you can often get jobs without a degree. On average, curators get paid $55,000 per annum. 

15. Electricians 

Electricians are responsible for installing, maintaining, and fixing electrical systems. They often work in residential and commercial settings and may work independently or be employed by an electrical contractor. 

Electricians typically complete a 4-year apprenticeship before becoming licensed, but many states also offer electrician certifications that you can complete in less time. 

The annual average salary of an electrician is $57,000

16. Plumbers 

In addition to identifying and fixing common problems, plumbers must also be able to troubleshoot complex issues and understand the principles of hydraulics. So, the best plumbers are both mechanically inclined and have strong problem-solving skills. 

In terms of pay, plumbers typically earn an annual wage of $57,000 on average. However, an experienced one may earn more than this. 

17. Freelance Content Writers 

For those who enjoy writing and have a knack for it, freelance content writing can be a great career option. It is a low-stress job that often pays well. Best of all, no degree is required. 

While there is some job competition, the demand for good writers is always strong. And with the rise of the internet and social media, the job opportunities for freelance writers are only increasing. According to the Bureau of Labor Studies (BLS), freelance writers’ annual median salary averages $67,120. 

Check out platforms like Fiverr, FlexJobs, and Upwork for open writing jobs.

18. Sound Engineering Technicians 

Although a degree is not required, sound engineering technicians must have a strong understanding of acoustics and audio equipment. They often work in live settings, such as concerts, theater productions, and sporting events, mixing audio signals to create the desired effect. 

Sound engineering technicians also work in studios, where they may record and edit audio for music, movies, television, and video games. They make up to $58,000 a year

19. Fine Artists

Fine artists use their talents to create original works of art, which may be sold to collectors or exhibited in galleries. Many fine artists are self-employed, allowing them to set their schedules and choose their projects. 

While the competition for jobs in this field can be fierce, successful artists can earn a comfortable living by selling their work. They make up to $63,000 annually. 

20. Dental Hygienist 

CareerCast evaluated 200 different occupations in terms of stress factors such as deadlines, physical demands, and exposure to danger. Dental hygienists ranked No. 195 on the list, making them one of the least stressful jobs. 

And while you don’t need a college degree to become a dental hygienist, you’ll need to complete an accredited dental hygiene program. 

The average dental hygienist’s salary is more than $68,000 per year. 

21. Makeup Artists 

Makeup artists are often seen as creative individuals with a passion for making people look their best. However, many people don’t realize that being a makeup artist is a low-stress job that pays well even with little schooling as long as you have the skill. 

In addition to working in salons and spas, many makeup artists also work freelance, providing their services for photo shoots, weddings, and other special events. It can be a great option if you’re looking for a more flexible schedule. 

The average salary for a makeup artist hovers around $90,000 per year. 

22. Actuary 

Actuaries analyze data to assess risk to help companies make informed decisions. They use their excellent math skills to calculate the probability of events and help businesses minimize losses. 

While actuaries typically need at least a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, some employers may hire workers with just a high school diploma. 

The average salary of an actuary is $112,652 per year. 

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23. Video Editors 

Video editors are responsible for putting together the footage from filmed events or projects, such as movies, TV shows, commercials, and music videos. It is a highly creative job that allows editors to be involved in the post-production process of filmmaking. 

You can also opt for freelance video editing opportunities. If you got the right skill set and knowledge, you’ll get a salary range of $47,000 to $120,000 annually. 

24. Models 

Although the pay varies depending on the market, models generally make significantly more than the average worker. If you’re lucky enough to land a coveted spot in a runway show or high-profile photo shoot, you could enjoy a level of fame and fortune that most people can only dream of. 

Becoming a successful model takes more than just luck–it takes hard work, dedication, and a willingness to put yourself out there. With these traits, an in-demand model can easily make an income in the six figures.

Modeling might be worth considering if you’re finding low-stress jobs that pay well without a degree. They get an annual income between $24,970 – $124,730. 

25. Web Developers 

With our lives moving online, there’s a growing demand for web developers. Companies and organizations need informative, stylish, and easy-to-use websites. You will create and maintain websites that meet these criteria as a web developer. 

While a degree isn’t required to become a web developer, most employers prefer candidates who have completed formal training. 

Web developers make annual salaries of $77,200, with the highest-paid earning up to $146,430. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree 

What Jobs Have the Lowest Stress Level?

Makeup artists, photography, carpentry, and plumbing are the best jobs with the lowest stress level. 

What Is the Least Stressful Job That Pays Well?

Having a job as a blogger means a flexible schedule, excellent income potential, and creating content that you are passionate about. What can be more satisfying? 

What Job Makes the Most Money With the Least Education?

Models, makeup artists, and fine artists can make a substantial income even with the least education, except for the required skills and talent and, in the case of models, certain physical features that the fashion industry demands.

Conclusion – Low-Stress Jobs That Pay Well Without a Degree 

While having a college diploma may give you an advantage in certain careers, it is possible not just to have a well-paying job without a degree but to be employed in a low-stress one. With the options provided in this article, we hope you choose an occupation that suits you best. 

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