Get Paid to Drive: Turning Every Mile into Money with 21 Easy Ways

Do you enjoy driving? Do you want to earn good money or an extra income? You’re in luck! Here are some ways that you can get paid to drive. 

With various get-rich schemes and online scams, finding opportunities to make legitimate and profitable ways to earn money can often be a challenge. Landing a job you like doing can be harder, but if driving is your passion and you want to make money, you’re in the right place. 

In today’s gig economy, drivers for package deliveries and other errands are becoming in demand. That’s why we have rounded up the ways to snag one of these driving gigs for easy bucks. 

Explore this list’s various sites and apps and find the gig that best suits your qualifications and interests. Then, go hit the road and start making money. 

Get Paid To Drive – Delivery Apps

1. DoorDash

DoorDash is a top app in the U.S. for making money by delivering food. You can use a bike, car, or scooter for this job. Signing up is a breeze if you’re 18 or older and have a vehicle. Check out our DoorDash review to learn more about this app.

Earnings: $2 to $10

Make Money With DoorDash $$$

2. Postmates

If you like to move fast and want flexibility, being a Postmates delivery driver is a great choice. You don’t have any fixed schedules, fees, or hours to worry about with the app. You can get paid even better to drive between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Read our related article on how Postmates compare to DoorDash to give you an idea about which app is more suitable for you. 

Earnings: $19 per hour

Deliver With Postmates $$$

3. Instacart

Driving for Instacart could be a great way to get paid to drive. Working as an Instacart Shopper, your job is to pick up groceries for folks and drop them off at their homes. 

Earnings: $8 per hour

Make $$$ & Deliver Groceries

4. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a well-liked app for earning money by delivering food. You can use your car, bike, or scooter for this job. Plus, it’s an option in over 6,000 cities worldwide.

Earnings: $1 to $2 per mile

5. GrubHub

GrubHub is another delivery app that pays you well for driving. However, unlike Postmates or DoorDash, which pay upfront, GrubHub pays weekly.

Earnings: $16-$23 per hour

6. Shipt 

Shipt, a shipping and logistics company, is dedicated to simplifying people’s lives. In the role of a driver, your job will involve delivering groceries. It is most effective when you take on the role of a personal shopper, handling several orders within the same hour.

Earnings: $15 an hour

7. Walmart Spark

Walmart Spark is a job where you get paid to drive and deliver items like groceries and everyday stuff to people. You can sign up if you’re 18+ and have a vehicle, like a car, truck, SUV, or cargo van. Once signed up, you make money by delivering Walmart orders to people in your town.

Earnings: $15.57/hour

8. Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex drivers are free to pick their working hours and act as their bosses. They help Amazon customers by delivering packages at times that work best for them.

Earnings: $18-$25

9. Dolly

Dolly is great for those who want a flexible schedule for delivering packages. This app links up people needing stuff delivered with local drivers, giving you a bunch of different delivery gigs to pick from.

Earnings: $50/hour

Get Paid To Drive – Give Others Ride

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10. Uber

Uber is among the most trusted transportation apps, with millions of users worldwide. So, if you own a car, you can register with them and start picking rides—the more rides, the more you earn. 

Earnings: $31,802 – $46,702 a year

11. Lyft

Like Uber, Lyft is a popular choice for people who need a commute, especially across the U.S. All you need to do is to sign up, register your vehicle with them, fill up some paperwork, and you are ready to roll.

Earnings: $22 an hour

12. Wingz

Wingz hooks you up with regular folks, not professional drivers, who are happy to give you a ride. You get paid to drive passengers around if you can make time in your schedule.

Earnings: $18 to $27 per hour

Get Paid To Drive – Help People Move

13. GoShare

If you own a truck or van, GoShare could be your highest-earning driving app. All you have to do is set up an account, enter your location and what kind of stuff you’re okay with delivering, and then wait for delivery requests from folks around your area.

Earnings: $45 – $168 per hour

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a platform that lets people make extra income quickly by doing various odd jobs that others find tough or unpleasant, like moving heavy boxes.

Earnings: $110 a month

15. Lugg

Lugg is an ideal platform for individuals seeking to earn money by assisting others in their housemoving process. Simply register on the platform; the best part is that there’s no charge for applying.

Earnings: $35 per hour

Get Paid To Drive – Shutter Service for Elders

16. Eldercare

ElderCare is among the best services to hire an elder care provider. You can’t get hired as a driver to take the elderly to doctor appointments, malls, and other places. 

Earnings: $15.11 an hour

17. UberHealth

UberHealth, part of Uber, is usually hired by workers at places where older people live. If you become a driver for Uber Health, chances are you’ll have a standing weekly gig with a nearby care home, so you’ll earn a regular side income. Your job will likely be to take residents to the supermarket or nearby malls.

Earnings: $36 hourly

18. Test Drive Cars

BestMark allows you to pose as a customer interested in buying a car. Show interest and take the car for a spin. After that, write a review about your encounter with the specific car dealer and salesperson and get paid for your opinion.

Earnings: $533 per week

19. Advertise with Your Car

Some businesses will give you money to turn your car into a moving ad for their products. Your job is just to allow them to stick an ad on your vehicle. Advertisers mainly require that you live in a place with many cars passing by, ideally in a city or a suburb.

Earnings: $175 and $250 per campaign

20. Carpool

Multiple platforms pay you for carpooling, such as Hytch. You just have to download the app, sign up, and carpool with your friends daily. The more you do, the more your chances to earn more money. 

Earnings: $15 per hour

21. Transport Kids 

If you know how to care for kids, see if you can drive them around. The most famous service for this is HopSkipDrive, but they only work in California and Colorado right now. You might be able to find a similar service near you, though.

Earnings: $26.82 hourly

The Demand for Driving Jobs

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 11% growth in jobs for delivery truck drivers and driver/sales workers from 2021 to 2031, outpacing the average growth rate for all sectors. 

This development is mainly due to the surge in e-commerce, which is expected to hit $7 trillion in sales by 2025, necessitating more drivers for package delivery for companies like FedEx, UPS, Amazon, and Target. 

For those who want to monetize their driving skills, this situation means a lucrative way to make money either as a full-time or a part-time job. You can earn a paycheck, supplement your income, or make a quick buck as you get paid to drive.

Job Requirements, Qualifications and Skills

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  • Driving jobs necessitate a valid driver’s license, a clean driving record, and, in some cases, a certain level of driving experience. Knowledge of the operating area is vital for efficiency and reliability. Physical strength may be required for tasks such as loading and unloading cargo.
  • Professional drivers must be diligent, proactive, dependable, and accountable. They must thoroughly understand traffic laws, have basic vehicle maintenance knowledge, problem-solving skills for unforeseen circumstances, and good math skills to calculate distances and fuel efficiency.
  • A minimum of 20/50 vision (or corrected to 20/50) is commonly required for visual acuity. It ensures drivers can adequately perceive their surroundings and react appropriately to hazards or obstacles. Some employers might also need a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) depending on the type of vehicle to be driven.

How to Make the Most of Your Driving Gig

You can get paid to drive even better if you follow the tips mentioned below:

  • Know Your Area: Understanding your area’s roads, traffic patterns, and busy times can help you navigate more efficiently and avoid delays.
  • Optimize Your Schedule: Work during peak hours when demand and rates are usually higher. This schedule might mean early mornings, rush hours, and weekends.
  • Maintain Your Vehicle: Regular maintenance can prevent costly repairs down the line. A clean, comfortable car can also lead to better customer reviews.
  • Provide Excellent Service: Good customer service can earn higher ratings or tips. Be polite, offer help with luggage, and keep your vehicle tidy.
  • Use a Fuel-Efficient Car: If possible, use a car with good gas mileage to decrease costs.
  • Take Advantage of Incentives: Many driving platforms offer bonuses for completing a certain number of rides or working during specific times. Always keep an eye out for these opportunities.
  • Track Your Expenses: Keeping track of your mileage, gas, maintenance costs, etc., can help you manage your income effectively and be useful for tax purposes.
  • Stay Safe: Always follow traffic rules and regulations, and ensure your safety while on the job.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Get Paid To Drive

Can I Get Paid To Drive Around?

There are many ways to earn cash by driving, like giving people rides, delivering food, or placing ads on your car. Some options may require meeting certain eligibility requirements and undergoing background checks or vehicle inspections. Always research and consider the terms and conditions of any driving opportunity before getting started.

What App Pays You To Drive?

Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Postmates, and several other apps pay you to drive. The requirements and payment structures may differ from one platform to another, so it’s important to research and understand the terms and conditions before signing up.

How Can I Make Money in a Day With a Car?

There are different ways to make money in a day with your car, including ridesharing, advertising, helping people move out, transporting kids, assisting seniors to different places, and food and grocery delivery.

How Can I Make Money if I Don’t Have a Car?

You can still make money even if you don’t have a car through the following ways:

Conclusion – Get Paid To Drive

Whether through a delivery gig, test driving opportunity, side hustles like vehicle advertising, or a ride-sharing app, you can score quick cash or even earn a living as you drive. If you have your own car, you can make it pay for itself by using it to make money, with you at the helm. 

We hope that our top picks for ways to make money from your driving skills and vehicle will inspire you to rev your engines, do a little extra work, and get some money. May your travels lead you to the road to financial success!

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