Free Air For Tires – 8 Places To Find Them

Do you want to get free air for tires? Well, some places offer this service for free. Interested? Great! Let’s find out where. 

Tires are essential for safe driving, so keeping them well-inflated will keep you safe and can prevent possible accidents. Proper tire inflation can also help you save on fuel consumption for your car. 

These benefits make it worthwhile for you to always check the air of your tires regularly.

Luckily, there are ways to save money when checking your tire’s air pressure. Look for places where you can get free air for your tires.

Getting free air can save you more money, especially if you know where to avail them. 

Free air is offered mainly in car repair shops, bicycle shops, tire shops, and gasoline stations. Check this article for the exact options and suggestions for your free air.

Where To Get Free Air For Tires?

If you are looking to inflate your car’s tires, you’d be charged as much as $2 for a single tire at your local auto service station. And that can be a big problem, especially as most newer car models do not come equipped with a spare tire, and you have to inspect your tires regularly.

Free air for tires isn’t easy to come across, that’s for sure. 

Out of all the car maintenance and upkeep, getting your tires inflated does seem minor and a chore to do. Still, it is essential for your safety. Driving with low tire pressure is strongly discouraged as it lowers your gas mileage and can be dangerous. So, it is strongly advised that vehicle owners have proper inflation and proper pressure for their safety. 

Do you pay $2 per tire or get your tires inflated for free?

While getting free air for tires is more challenging than it used to be, it’s not impossible. Because a lot of places do offer this service for free, places that you’ll be surprised to see in this list!

Check out these places and ways to get your tires inflated.

1. Costco

Known for its amazing deals on wholesale goods, many of you might know that Costco also owns several gas stations throughout the country. Costco’s gas is one of the cheapest but of high quality. That is why you’ll often find long lines of vehicles waiting to buy gas at Costco.

But, what many might not know is that they promise to fill your tires up for free. 

The best part is that Costco promises to fill up your tire with pure nitrogen that guarantees a more extended inflation period rather than compressed air. Tires filled with nitrogen will maintain air pressure longer, which is good for your tire safety. You can use this free service even without a membership. 

Cool, right? If you search for ‘free air near me,’ Costco will show up in the top results!

2. DiscountTires

The home to some of the widest variety of tires and wheels, Discount Tires has all things tires, including tire inflation. Regardless of whether you have bought your tires from them or not, they will leave you satisfied if you ask for a free fill. Your tires and your wallet will feel full and pleased because of these complimentary services that they offer. 

They would gladly assist you in filling in your car tires and inspecting your tire tread.

With more than 1000 outlets all around the country, it’s not that hard to find them.

Also, being an exclusive tire dealer, they have access to the most advanced tire pressure monitor to keep track of the air pressure in your tires. You won’t end up accidentally damaging them by overinflation. 

3. GetGo

If you are located in the Northeast or the Midwest, Getgo should be your go-to for free tire air. Aside from free inflation, GetGo also offers an automatic car wash and GetGo Kitchen. This setup helps them to compete better with their local rivals. 

The convenience store chain owned by Giant Eagle has provided customers with free tire inflation with monitoring systems that ensure recommended tire pressure.

4. Kum And Go

Kum and Go is one of the most widely known gas station services in the country due to its reward system. It’s no surprise that they’d provide you with free air fill-ups for your under-inflated tires when you visit their stations. 

Aside from free air for your tires, you may also get additional perks like exclusive deals, free food, drinks, and fuel discounts. 

Although they are not present all over the country, they have a very dominating presence in states like Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

5. QuikTrip

Known for providing customers with some of the finest gasoline in the Midwest and South, Quiktrip has a lot to offer its customers. Quiktrip is more than just a gas station. It has a lot of services and amenities to provide its customers.

Free tire air is just one of those things. They also have QuikTrip Kitchen, which serves pizza and high-quality food. Along with that is a wide variety of beverages in a self-service fountain for drinks. Now that’s service for the vehicle and the driver if I ever saw one. 

Imagine checking the gauge for correct tire pressure while you enjoy a fantastic pizza from the QuikTrip Kitchen and a carbonated drink chilled to perfection. Sounds impressive, we know!

6. Calling in a Favour

Remember that friend with a portable air compressor owing you a favor? We believe it is time to call in that favor!

Sometimes, it’s not feasible for you to travel to these locations due to flat tires or punctures. You can’t risk causing more damage than there already is. And the bad thing there is that you are stuck in the middle of the road and don’t know what to do.

That is why it is always good for you to know if a friend of yours owns an air compressor that could help you get your car in running condition and get you to the nearest tire repair shop. 

7. Your New Car

Although many manufacturers have removed the spare tires from their newer cars, they added something more helpful. A tire repair kit!

Look inside the trunk of your new car, where your spare tire should be. Rather than a spare tire, a complete tire quick-fix kit is now available. This kit includes a portable air compressor and a mending kit. This is now what owners of new cars should receive as part of their purchase.

A spare can only get you so far before giving out itself. A tire repair kit will last longer so long as you have it in your compartment. 

If you don’t have a tire repair kit in your car, getting it may prevent a lot of issues. Go here to get your tire repair kit.

8. Buy A Portable Compressor

So your friends don’t have a compressor, and your new car didn’t come with one either. In that case, just go out and buy yourself one. A good portable air compressor costs you as low as $35. Having to own one will benefit you in the long run.

Although this may sound expensive at first, think of it this way, considering you would have to pay $2.00 for single tire inflation after the first 12 pumps, every next pump would be free of cost.

If you want to get a portable air compressor for your car, you can inflate your tires whenever it’s necessary. Here’s a portable air compressor for just $25:

What’s The Best Option?

Many websites, such as, make use of the GPS on your phone to help you find the nearest free air pump for you. A simple free air for tires near me search should do the trick. This can help you find many establishments that offer free air for your tires which can save you time and money.

But remember, caution is better than looking for a remedy. 

Many cars come equipped with a tire pressure sensor, tire pressure light, or a tire pressure monitoring system on the dashboard, so check them out before leaving. Make a habit of checking the tire valve caps and valve stem for any possible leaks, and take your car out to the automotive service shop every once in a while. Love your car, and it will love you back!

Why Should You Check And Inflate Your Tires?

The tires on my car are only slightly deflated. What’s the worst that could happen?

There are two things that could happen when you don’t check and inflate your tires. You could either be losing over a mile per gallon, or you could decrease road grip, which can decrease safety while driving. And in both cases, these will negatively affect you and your tires. Both need to be addressed to lessen the impact it can bring to you and your vehicle.

Make it a habit to check and refill air once a month. Properly inflated tires will help you get better mileage and have the longest tire life possible. 

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Did you know that you might be losing out on almost $0.30 per gallon of gasoline due to reduced fuel efficiency? That causes you to waste a lot of fuel due to underinflated tires.

Underinflated tires are not only costing you fuel efficiency but are also a safety hazard. There is a reason why the owner’s manual and the highway traffic safety administration always stress the importance of an inflated tire.

Car tires with low pressure can make braking a real chore as deflated tires lose the road grip they are supposed to have. The tires’ tread depth loses all meaning, making it harder to control a vehicle in even a slight drizzle due to deflation. A deflated tire also puts more strain on the car’s axle, compromising its safety and efficiency. 

Just make sure the next time you visit a service station, check the tire pressure of your car along with getting it inspected for possible punctures or bad tire conditions. Keeping it assessed from time to time will keep you safe on the road. Not only that, it will also save you a lot of money and the need to buy new tires for your vehicle. Otherwise, you may have to figure out how to pay for car repairs with no money

How Much Does It Cost To Inflate Tires?

Depending on the location you are getting your tires inflated, the cost can range from $0.50 to $2.00, and you would still need to use the air compressor yourself. 

Then what are you paying for? The machine that pushes out air at a swift pace? With enough effort, you can do that with a bicycle pump. It is to help the establishment pay for the equipment, the power it costs to run, and the employees. In other words, you are paying for the maintenance of the equipment.

Tire services are a demanding commodity since many people own cars, and all cars need tires to run, so it is expected that people want to have a business behind this.

Still, we know that there are ways to get free air for tires, and we have listed them above. 

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Free Air For Tires – Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about getting free air for your tires.

Where Can I Put Air In My Tires For Free?

Free air-filling stations are becoming rarer each day, but they haven’t completely vanished yet. We have prepared a list of outlets and service stations that can provide you with free air fill-ups. Below are the lists that can help you get free air for tires:

  • Costco
  • DiscountTires
  • GetGo
  • Kum And Go
  • QuikTrip

If you can’t seem to find these, a simple Google search would be able to yield a lot of results and help you find the nearest station that can help you fill up your tires for free.

Do All Gas Stations Have Air For Tires?

Yes, an air compressing station is available at almost all the gas stations in the country. But the question that you should be asking would be if all the gas stations charge you for a tire fill-up? Most of them will charge their customers but do remember that some gas stations will not charge you. And that is where you should look for your tire’s inflation needs.

Although every gas station has tire filling stations, some of them charge you a small amount of money for every fill-up, while others allow you to fill up your tires when you purchase something at the station. There are also gas stations that just let you get tire air without any conditions.

Conclusion – Free Air For Tires

Knowing where you can get free air for your tires goes a long way for your wallet and car. Being practical enough to look for places where you can get free air for your tires is a small price to pay for maintaining your vehicle to work in the best condition possible. Addressing these concerns will only positively help you, your vehicle, and your wallet, so never ignore these simple steps in taking care of your tires.

It not only saves you money, but also ensures the safety of you and your family and friends who trust you to drive for them.

Just think of the stuff you can buy with the money you save with this technique. Adding these savings can go along with your daily expenses. Remember, saving a small amount soon builds up. 

Try it and just thank me later.