35 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay – Convenience at Your Fingertips

Wary about swiping your card and touching keypads at gas stations? How often have you forgotten to carry cash and run out of gas? Fret no more! There are more and more gas stations that take Apple Pay.

Technology really has its rewards. There is a convenient payment system that securely lets shoppers make a payment with a credit or debit card from their iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

Not only is Apple Pay, a contactless mobile payment option, becoming more widespread, but locating a gas station near you that accepts Apple Pay is easy-peasy with your mobile phone or tablet’s Maps app.

To complete the payment process, simply authenticate using your fingerprint. The seamless process makes it quick and easy for customers to complete their transactions without entering debit or credit card information each time, significantly reducing wait time during checkout and making shopping more enjoyable.

35 Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

Apple Pay is becoming an increasingly accepted form of payment among businesses worldwide, and the same is true with America’s gas stations. With many major chain gas stations now accepting Apple Pay, locating a cashier who can handle your transactions has become much easier. Here are some of the 35 gas stations that take Apple Pay.

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1. Shell

Apple Pay is accepted at all of Shell’s over 14,000 locations in the U.S. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump. With Shell, customers can also take advantage of the Fuel Rewards Program. By signing up for the program and taking advantage of special promotions, customers can save up to 10 cents per gallon.

2. Exxon Mobil

Download the Rewards+ app to use Apple Pay at Exxon Mobil gas stations. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices. Customers can pay with their iPhone or Apple Watch inside the store or at the pump. 

Whether in Texas, Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, California, or New York, you can utilize Apple Pay through the Rewards+ app. 

3. Chevron

Apple Pay is accepted at Chevron gas stations at all of their outlets. Customers can use NFC card payment services in-store or at the pump when filling their tanks. Venmo is another alternative payment method widely used at Chevron retail outlets.

4. Citgo

Citgo gas stations accept Apple Pay in most of their 4,676 locations. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump. 

You can also use their cool feature of Amazon-Alexa enabled to process your payment following on-screen prompts swiftly.

5. Speedway

Speedway gas stations accept Apple Pay in 36 states across the Eastern U.S. and parts of the Midwest. Customers can use their iPhone or Apple Watch in-store and at the pump and enroll in Speedway’s Adventure Club card to get discounts and rewards.

6. Phillips 66

Phillips 66 is one of the largest U.S. refiners, with over 2,500 locations nationwide. Out of which, just 66 gas stations take Apple Pay.

7. Conoco

Conoco gas stations accept Apple Pay at select locations in the U.S. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump. You can access around 2,000 U.S. stores and pay via Google Pay, formerly Android Pay.

8. Murphy USA

Some Murphy USA gas stations accept Apple Pay, with around 1,700 locations in 27 states across the U.S.

9. Texaco

Apple Pay is accepted at some Texaco gas stations, and if you fail to find the use of Apple Pay, you can also use the Texaco app to process through a cloud-based payment system smoothly. Texaco is distributed to around 16 states.

10. Circle K

Circle K, a global convenience store and gas station chain, has embraced modern payment solutions like Apple Pay to enhance customer convenience. 

There are over 8,000 locations in the U.S. where customers can easily use Apple Pay to make quick and secure purchases, whether for fuel, snacks, beverages, or other convenience store items.

11. Meijer

Meijer customers can use Apple Pay at the pump. However, the Apple Pay method differs with every location. Meijer is proud to be on the list of gas stations that take Apple Pay.

12. QuikTrip

Apple Pay is accepted at QuikTrip retail locations, with over 800 stores across 11 states in the U.S. Customers can use this service in some of the locations of QuikTrip. 

As a preferred choice for motorists seeking a hassle-free refueling experience, QuikTrip offers seamless transactions through Apple Pay, allowing customers to quickly and securely pay for fuel and other in-store purchases using their compatible Apple devices.

13. 7-Eleven

Apple Pay is accepted at 7-Eleven’s more than 9,000 locations nationwide. Customers can use contactless technology to pay inside the store. 

With Apple Pay now accepted at select 7-Eleven locations, you can enjoy a streamlined and secure payment process.

14. RaceTrac

Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Texas-based RaceTrac stores accept Apple Pay. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump.

15. Delta Sonic

Delta Sonic gas station accepts Apple Pay in-store. There are over 32 locations in the U.S. and Canada. Additional services offered at Delta Sonic stores include car washes and oil changes.

16. Costco

Have a Visa card linked with your Apple Pay wallet? If yes, then feel free to make fuel purchases at any Costco pumps. However, you must be a Costco member before utilizing all the facilities.

17. Raceway

Raceway accepts Apple Pay at over 300 locations nationwide. The state-of-the-art gas stations provide an innovative and seamless experience for customers who prefer the ease and security of using Apple Pay for their fuel purchases. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump.

18. Sheetz

Sheetz has over 600 locations across the U.S., and most stores accept Apple Pay. Simply use your Apple device to make quick and secure purchases at the pump, eliminating the need for physical cards or cash. 

19. Thorntons

Apple Pay is accepted at Thorntons, a chain of convenience stores with nearly 200 locations throughout the Midwest. Say goodbye to fumbling for cards or cash – simply tap and go to quickly and effortlessly fill up your tank. Customers can use Apple Pay in-store or at the pump.

20. Valero

Apple Pay is accepted at Valero at a couple of locations despite being spread out in 38 states. This means that whether you’re on a cross-country road trip or just around the corner, the convenience of Apple Pay is at your fingertips when you choose Valero. Experience the ease of secure and contactless payments while enjoying top-notch service and quality fuel at Valero gas stations nationwide.

21. Wawa

At Wawa, customers can use Apple Pay in-store or at the pump. There are over 600 locations across New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, and Florida.

22. Cumberland Farms

Cumberland Farms customers can use Apple Pay in-store only. There are approximately 600 stores across 10 states around the U.S. You can enjoy the ease and speed of Apple Pay at select Cumberland Farms locations.

23. Casey’s General Store

Casey’s General Stores, which has nearly 2,000 locations in 12 states, accepts Apple Pay. Customers can use the in-store option only.

24. TravelCenters of America

TravelCenters of America has 272 locations and accepts Apple Pay. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump. Additionally, TravelCenters of America offers a range of amenities and services, making it a convenient choice for travelers on the road.

25. Sunoco

Sunoco accepts Apple Pay at select locations in the U.S. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump and take advantage of Sunoco’s loyalty programs, which reward customers with discounts. Customers can also use Sunoco’s mobile wallet app to pay for their purchases.

26. Maverik

Maverik has over 380 locations throughout the Western U.S. and accepts Apple Pay at some of them. If Apple Pay doesn’t work there, you can use Adventure Club or Nitro cards to complete your fuel purchase.

27. Kwik Trip

Apple Pay is accepted at Kwik Trip gas stations in over 800 states, including Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin.

28. Marathon

Of Marathon’s 6,900 outlets, only a few gas stations take Apple Pay. 

While the current adoption of Apple Pay at Marathon gas stations is relatively limited, it reflects a broader trend within the industry as fuel retailers explore ways to provide customers with modern and streamlined payment methods in an increasingly digital world.

29. Love’s Travel Stops

Love’s Travel Stops accepts Apple Pay at select locations in the U.S., including Ohio and Tennessee. It has around 550 gas stations dispersed in over 41 states.

30. 76

Apple Pay is accepted at 76 in California, Texas, and New York locations. However, Apple Pay payments are taken at a few locations only.

31. Family Express

Family Express is a regional chain of gas stations and convenience stores that offer the convenience of Apple Pay as a payment method. 

With a focus on providing quality fuel and a wide range of convenience items, Family Express aims to make the refueling and shopping experience seamless for its customers.

Family Express has around 74 locations in the U.S.

32. Hess

Apple Pay is accepted at Hess locations in NY state. You can find over 1,360 retail outlets of gas stations. Make sure to link your EMV cards like Visa or Mastercard to go through an easy process.

33. Arco

Arco gas stations accept Apple Pay at around 1,567 locations across the U.S. Customers can use it in-store or at the pump. 

34. Kum & Go

Kum & Go, a prominent convenience store chain primarily situated in the Midwest region, has embraced the convenience of Apple Pay as a payment option at its expansive network of over 390 locations spread across the United States. 

This integration of Apple Pay aligns with Kum & Go’s commitment to offering customers a modern and efficient shopping experience, enabling them to make swift and secure transactions using their compatible mobile devices in-store and at the fuel pump.

35. B.P.

Apple Pay is accepted at 7,000 B.P. gas stations around the U.S. Customers can use it in-store and at the pump, taking advantage of the B.P. loyalty program.

How to Pay for Gas With Apple Pay

Before you hit the road and need to fill up your tank, make sure you have Apple Pay on hand. 

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  • First, use Apple Maps or another location-service app to find gas stations that take Apple Pay. 
  • Another good way to scope out such gas stations is by looking at a contactless payment symbol, indicating that they accept mobile payment services.
  • Then, launch your Wallet app on your phone. 
  • Double-tap the side button to authenticate, usually with either Face ID, Touch ID, or a password. 
  • The next step is placing the device directly on the payment symbol.
  • Wait until you see a checkmark followed by “Done.”
  • That means your payment has been successfully processed. 

Get gas quickly and safely with tap and pay.

How To Find A Gas Station With Apple Pay Near You

Need to fill up your tank but need help finding the best gas stations with Apple Pay around? Don’t worry; you can locate the best options quickly and easily. 

iPhone or iPad

  • All you have to do is open Maps on your phone or iPad and search for “gas stations near me.” You’ll get a list of stations simultaneously, so comparing them side-by-side is easy. 
  • You can check if they accept Apple Pay by tapping “Useful to Know” in Maps
  • This section includes a wealth of information on payment methods at each station. 

With a few taps, you’ll be propped up and ready to roll!


  • Start by opening the map and pinpointing the exact location you would like to check. 
  • When the page loads, click the icon (i) at the bottom, showing you all the relevant information about that specific station. 
  • Scroll down until you reach “Useful To Know” and determine whether that gas station accepts Apple Pay.

Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) – Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

How Can I Pay for Gas Without a Card?

Many gas stations take Apple Pay. Some allow contactless payments through their respective apps. Additionally, you can use cash or a prepaid card to pay for the fuel at the pump.

How Do I Use Apple Pay at the Gas Pump?

Using Apple Pay at the pump is simple. Select the payment option, then hold your device near the terminal to authorize payment. And that’s it! Tap, pay, and drive.

How Do I Know if a Gas Station Has Apple Pay?

You can identify gas stations or convenience stores that accept Apple Pay from the contactless symbol label on the outskirts of the pump stations. Otherwise, you can look for signs that say “Apple Pay Accepted Here” or “Contactless Payment Accepted” near the pump.

Conclusion – Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

For iOS users, Apple Pay is one of the most preferred options for mobile contactless payments, providing consumers with seamless and quick transactions. 

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