Discover the 12 Surprising Things You Start Losing Interest in as You Get Older

As you grow up, your perspective changes.

With more life and experiences, you start to care less about certain things and might not be as excited about stuff you used to love. Is this just a part of getting older?

Either way, here are 12 things you might find less interesting as you celebrate each birthday.

1. Playing video games

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The famous quote goes, “We do not stop playing because we’re getting old. We get old when we stop playing.” 

The truth, though is that playing video games does get old, and it can get harder for you to be entertained by one particular game. Then you end up game-hopping and even just turn it off entirely.

2. Fashion (Especially shoes that hurt)

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Fashion is all about aesthetics, and most of the time, it is given precedence over comfort. But it’s an entirely different thing when you get older.

From shoes that hurt to jeans that make it difficult to breathe, you just can’t help but choose comfort as you get older. When your back aches, would you really still choose to wear stilettos? 

3. Trying to impress everyone

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Working hard to gain the approval of everyone is exhausting, and it’s something you will definitely lose interest in as you get older.

As your age increases, your care about many things decreases, including trying to impress everybody. Because at the end of the day, you can never be successful if this is your goal. 

4. Socializing

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As you age, you become aware of your social battery and that it actually runs out fast.

While socializing may be fun, there will come a time when it becomes exhausting. You would think that the party never stops, but it actually does. 

5. Losing interest in caring what others think of you

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Once you’ve realized your own worth and built your identity, you won’t really care about what other people think anymore.

This can only be possible through years of self-doubt and mistakes, and then learning. But once you’ve come to this stage, it means you’ve matured to the point that you’ve accepted who you are and can be proud of what you’ve been through to get there. 

6. Owning things

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Let’s face it, buying and owning things can be thrilling, and sometimes, people mistake that feeling for happiness.

While there is an unending need to purchase necessities, from toiletries to food, there are things you buy that you don’t really need. These things can be fun to have but only for a moment. 

7. Social media

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When you’ve been using social media for so long, it can be quite boring after some time, especially when all you see are bad news and product spam.

Many even decide to deactivate their accounts for a period of time just to detoxify from the internet. Some people are too tired to see either horrible or fake things. 

8. Dating

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When you reach a certain age, you will begin to see the temptation of settling down with one person.

Many people believe that as you age, you also begin to give importance to character and personality more than looks when dating. Dating multiple people also becomes work, and you just want to find that special one whom you can spend your life with. 

9. Life Purpose

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Life itself becomes boring and interesting as you go through it without finding any purpose.

This might be the main reason why finding one’s purpose is important to live to the fullest. When you have no purpose in life, it’s like you’re floating in the sea with nowhere to go. 

10. Movies

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People start to lose interest in movies, especially when they feel like they’re just watching one generic movie after the other. There are so many movies now, and they’ve become so accessible that watching them has become less special compared to what they were in the past.

Many movies are also more focused on effects than actual storylines. 

11. Going out

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Going out every Friday and Saturday night seemed like living the life when you were young.

Once you grow older, you realize that rest is actually more important than going out. Many believe that as they get busier, they just don’t have time to go out much anymore. 

12. Everything

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Everything feels ‘meh’ and pointless after some time. Is it a sign of maturity?

Many people consider this stage a personal dilemma that they must go through to become more aware of reality. While it may feel like they’re on a cynical path, they believe that the experience reignites the hope and passion in them. Don’t let it drain you. 

Are you starting to lose interest in some things too? Which among the list do you feel inclined to agree more?

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