Looking for Free Firewood Near Me: Top 18 Ways to Source Firewood for Cozy Bonfires and Warmth

Do you need firewood to warm your home or roast a few marshmallows? If you’re in the middle of a city or there are no forests nearby, you are bound to ask yourself: where do I get free firewood near me?

Lots of places can provide firewood. There are many ways to find free firewood. Don’t be shy to ask, and you’ll get your cords of wood in time for winter or the barbecue.

With this article, let us count the ways to get firewood at no cost.

18 Ways to Find Free Firewood Near You 

Free firewood can be challenging to track down. Still, if you know where to look, there are plenty of options—from your local governmental resources to questions on social media groups about ‘free firewood near me.’ 

Start trying out some of these 18 brilliant ways to find free firewood near you now.

1. Local Government

Are you looking for free firewood near you? Various municipalities have programs that drop off hefty batches of wood logs – often as part of a forest management program – which the public can use for free. The best part is that you don’t even have to pay for hauling, as most towns will provide delivery of the logs straight to your doorstep.

Of course, it pays to check with nearby action committees before getting fired up about free firewood. Some cities might be completely booked out for the season, and other towns might charge a nominal fee or even require permits or proof of residence to indulge in this smoky treat.

2. National Forests

National forests are stunning natural havens, offering a great opportunity to get free firewood. If you’re interested in gathering wood at your nearby national forest, all you need to do is locate your closest national forest office and review their firewood guidelines online; it’s as easy as that. 

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Costs will vary by region and season, so check the websites for each location – some national forests may even offer free permits. Whether you’re looking to experience nature while keeping cozy in the winter or add a rustic charm to your home decor with one-of-a-kind twigs, the search for free firewood near me ends here.

3. Own Woodlot

An acre of wood can provide enough firewood to heat your family’s home year-round at no cost. When researching how to obtain free firewood in your area, look for nearby forests, landowner associations, or county court systems that manage woodlots

Although it requires effort and maintenance, forest management services are often free if you need more time or the ability to care for it yourself. Regardless, owning your woodlot is an excellent way of getting free firewood and a great opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy nature up close.

4. Wood Pellets

Looking for a fuel source that is relatively cheap, eco-friendly, and available? Look no further than wood pellets. Free firewood for pellets can be found near you by searching online or checking with local hardware stores. 

Burning wood pellets as fuel produces nearly 20% less CO2 than burning oil, so you can do your part to help the environment while you get warm. Depending on the quality, wood pellets cost between $6-$41 per bag, making them an affordable option. Check out your options today and see if wood pellets suit you.

5. Neighbors/Friends

For those living in an area with plenty of trees, asking your neighbors or friends can help you find free firewood around you. Usually, if you give them a hand with collecting and delivering the logs, they’re more than happy to cut you some slack. 

6. Craigslist

When searching for firewood, Craigslist offers an excellent shortcut that can save time and effort. Free firewood postings pop up in many places across the United States, and it is a helpful tool to find the closest ones. 

Plug in your zip code or the zip code of anywhere you plan to visit in the future, and you can easily find a lot of accessible sources within your vicinity. Many people use Craigslist to stock wood for winter fires without paying for costly deliveries. 

There are also alternatives to Craigslist for more options in finding free firewood in your area.

7. Freecycle

Freecycle is a non-profit organization with a simple mission – connecting people who have something they want to give away with people who are looking to get something for free. You can visit their website to search for items in your area or use Freecycle’s mobile app to make it even easier. 

It has, in many cases, tons of wood ready and waiting. All you need to do is get yourself out there (perhaps literally) and meet up with the listing owner. Most often, the wood is free of charge, meaning you can get your much-needed firewood without breaking the bank. 

8. OfferUp

Looking for free firewood? You’re in luck. OfferUp is an excellent online mobile-first C2C marketplace that connects people who want to get rid of unwanted items with those looking for them. 

OfferUp gives you access to free firewood near you by connecting those looking for it with those giving it away. Search your local OfferUp community and start checking out listings—all the wood you need can be found at no cost.

You can also look for apps like Offerup for more choices to help you find woods for free.

9. Sawmills

Sawmills are places that turn fallen trees into useful timber and other materials. As such, they are the perfect places to get the wood you need while saving a little on the budget. By using local sawmills, you’ll get the best product for your money and have an opportunity to support small businesses. 

Plus, if you’re looking for something specific, like a unique cut or varnish, these hardworking craftsmen have the skills to deliver just what you’re looking for—no job too big or small.

10. ChipDrop

ChipDrop makes it easy to find free firewood near you. All you have to do is enter your zip code, and with just the click of a button, ChipDrop will match you with a local source for free firewood. 

ChipDrop even provides directions, so all you’ll have to worry about is how much wood to pick up. It’s super convenient and free.

11. Arborists

Aside from land management services, arborists are also prepared to help homeowners harvest dead or fallen trees. It’s a great way to tidy the yard while stocking up on some free firewood. 

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Arborists can even direct those in need to locations where wood harvesting is allowed free of charge (it is legal in most places). 

12. Facebook Marketplace

Looking for some free firewood? Check out Facebook Marketplace. It’s full of resources to get your hands on some wood, such as local sawmills, parks, restoration projects, and more. 

All you have to do is search for free firewood near me and let Facebook do the work. Many times it’s free, but sometimes, you may need to pay a small fee to access the woods. But overall, it’s a great way to source wood without paying tons.

13. Free Box Springs

Free box springs may sound like a fantasy, but they’re out there waiting to be discovered. Free firewood listings abound online and guide individuals seeking lumber to build their sturdy foundations. 

Whether just getting started or replacing old furniture, these box springs don’t have to break your budget. Sure, the materials may have an associated cost for some, but the labor is free, provided you have the know-how and patience, so why pay extra? 

14. Construction Sites

Wooden panels, plywood, and other materials are often left behind and provide free access to anyone looking for firewood. A simple Google search of “free firewood near me” should show any marketing material from local construction companies letting the public know when their site will be open for scavenging. 

All it takes is a little drive up, a sturdy bag, and some muscle, and you can consider yourself armed and ready to enter the world of free firewood.

15. Tree Companies

Tree companies offer their services to homeowners, businesses, and government entities to trim trees and remove stumps. They may also provide wood chipping services, creating piles of wood shavings used as much throughout the area. 

It is worth inquiring with these tree companies to ask if they have any pieces of wood that you can take for free. In some cases, there may even be large logs or cut pieces of wood up for grabs.

16. Electric & Cable Companies

When electric and cable companies clear areas of trees, they often end up with a surplus of wood materials. Instead of letting them go to waste, you can take advantage of this opportunity by visiting your local office and finding out what they are willing to offer for free. 

It’s a practical and environmentally-friendly way to obtain firewood at no cost while helping these companies effectively manage the materials they need to dispose of.

17. City Cleanup

Many cities and counties nationwide have designated “green” locations where dead-standing trees can be harvested for firewood gathering. 

The rules and regulations vary, so it’s best to check with your local city before collecting wood. But you’re lucky if you find one of these wood lots available.

18. After Storm Search

After all of nature’s beauty has been displayed during a storm, and it passes through the area, don’t just admire what’s left behind: try searching for freebies after the storm. 

With some luck, you can find fallen branches prime for collecting. Before taking any wood, check if your city has removed any trees for safety concerns.

Types of Firewood

There are mainly two types of firewood, hardwood and softwood. Below are the main differences:

Hardwood Softwood
Comes from deciduous trees Comes from evergreens
Dark coloredLighter
Heavy and more expensiveLighter in weight and relatively less costly
Burns longer and produces more heatBurns shorter and produces less heat

Tips for Scoring Free Firewood Near You

Finding free firewood on your own can be daunting, especially if you don’t know where to look. But with these tips, it will become an exciting scavenger hunt in no time. 

  • The most prominent spot is in the woods, but please get permission from the landowner or wildlife agency before harvesting or collecting firewood. 
  • Ask around your neighborhood and watch for yard clean-up days; many of us list our old branches due for trimming in online marketplace sites such as Craigslist. 
  • Contact local tree removal services and see if they’d like someone to take their wood chips away—sometimes, they’ll even deliver right to your doorstep. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Free Firewood Near Me

Where Can I Find Local Firewood?

Craigslist, OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace, online bulletin boards, and social media platforms are ideal for finding local firewood. You can also try asking your neighbors and friends or inquire within your local community to discover local firewood sources.

How Can I Get Free Wood for a Log Burner?

Check out the availability of free wood at construction sites, tree companies, and other places which can provide free wood for a log burner, such as electric and cable companies. 

What Can I Use Instead of Firewood?

Wood pellets and wood bricks can be used instead of firewood for home heating, wood stoves, or campfires. For a more efficient alternative, try peat briquettes. And there are soy and switchgrass logs or recycled coffee grounds to keep it sustainable and eco-friendly. 

Conclusion – Free Firewood Near Me

Filling up your wood box and stocking up for the cold months can be challenging and costly as seasoned firewood prices range from $200-$500 per cord of wood or $20-35 per wheelbarrow, depending on the types of wood, location, and season. 

Thankfully, we can still say that the best things in life are free, including firewood. So keep this list of places offering free firewood near you close at hand, start stacking those logs, and save some bucks. 

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