Can You Relate to These 12 Things That Never Fail Make People Angry?

I found a really interesting question: “What always makes you really mad?” The most popular answers gave me a lot of ideas about the different things that can make people really upset.

What could these responses reveal about the human psyche and the universal experiences that irk us?

1. People Not Closing the Door After They Opened It

Bathroom with Shower and Toilet MSN

The most upvoted comment on the topic is people walking into their room and not closing the door when it was closed when they walked in. That’s their number one frustration by people. 

Someone else related and commented that most of the time, others leave the light on when it was off too. Please, just don’t. Leave it the way you found it, and everyone will be happier. 

2. People Who Block Grocery Aisles

Young Woman Holding A Box Of Lemons At A Grocery

One person expressed frustration with people who block grocery aisles, urging them to be considerate and allow others to shop without obstruction.

Another person recounted an incident where a woman blocked an entire grocery aisle with her cart while talking on her phone. When this person and her husband walked past, the woman yelled at them for not saying excuse me. In response, the husband, who had a tough day, retorted with strong words, and the person is still surprised that the situation didn’t escalate further. It just shouldn’t be so hard not to block aisles. 

3. Getting Your Socks Wet


“Stepping into something wet with socks on,” one user shared.

Another agreed and commented they’d stepped into cat vomit with socks, getting ready to go to work in complete darkness at 5 am, and it was the worst thing in the world. We don’t wish wet socks on anyone. 

4. People Who Don’t Use Their Signal Lights

Woman Holding A Car Key

One person commented that “people who don’t use their signal lights at very important times” never fail to make them angry.

Many people in the thread agreed, and one added that it’s even worse when people stomp the brakes first before signaling. Please just follow the rules of driving a vehicle. 

5. Hitting Your Head

Woman Facepalm Holding Hand to Head Signing Stupid or Dumb MSN

This commenter expressed their constant frustration and anger whenever they accidentally hurt their head, emphasizing that it consistently triggers strong negative emotions without fail. 

Another shared an interesting perspective, recalling a communication theory class they took. They remembered reading about how people naturally get upset when physically assaulted, and at first, they thought it was an obvious observation. However, the underlying emphasis was that humans are fundamentally driven by primal instincts, highlighting our inherent animalistic nature regardless of education or cultural background.

6. People Who Don’t Take Ownership of Their Actions

Three People Seated Holding Smartphones MSN

Someone commented that people who fail to accept ownership of their actions or a problem never fail to make them angry.

Another user commented with examples of what people who don’t take ownership of their actions would usually say. And these things would make them angry, like, “You’re still mad about that?” followed by, “You hold a grudge too long.”

7. Not Sharing Important Details Then Getting Mad When It’s Wrong

Man Yelling and Screaming, Angry and Unhappy MSN

Hikari shared that people failing to mention important details when giving him a task and then getting mad when he has trouble understanding what they want him to do makes him so angry.

A second user commented with a tip, “Can you ask them to email you the list of tasks [and clarify] ‘so that I do it correctly’? Then if they carp later, you have tangible proof.” I like the idea of that solution, but it is annoying when people don’t give you a chance to do a task right. 

8. People Who Blast Music in Public

Woman Listening To Music Using Headphone Smiling

Roric shared that it is people blasting music in public for him. He added, “We don’t want to hear your terrible music. Get headphones or AirPods.” A second commented that it goes hand in hand with yelling on the phone using speakerphone in a crowded place. Just keep your music and conversations private so others can enjoy their day. 

A third user jokingly added, “I kinda wanna hear the drama tho… like what’s going on with Christy?”

9. Hearing You Look Stressed

Woman Looking Shocked Stressed and Saying No MSN

Someone shared that their frustration is always on top when people tell them they seem angry or stressed. “If I’m not, I will be after that comment.”

Another user commented, “Right? It’s like when someone tells you to calm down when you aren’t even upset. If I wasn’t angry before, then I’m sure angry ow.” 

10. People Who Will Stop At the Door in Shops

Woman Looking Sad Angry, Turning Tumbs Down Shocked MSN

This user commented that people who go into a store and just stop at the door are beyond them, which always frustrates them. Many in the thread agreed, and one added, “Or people that get in line behind you at said store and stand too close.”

She shared her experiences and tactics, explaining how she has often adjusted her posture and purposely nudged the person behind her with her purse to make them back off. It has been her way of dealing with the annoyance of people standing too close. She couldn’t help but wonder why some individuals needed to stand so close in the first place.

11. People Who Litter

Woman Collecting Plastic Bottle Outside Cleaning Litter Trash

Someone commented by just saying “littering” is the one thing that never fails to ignite their anger.

One was annoyed by something recently and shared it in the thread. He shared he witnessed a guy stop at a traffic light and deliberately place a bag of trash outside his car door before driving away when the light changed. It was a busy road, and the commenter wished there had been a police car nearby to catch him. There was even a gas station nearby where he could have disposed of the trash, but he chose to leave it in the middle of the road. “Quite frustrating behavior,” the commenter added. 

12. People Who Act Like They’re the Only Person in the World

A man facepalming - MSN

A final user wrote they find people who act like they are the only person to exist in the world so frustrating. When someone behaves this way, they may disregard the needs and feelings of those around them, leading to frustration and resentment.

Additionally, this behavior can make it difficult for others to connect with or relate to the individual, as they may come across as aloof or unapproachable. Ultimately, this type of behavior can damage relationships and hinder personal growth. 

Did this make you think of something that never fails to make you angry?

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