Unhinged Employers: 17 People Share Their Startling Stories of Quitting For VERY Valid Reasons

Sometimes, discovering a good boss and a nice place to work is like winning a game of luck. If you’re lucky, you’ll end up with a fantastic boss and an enjoyable work environment. If not, you might find yourself quitting right after getting hired.

Recently, I found some startling stories of why people quit their jobs, and here’s why.

1. Health or Safety Hazards

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Someone shared how a job at a quick lube oil changing station put him at risk of getting burned and made him quit.

Apparently, he was tasked to drain oil pipes under the vehicles and was in constant contact with burning oil and pipes. After one day at work, he left.

2. Misleading Job Post

Someone who applied for a data entry job only to find out they were actually going to make cold calls made a run for it. They were told they needed to do a great job at enticing or swindling investors to earn a commission.

It was not only misleading but also possibly illegal. He spent fifteen minutes there, and then he was out.

3. Unethical and Unsanitary Practices

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An individual stayed for three weeks at a vet clinic before deciding to quit. This is after they were asked by the doctor to use only one needle for administering different vaccines.

Reusing needles and being required to bring their own toilet paper to work made them turn their back on the job.

4. Skills Not In Line With Job

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A person shared his scary first day at work at a boat company. He was waiting for someone when he suddenly heard screaming. He turned to look and saw a man with his ring and middle fingers cut off after a Sawzall accident.

He did not think his skills with tools were ever in line with the job and thought it wiser to just back out then and there.

5. Upfront Payments

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People look for jobs to earn money, not the other way around. So, when Bal was required to pay $2000 for a demo kit, he did not think twice about backing out.

Someone with the same experience said he asked to go on a bathroom break and just left.

6. Condescending Boss

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An ex-marine talked about a horrible experience working at a hardwood floors company. He said he was not given clear instructions about getting hired, and the boss just suddenly started looking for him. What made matters worse was the boss asking him outright if he was “messed up from the war.”

Other employees did not seem to like the job and the boss. So, he did himself a favor and left after his shift.

7. Unwelcoming Environment

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King was called out by the boss for not filling out the HR forms fast enough—30 minutes! The boss further commented that he hoped it was not going to be a habit.

Talk about being judged before you can even prove yourself. King left a brief resignation message and packed up 30 minutes after he got hired.

8. Being Forced to Work Beyond Your Duties and Shift

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Kili had one of the worst shifts working at an events center. They shared how the supervisor asked them to go overtime and clean the most filthy-looking bathroom even if they were not on bathroom duty.

Kili went on and signed off and never returned, even if they were assigned to open the next day.

9. Feeling Unappreciated Even After Getting Hired

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Jelly talked about their experience of feeling unappreciated at work on their first day. This was when they introduced themself to the administrative staff, and the director simply said, “why should I care?”  They only stayed for five minutes.

Someone also shared a similar experience of a boss looking them up and down and raising an eyebrow.

10. Gut Feel

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One person described how they worked at a call center with a nice boss and colleagues. Still, they felt something was off and did not like returning.

So, they decided not to come in the next day.

11. Being Underpaid

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A person who worked as a driver was getting an unreasonably low salary. He felt taken advantage of when, after reporting his tips, the company deducted the sum from his hourly compensation. This decreased his earnings even more.

He left and applied at the restaurant across the street.

12. Impossible Customers

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Someone who worked at a deli encountered a ridiculously impossible customer. The lady asked for a very thin slice of ham. This person and the supervisor had already tried slicing it as thin as possible; the woman was still unsatisfied.

It was the opposite of a low-stress job, and they said encounters like this pushed them to leave. Others shared sympathy that it truly is difficult to work in customer service.

13. Feeling Discriminated

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Someone narrated being required to hide his tattoos 100% of the time at work. Every time the tattoos poked from his sleeves, the manager issued warnings.

He was not allowed to take off his sleeves, even during breaks. Talk about feeling discriminated at work.

14. Threat to Life

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Someone who worked at a hotel shared a phone conversation they heard. It was the manager talking about his intention to strangulate one of the staff.

That and the manager being off made this person leave.

15. Opportunistic Superiors

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One individual talked about working with a manager who often took their tips and counted them as sales.

Everything in the store also cost too much, and they had to pay for every little thing they consumed… including water!

16. Unauthorized Schedule Changes

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Shelby was assigned to work at a warehouse. After working from 7 a.m. – 3 p.m., they were advised to come in again at 2 a.m. the next day. This meant an unauthorized triple shift without due compensation.

The job also required them to go up a tall ladder without safety gear and endure the heat because there was no AC unit. After 5 days, Shelby quit.

17. Working Against Principles

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Sometimes, work requirements go against your principles. For Greg, a job as a telemarketer and the need to lie for sales did not sit well with him.

After finishing half the shift, he decided to leave. Some people agreed that some sales jobs require people to be dishonest.

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