Unveiling the 12 Most Dangerous Cities in the World – Is Your Destination on the List?

Your next getaway paradise may hold unexpected dangers, but there’s no reason to be alarmed as long as you come prepared.

Here are the 12 most dangerous cities in the world, according to Statista.

1. Tijuana, Mexico

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Known as a notably risky destination, Tijuana, Mexico, has high crime rates that may scare off even the most daring explorers. While it has vibrant attractions and lively shopping hubs that are worthy of a quick trip, it’s important for visitors to stick to well-patrolled areas like Avenida Revolucion, Paseo de Los Heroes, and Calle Coahuila. 

Ranked first among the world’s most dangerous cities, it’s wise to skip the place entirely unless the sun is up. Remember to stay alert and follow safety precautions at all times.

2. Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco Mexico MSN
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Acapulco, Mexico, despite its fearsome reputation, beckons with marvelous views of the sea and stunning beaches that can tempt anyone to pay a visit. The town’s nightclubs and exhilarating water sports provide heart-pumping adventures for those seeking an adrenaline rush.

While Acapulco’s allure lies in its captivating sunsets, tourists are advised to exercise caution. Cases of violence tend to target locals, but it’s still good to prepare accordingly.

3. Caracas, Venezuela

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Your trip to Venezuela’s capital can be an enriching one, despite the warnings about its hazardous environment. This cultural hotspot has plenty of restaurants serving satisfying meals, as well as many historical museums to discover.

One must-visit site in Caracas is Museo Bolivar, where you can browse interesting displays and see gorgeous artwork. Just keep in mind that it’s relatively unsafe to roam around the city, so have a clear endpoint in mind before you move from one spot to the next. And because of the taxi-only policy after dark, it’s best to go during the daytime.

4. Ciudad Victoria, Mexico

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If you find yourself in Ciudad Victoria, don’t miss the chance to explore Parque Tamatan, which became popular for its natural wonders. The park features animal habitats where you can discover native species of birds, giraffes, and snakes.

In this city, you can also spot history-rich cathedrals and religious buildings. Just remember, in this unpredictable site, it’s best to stay close to designated tourist areas.

5. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

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Formerly called El Paso del Norte (The North Pass), the city, unfortunately, gained a dodgy image due to reports of criminal activity. Once you step foot in the area, keep a watchful eye on your valuables and steer clear of suspicious parts of town, specifically Anapra, La Montada, Torres del Pri, Guadalajara Izquierda, and Av de los Aztecas.

While you’re there, drop by Central Park Hermanos Escobar for a relaxing boat ride on the lake while basking in lush greenery. Or immerse yourself in La Rodadora’s interactive museum and fascinating science exhibits.

6. Irapuato, Mexico

Irapuato Mexico MSN
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Journeying to Irapuato, Mexico, can be enjoyable as long as you keep your distance from the city’s rehabilitation centers.

For a refreshing day trip, head to Irekua Park, a peaceful outdoor site with bikes available for rent. The park grounds are a haven for fitness enthusiasts. Enjoy fun-filled physical activities like strolling, jogging, or cycling along paved paths lined with soft grass—and bring a group of friends to heighten the experience!

7. Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela

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Ciudad Guayana may be associated with some frightening headlines that made the news a few years ago, but those willing to look past the city’s dark past can experience this hidden gem in all its glory.

Resting on the south bank of the Orinoco River and adjacent to the Caroní River, it plays a major part in the country’s economic growth as raw materials like aluminum, steel, and iron are exported from here. One point of interest is Llovizna Falls, which is sure to spark delight in nature-loving tourists.

8. Natal, Brazil

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If you’ve only read about Natal online, you might assume that it’s a perilous place foreigners would not dare to enter. But in reality, people from far and wide tour Natal’s breathtaking nature scene. Its coconut trees, freshwater lagoons, and endless coasts are a sight to behold.

The site’s intriguing wilderness will make you feel like you’re in the Amazon jungle, one of the most extreme getaways in the world. Nevertheless, it’s still crucial to make safety a top priority. To minimize the chances of running into unwanted trouble, avoid venturing outside familiar areas and stay in well-lit places.

9. Fortaleza, Brazil

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Although it’s widely described as a treacherous location, Fortaleza is actually not as threatening as you might think.

As one of the biggest cities in Brazil, it’s packed with urban beaches decorated with palm trees, sand dunes, and deep blue lagoons. For a hassle-free trip, be sure to secure your personal belongings and keep trusted companions close.

10. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town South Africa MSN
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South Africa’s Cape Town features magnificent vineyards and picturesque landscapes that charm millions of travelers every year amid safety concerns.

If you like to jumpstart your day with a quick run, the scenic Lighthouse Keeper’s Trail in Table Mountain National Park is the perfect place to get moving. However, all visitors are advised to stay vigilant and be highly aware of their surroundings.

11. Belém, Brazil

Belem Brazil MSN
Image Credit: Ocskay Mark/Alamy

While Belém has gained notoriety for being dangerous in general, several guarded parts of the city remain in favorable condition and attract tourists to this day.

If you’re a fan of colonial architecture, you’re in luck, as this destination boasts well-preserved baroque structures on almost every corner. When sightseeing, wander carefully and be mindful of your surroundings.

12. Cancún, Mexico

Cancun Mexico MSN
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Considered a dream destination for young travelers, you might be surprised to learn that Cancún has an ominous side. Beyond its pristine beaches, this sun-soaked city has its fair share of risks, like running into scammers and pickpocketers.

However, an unforgettable vacation awaits for those willing to take precautions. Cancún offers top-notch accommodations such as the Moon Palace Resort, where you can gaze at the beautiful waves in comfort and style.

To ensure a safe trip, stick to the gated resorts and beachfront strips, which serve as safety zones for visitors.

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Source: Statista