12 Women Share How the ‘Red Pill Movement’ Affects Their Attraction to Men, And It’s Not Good

The Red Pill Movement may not be familiar to everyone, but once you know what it means, you’ll be nodding your head yes and sharing your experiences related to it. The Red Pill is based on the 1999 The Matrix film where the pill awakens hidden realities. Particularly, this movement refers to the awakening of male supremacy and claims that men are subjected to the influence of women’s feminist stands.

They say that they have taken the “red pill” like from The Matrix and know the true reality, while other people have taken the “blue pill” and are living in the false reality where feminist ideology reigns supreme. They are anti-feminist, and many of them belong to far-right and white supremacist groups. 

With these men lurking in society, women have become more careful and untrusting. Here are 12 influences resulting from women being indoctrinated in this movement. 

1. Staying Single and Celibate if Something Happens to My Husband

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While the red pill movement might not have much impact on women’s everyday lives, choosing a husband you can spend your life with becomes more difficult today. 

Women who are already married to amazing guys are lucky. And they claim to stay single and celibate if something bad happens to their husbands. 

2. Men Literally Hate Women So Why Be Intimate With Them

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With the red pill movement, it becomes more difficult to sympathize with men and know which ones actually have this mindset. If the majority of men think similarly, it might be better not to get involved with them in the first place.

Red pillers believe that women who sleep with them are promiscuous and if they don’t then they’re described as frigid. So what should women do?

3. More Hesitant to Get Involved With a Man

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While some don’t want to be involved with men after knowing about the red pill movement, others have a bit of hope but are hesitant. Who wants to deal with a man with that mindset? 

The key is to find a man who doesn’t belong in that sexist group. 

4. Start Losing Hope and Respect for Men

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After learning about the red pill movement, some women started losing respect for men. 

There will always be women in bad relationships with men, and while that’s a sad thing, knowing about this sexist movement is on a whole different level. 

5. Creepy Men Are Worse Than Imagined

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Everything is an exaggeration in one’s imagination, but not in the case of creepy red pillers. Women realize that the creepy men in real life are worse than what they imagined. 

Some women believe that men show their real colors when in a place where only men are present. You will hear misogynistic views spewing from their mouths. That does sound horrible. 

6. The Internet Has Affected My Attention to Men

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With the internet filled with chauvinistic posts and comments, some women admit to paying less attention to men. 

The internet has allowed everyone to be who they want to be, hiding behind their monitors and keyboards. With freedom of speech and male chauvinism dominating the forums, women see how disgustingly open men get with their red-pill views. 

7. Leery of Dating

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Dating is an enjoyable experience for both men and women. Getting to know each other in an effort to be closer can go either way. You can either like what you’re learning about the other person, or you hate it. 

With “red-pillish” actions, women don’t really want to dig deeper into the true colors of men, especially when dating. 

8. Conservative, Moderate, Christian, or Apolitical Is a No-Deal

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Women became more picky and restrictive in their choices of men they date. With the rise of the red pill movement, they became wary of certain political leanings and religious affiliations. 

The red pill movement often involves conservative and far-right men, and women avoid them. They also stay away from self-proclaimed alpha males, apolitical men, and strictly Christians. 

9. No Dating Men Who Do Not Support Feminism

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Some women claim that while they don’t care about men’s religious or political leanings in the past, they draw the line now with men who don’t support feminism.

They wanted to have a family of their own but were scared of the male partner they might end up with. 

10. Now Fearful of Men in General

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In general, most women have become fearful of men after the red pill movement.

Being aware of how some men think about women makes them anxious in a way they’ve never experienced before. In this case, ignorance may definitely be bliss. But that doesn’t make it not real. 

11. Don’t Even Want to Talk to Men Who Are Strangers

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After the red pill movement, many women started to be wary of men.

They just stick with men who’ve been in their lives for so long and stay away from strangers. It’s not easy to trust men anymore. 

12. Lost Interest in Men as Friends and Acquaintances

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Once you interact with a red piller, you start to look at men differently.

Some women get affected so much that they lose interest in men, not just as husband material but even as friends and acquaintances. Is it an overreaction? 

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