Are You Guilty of Ignorance? The 12 Things You Should Know but Probably Don’t

While browsing the information pool called the internet, I came across an intriguing question, “what’s some basic knowledge that a scary amount of people don’t know?” 

Curiosity piqued, I delved into the top-voted responses, which offered fascinating insights into our society’s gaps in basic knowledge. Join me on this enlightening journey as we explore the intriguing revelations from this thought-provoking discussion.

1. How Antibiotics Work for You

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The most popular comment on the topic shared is that antibiotics do not work on viruses. Another user shared why they can understand it better. They said viruses are not affected by antibiotics. However, it is bacteria present in our bodies that develop resistance to antibiotics.

When we harbor natural “antibiotic-resistant” bacteria, harmful bacteria can acquire this resistance from them, resulting in superbugs. The key point remains unchanged: taking antibiotics unnecessarily for viral infections initiates a chain of events that creates superbugs through antibiotic resistance.

2. How Long It Takes a Semi Truck to Stop

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Another user commented that few people realize how long it takes for a semi-truck to go from normal speed to completely stop. Many people in the thread agreed and are sharing their frustration about others not knowing how it works. 

Some examples they give are: “It can be incredibly frustrating when you’re driving and provide enough space for a semi-truck to pass, only for someone inconsiderate to cut in and take that space instead.” Another user shared, “It’s surprising how some people believe that one car length is sufficient when everyone is driving at high speeds like 70mph/110kph. Safety and maintaining an appropriate distance are crucial on the road!”

3. Don’t Pour Water Into Hot Oil

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A commenter named Luub said never to pour water into the hot oil. He also expressed his desire for the educational system to teach people in middle school about how to avoid dangerous situations like this because some people simply don’t know that they shouldn’t do that. 

Pouring water into hot oil can cause a violent reaction due to the significant difference in temperature and physical properties of the two substances. The water is rapidly heated and vaporized, causing it to expand and potentially splatter hot oil, leading to burns or fires. Avoiding this dangerous practice in cooking or any other situation involving hot oil is important.

4. Pretty Much Every Machine Requires Maintenance

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A user highlighted an important point that applies to various machines, such as dishwashers, washing machines, cars, and mowers—they all require maintenance. “These machines aren’t magical boxes. They tend to last longer when we understand how to properly maintain them.” The user mentioned that their mother-in-law, who is in her 80s, only recently discovered the need to clean the filters of her dishwasher periodically.

Another user agreed with them and shared that she worked as a cleaner. She can affirm that it’s astonishing how few people know the importance of cleaning dishwasher filters, air conditioner filters, range hood filters, and bathroom exhaust fans. These tasks often go unnoticed, but they play a significant role in maintaining cleanliness and efficiency.

5. How to Do Heimlich on Yourself

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Kate commented that everyone should take a moment to search online for instructions on how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on themselves and remember to refresh their memory regularly. 

Phi agreed and gave a tip that, in case of a choking emergency alone, consider running towards areas where people are likely to find you, such as in the middle of a road or a busy hallway. Taking these precautions is crucial because if you were to pass out alone at home, nobody would be able to help you until it’s too late.

6. Do Not Eat Raw Chicken

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I was slightly shaken that people need to be reminded of this, but there were loads of stories and people who knew people who ate raw chicken. So please, don’t eat raw chicken. One user mentioned that a guest requested their chicken to be cooked medium rare. He added, “I don’t understand why I must stress that chicken only leaves the kitchen when it’s completely cooked.”  

Another user shared that a colleague of his tried raw chicken hearts on vacation because it was “some local thing.” His colleague was violently ill afterward. 

7. Wait for People to Get off the Elevator First

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One user commented, “You should wait for people to get off the elevator when it arrives at your floor instead of cramming yourself in when the doors open, blocking their departure.” That’s some basic knowledge, in his opinion. 

In their opinion another user commented that the same goes for public transportation. People go out the public transport first, and then people will board it. 

8. Information About CPR

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One user said that not many people know about how to use CPR. They added that it’s important to understand that CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is primarily aimed at maintaining blood circulation during an emergency. It must be performed rapidly, and sometimes, it may result in breaking ribs. It’s crucial to continue performing CPR until paramedics arrive, regardless of whether it takes 20 minutes or even an hour. 

The goal is to ensure that the brain receives a continuous blood supply. Additionally, many defibrillators are available in public places, but unfortunately, information on their specific locations is often lacking.

9. The Logic of Tax Brackets

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The thing many people don’t know about, but they should, is tax brackets. This user added that you only pay the higher rate on the portion above the threshold amount. 

Another user commented that only the portion of income above the bracket is taxed at a higher rate. “It’s always better to make more. You never take home less standard income because you ‘made too much money’ or however these people think income tax works in fairytale land.”

10. How to Merge in Traffic

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One person commented that many people don’t know how to merge in traffic. A second user commented that it’s specifically zipper-merging. We will explain if you don’t know what it is or how it’s supposed to go. 

Zipper-merging is a driving technique where drivers use both lanes until they reach the merge point and then take turns merging into the single lane. This method helps to reduce congestion and prevent accidents.

11. How to Tell When Food Has Gone Bad

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One user made a valid point about determining if food has gone bad. While working in a meat department, they received numerous calls from people asking if their purchased items were still good. It’s important to rely on our senses and judgment rather than expecting someone else to determine freshness remotely.

Another commenter expressed frustration about their mom’s approach to using meat. Despite the package date, their mom insists on using it before the designated date and refuses to consume it even one day later, which can be quite infuriating.

12. Knowing the Meaning of Evidence

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A user shared their insights on evidence-based reasoning and the significance of evidence. He said it refers to facts, data, and information that support or prove a claim or argument. It is used to persuade others to accept a point of view or conclusion based on available information.

Did this article make you think of something you are just now thankful for knowing? 

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