These 10 Frugal Tips Are Not Worth Your Time or Money

The internet sure is a pool of information. I was scrolling when I saw this question, “What common frugal tip is NOT worth it, in your opinion?” the top-voted responses are quite interesting.

1. Don’t Avoid Hobbies

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Someone stated that life is too short and many hobbies are quite affordable. Therefore, one should not avoid pursuing hobbies. Another person mentioned that hobbies offer numerous benefits, such as making friends, building relationships, learning new skills, and providing relaxation and joy. Hobbies can also provide an adrenaline rush if that’s what you are looking for.

In summary, hobbies play a significant role in our lives and can positively impact our mental and physical well-being. They can help us relax, reduce stress, and improve our mood. Additionally, they can provide us with opportunities to learn new skills and expand our knowledge base.

2. Know What Your Time Is Worth

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It’s so important to know what your time is worth. Someone from Reddit, where this question and answers were posted from, said they have someone help with the housework once a month. They and their partner work full-time, and downtime is precious. What a team of four people can do in two hours would take them all weekend. 

If it keeps the peace and it saves a lot of time, why not pay someone to do something you don’t enjoy? 

3. Saving Less Than 20 Dollars

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Mona stated, “Squelching any available joy for the purpose of saving less than $20… Life is for living. Keep your large expenses low (car, housing) so you can enjoy your day-to-day life.”

Beasly added that your large expenses are sometimes disguised because the per occurrence price is cheap, but the frequency is high. You can avoid that trap. 

4. Unplugging Electronics

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Someone shared that a frugal tip that is not worth it is unplugging things like the TV, microwave, and lamps when not in use. This practice may save a few pennies on electricity bills annually. It is time-consuming and can cause wear and tear on the outlets.

Unplugging appliances may not be worth the effort and may even cause damage in the long run. Instead, focusing on energy-efficient appliances and reducing overall energy consumption can lead to more significant savings.

5. Off-Brand Products

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Some off-brand products are fine, while others are not worth it. Someone said that they would not compromise on toilet paper or paper towels. They wait until the good kind is on sale and stock up or get it at a cheaper supermarket, but they are not dealing with sub-par toilet paper.

Many people related to this. Some said off-brand ketchup and chocolate aren’t worth it for them. Another said dishwasher soap, and another said period products. We all have our personal exceptions. 

6. Buying In Bulk

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Someone said they used to buy a lot of stuff in bulk because it’s “cheaper per unit,” only to find that they couldn’t finish it in time and would throw some out. 

There are many things like shelf-stable or frozen products that this doesn’t apply to. But the general rule of thumb they now use is that if you throw any of it out, it wasn’t worth the “savings.” Also, you can mostly buy name-brand items in bulk in their experience, which is more expensive than buying store brands at Aldi or Walmart. They also added that buying in bulk isn’t always cheaper anymore. 

7. Freezing Even With a Blanket

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Amber said she would not set her thermostat so low that she’s cold, even with a blanket. Or would have to wear a coat or gloves indoors. Her heating bill is her biggest expense, and it stresses her out. She keeps it as low as she comfortably can. But she’s not going to freeze her butt off all winter. Being cold is miserable and saps all motivation and positivity away from her.

Another agreed, saying, “Lowering your thermostat 4 degrees can save you $50 per year in energy costs!” Another added, “For just 14 cents a day, your home can be a comfortable temperature.”

8. DIY Laundry Soap

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Someone said that it was DIY laundry soap for her. Her roommate murdered their washer by gunking it up with her self-made laundry soap. The repair guy who came out to fix our washer said DIY laundry soap kills washers left and right. 

Our washer had to be replaced, probably because of this. It may make sense to use it if you’re hand washing all of your clothes or using a 1940s machine, but modern washers can’t handle soap. They need detergent.

9. Baking Your Bread

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Baking your own bread isn’t something that’s not worth your time or money. Someone said their bread is $1 per loaf at Aldi, and they go through bread like crazy. It’s not as cost-efficient for them and takes more of their time. They do bake many other homemade things though, they just don’t find bread worth it.

Someone from another state said that where she lives, bread is at least $4 a loaf, so it’s worth it for her to make bread at home that only costs 90 cents. They only go through two loaves a week, and they got great recipes that take less than 2 hours from start to finish, so for her, it’s not much of a hassle to make bread after work.

10. Not Having Pets

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An individual expressed that they find not having pets to be an unworthy experience for them. They believe the cost of food and veterinary bills is worth the companionship animals provide.

They further stated that a house cannot be considered a home without a pet, and their dog brings them immeasurable happiness.

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