I Can’t Believe What Happened to These 16 Spoiled Rich Kids – The Real World Showed Them No Mercy

Did you ever think about how really rich kids who get everything they want live? Those kids with special money accounts can be so extra, and you might have seen some on Dr. Phil. It can be pretty cool when they figure out how things really are for most folks.

Here are eye-opening situations that amazingly happened to 16 spoiled rich kids. 

1. You’ve got arrested? Good luck

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There was this person who called his rich lawyer dad from jail. All he heard from the other line was, “Well, sorry to hear you got arrested. Good luck.”

That sounds like a dad who cares.

2. Parents secretly went to a party and used their spare key to steal the son’s car

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There’s this person who loved partying every night in college.

On a fateful morning, his parents surprised him by stealing his car and driving off, leaving him without a ride. A little worrying can hopefully change his ways. 

3. His father cut him off without saying anything

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One shared a story about a nepotism baby who spent most of his twenties blowing off his 120k monthly allowance on parties.

After deciding to get to an upscale ski resort with his girlfriend and trying to transfer money to pay for it, he realized his father cut him off without telling him. A legendary move.

4. A friend reported the NFL Player’s son to the police

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The son of a ’90s NFL player would often get freshman girls drunk to sleep with them.

Someone who he believes is his close friend reported him to the cops, and he got arrested. Hopefully, he learned his lesson after this.

5. Instagram model acting rude to a security guard at Vidcon

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There was an Instagram model who attended the Vidcon and got into a screaming match with a security guard.

He was not let in, and when the video went viral, the guard ended up with more followers on Instagram than the model. What a wake-up call. 

6. A College classmate flunked courses that would have allowed him to inherit his dad’s company

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A college guy was blowing his dad’s money at parties that he failed his course, only to learn that the knowledge from that course is needed for him to inherit his father’s company.

He’ll be leading the company like a blind person.

7. Rich oil roommate struggling to cook his food

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This wealthy oil nepotism person had difficulty adjusting to college dorm life because he was cooking crunchy fried eggs with shells and all.

Well, at least he tried.

8. Corporate VP’s grandson stuck in the same job since high school

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There’s this story about a person who bragged about not needing to be serious in school since his grandpa’s a rich corporate VP.

Turns out, until now, he’s still working at Best Buy, which has been his job since high school. Is it karma?

9. Parents hired someone to teach their 18-year-old bratty son what’s “real life” 

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Someone hired to teach an 18-year-old brat about real-life shared his story. He said he confiscated all credit cards and gave the kid a budget.

He threw a tantrum, warning that his parents would fire him. They didn’t, so he was forced to adjust. Doesn’t it sound like a Kevin Hart movie? 

10. Prince Andrew was humiliated for his association with Epstein

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Do we all remember Prince Andrew’s cringy interview on BBC about his association with Epstein?

The Prince was even advised not to go on the interview, but he still went. Now that’s a decision he’ll forever regret. 

11. Entitled son got his credit card cut off after lying about trip expenses

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A college guy once liked about the cost of their trip got caught by his parents. While they still paid for it, they also cut his credit cards off after the trip. At least they made him go on the trip.

12. Go play in the arcade

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One person narrated his experience working in a casino and dealing with a group of rich 18-year-old girls.

“They loudly and proudly proclaimed that they were allowed to party without adults when they actually couldn’t. They had to be escorted by the security guard, who told me to play in the arcade instead. Lol.” 

13. Bratty kid raced through the red light and crashed the car of a cop’s wife

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One bratty kid bragged about his new Chevy Camaro by racing on the road, stepping on a red, and ending up crashing into the car of a cop’s wife.

He ain’t Dominic Torreto.

14. Wait, I don’t get it for free?

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A girl bought her Starbucks coffee for the first time. She was puzzled and said, “What, I don’t get it for free?”

All this time, she never realized her parents were buying the coffee for her.  

15. A political kid gets elected repeatedly and gets busted for solicitation

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A student from a well-known political family got elected to a position repeatedly, even without knowing anything.

While he was very condescending in person and on social media, he only got his karmic retribution when he was arrested for solicitation. Who can it be? 

16. I Guess Daddy didn’t take care of it

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An individual recalled a classmate who came from old money and joked around when he found a checkbook in the hallway. He and another friend tried to cash it in from a bank that called the cops on them.

He laughed and said his dad would take care of it and then got expelled. 

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