12 Heartwarming Acts of Kindness That Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Life is not all roses and rainbows. The world is full of dangers and challenges you must face alone. But in this cruel world, there are minute instances that will make you believe that life is worth living because of humanity. 

If you’re up for a little eye-tearing and heartwarming storytelling, here are 12 anecdotes to restore your faith in humanity. 

1. Saving Someone’s Life

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Nothing beats saving someone’s life to restore your faith in humanity. You might think it’s the other way around, but offering a helping hand to others can also be life-affirming. 

Seeing someone in trouble and on the brink of death can be eye-opening. As a human being, you are wired to have compassion and feel for anyone you believe will need help. And saving someone re-affirms the humanity in you.

2. Getting a Free Ride for the Family

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Life is hard, and when you’re financially struggling, every decision you make is limited and important. And a simple favor can be a big deal to those having a hard time in life. 

Getting a free ride is one of those simple things that can make you believe in people again. However simple it may seem, it can be a real lifesaver for others. If you can’t afford a car of your own, getting a free ride to or from work is life-saving since it spares you from daily commute hassles.

3. Helping An Old Woman Carry Her Things

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Old people are not as strong and healthy as when they were young. Everyone needs to accept and understand that. They are the population that needs the most help from everyone. 

Helping older people in simple ways, like carrying their things, can make you feel so good. Besides being a big help to those who need assistance, one little act of kindness can open your doors to more blessings and eye-opening opportunities.

4. Receiving A Random Compliment Can Make Your Day

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Compliments are free, and they are some of the best things you should never be stingy about. Getting compliments makes you feel more important and like you’re doing something right. It can lift your mood and make your day. 

Receiving a compliment means that someone appreciates what you do. In a cruel and challenging world, some positive words can go a long way and deep into your heart. 

5. Paying It Forward

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Have you ever heard the phrase “pay it forward”? It’s often told to people who have been helped and posed as a challenge to continue the chain of kindness. 

Whatever the good deed you may have done or received today, always pay it forward. Real change happens when a community starts moving as one. And that’s the essence of humanity in the first place. 

6. Receiving Help in the Airport

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Airports are often massive and, most of the time, filled with busy crowds. For first-time fliers, it can get a bit overwhelming that you might not even know where to go or who to talk to.

Having someone to guide you during these frustrating moments can make you start believing in humanity again. It’s a feeling of relief that someone goes out of their way and busy schedule just to lend you a hand. 

7. Getting Asked How You’re Doing

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When was the last time you’ve asked someone how they’re doing and were genuinely interested in the answer? As simple as getting asked how you’re doing and having someone listen to you is such a blessing, especially when everyone’s too busy doing their own thing. If people can just take the time to ask how someone is doing, the world will be a better place. 

8. A Drink on a Hot Day

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No one can say no to free drinks, especially on a hot day. Today, nothing is free anymore, and you need to pay for everything. This goes the same with such basic needs as water. With the prices of everything on the rise, getting a drink for free from someone you don’t even know can be heartwarming. 

9. Seeing Someone Help an Old Person Cross the Street

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Seeing kindness from others is a clear way to restore your faith in humanity. Someone helping an older person cross the street can easily move your heart. It’s like people are meant to help and support each other in the first palace. 

10. Having Someone to Clean Up for You

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Cleaning up after other people is also an act of kindness. And when you have someone do that for you, especially when they’re strangers, you feel a little bit more special than usual. 

Japan is one of the best countries that will make you feel this way. People just walk around and clean after you, particularly when you’re a tourist. 

11. Getting Free Food

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One of the best good deeds you will see today is getting free food. With many people struggling to survive and provide meals on their tables, soup kitchens are incredible to watch. In there, you will see what genuine humanity is all about. 

12. Someone Paying for Your Groceries

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Being short on cash when doing a grocery run is not unusual. In most cases, you just take out some stuff to lessen the amount you have to pay. But in rare and wonderful cases, you get to have someone see your struggle and help you pay for what you lack. This unexpected help is a little glimpse of how wonderful humans can be to each other.

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