Where to Buy Ice Near Me: 44 Best Places To Find Cheap Ice Bags

Are you throwing a party or hosting a barbeque at home? Or are you running a business that needs a regular supply of ice? You’re reading the right article if you want to know where to buy ice near me.

Depending on what food and drinks you serve or what other uses of ice would serve you, numerous places sell ice near you. This article will help you fill your ice requirements by listing these places with an eye on the best deal for your needs, budget, and location.

Places That Sell Ice Near Me

When planning a party or event, having enough ice is essential to keep things cool, but where do you buy ice in bulk? How do you know you’re getting a reasonable price? 

Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you find the best places to buy ice near you.


Most stores sell bags of ice; some even have machines where you can purchase ice by the pound. However, grocery stores typically charge a premium for their ice, so it’s not always the best option if you’re looking for a bargain.

Gas Stations 

Check with your local gas station or convenience store. Many of these businesses sell bulk ice at a reasonable price, and they’re often open later than in grocery stores, making them a convenient option if you need to buy ice at the last minute.

Fast Food Places 

Most fast food places have ice machines to purchase ice by bag. Plus, it’s convenient since you can just stop by a fast food restaurant when you need ice rather than make a memorable trip to the store. 

Local Ice Houses 

Ice houses sell nothing but bulk ice and typically have the best prices around. However, they may only be convenient for some, as they’re often located in industrial areas and may not have regular business hours.

Always compare prices before purchasing, no matter where you decide to buy your ice. And remember, when it comes to keeping things cool, always err on the side of too much rather than too little! 

Where Can I Get Bagged Ice Delivery Near Me? 

Imagine your friends are coming over for your graduation celebration, and you must ensure everything is perfect. Bagged ice in bulk will keep the food and drinks cool, but you don’t have ice at your place! So, you may wonder, ‘where can I buy ice?’

If you’ve tried searching for ‘ice bags near me’ or ‘bulk ice near me’ on your web browser, but nothing has come up, what can you do? We’ve listed it out for you.

Here are some options for getting ice bags delivered to your place. 

Many supermarkets and convenience stores sell ice in bags, and some even offer ice delivery, such as: 

1. Walmart

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, provides everything you need, from groceries, clothing, stamps, electronics, etc. If you need to fill your coolers and keep your drinks cold all day, Walmart has you covered with their 10-pound bags of Reddy ice. 

And if you’re looking to chill out, you can use multiple bags to fill your cooler, the more ice, the better! 

The price of an ice bag weighing 10 pounds in cubes costs around $1.50.

2. BJ’s Wholesale Club

BJ’s Wholesale Club is perfect for buying ice for your daily needs. You’ll find this American membership-only warehouse club in 16 states with 230 clubs. 

They sell 20 pounds bags of cubed ice which cost approximately $3. 

3. Cub Foods

If you live in Minnesota or Illinois, you must have heard about Cub Foods. 

You’ll find anything you need, including bagged ice, as the store chain sells cubed ice in 3 sizes: 6, 9, and 20 pounds. And if you want crushed ice, you’ll get that too. 

6- and 20-pound ice bags are available in cubes, whereas the 9-pounds one contains ice blocks. The price of 6-pounds, 9-pounds, and 20-pounds bags is $2.49, $1.99, and $4.49, respectively. 

4. Sheetz

If you’ve ever found yourself needing ice and wondering, “where to buy ice near me?” The answer is probably Sheetz. 

Sheetz is among the largest chains of convenience stores in the United States. They sell cubed ice mostly in 5 pounds and 20 pounds bags. 

5. 7-Eleven

Looking for where to buy bags of ice near me? 7-Eleven is the answer! You can find it on just about every corner, open 24/7 to serve your ice needs. 

They’ve plenty of ice options to choose from in 10 and 20 pounds bags. They even got flavored ice to add something to your beverage. A 10-pound ice bag is between $2.5 to $4.

6. Price Chopper 

Price Chopper supermarkets are great places to buy ice. They have a wide selection of ice, and the prices are very competitive. 

You can use loyalty points to get discounts on future purchases of whatever you buy from them.

You’ll find ice bags of 7 pounds and 20 pounds at Price Chopper, with prices of $2.79 and $5.29, respectively. 

7. Whole Foods

As the name suggests, Whole Foods has many organic food options besides other daily items, such as ice. 

You can buy cubed ice bags of 7 and 10 pounds from the store. 

8. Harris Teeter

Operating in more than 6 states, Harris Teeter has about 230 supermarket stores. Interestingly, when you cannot use your debit card without a PIN code, it gives up to $25 cash back with a personal check.

They have cubes and square cocktail-style ice bags available at their stores which you can buy to keep things cool. 

9. Kroger

Kroger sells ice, but that’s not all. They also sell various other products, including food, drinks, and household items. Kroger is a one-stop shop for all your needs.

They offer cubed ice in 10 and 20-pound bags.

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10. Fred Meyer

Did you know that Fred Meyer is more than just a grocery store? In addition to ice, they sell food items, clothing, electronics, home goods, and more. 

And if you’re looking for where to buy ice near me, check them out. 

Fred Meyer stores sell 10-pound cubed ice bags for about $2. However, they have multiple options and sizes of ice bags to choose from. 

11. Albertsons

Being the second largest supermarket chain after Kroger, Albertsons can also fulfill your need for ice bags. 

With more than 2,200 stores across the US, the store offers almost everything from vegetables to electronics to 10-pound ice bags. The price is around $2 per bag.

12. Costco

For anyone who has ever had to lug a heavy bag of ice cubes from the store to their car, Costco’s 20-pound bag of cubed ice for $2 is a godsend. 

And if that wasn’t enough, the company also runs self-service gasoline stations in Iceland, Taiwan, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the US.

13. ShopRite

Though ShopRite’s headquarters is in New Jersey, the store has over 300 branches in other places and states, offering many things. 

They offer bagged ice in one size only; 7 pounds.

14. Giant Food

Giant Food of Maryland is known as Giant, with 170 superstores and 159 fully operating pharmacies in the US. 

They have ice bags too in 5, 10, and 20-pound sizes. 

15. Food Giant

Food Giant is among the famous superstores all across the country, with 100 different locations. 

They have Reddy premium ice in bulk, primarily in 10 pounds bags.

16. Food Lion

Food Lion operates in 10 American states with 1100 superstores and offers ice bags sized 8, 10, and 16 pounds. 

They also have a mobile application to deliver everything to your place instantly.

17. Publix

Publix’s superstore chain is doing business successfully in 7 Southeastern states and has over 1,200 grocery stores with coin-counting machines.

Publix offers ice bags in different sizes from 5 to 20 pounds with a varying price range. 

18. Sam’s Club

From the free samples to the massive bulk items, there is something for everyone at Sam’s Club. 

And if you are specifically looking for ice for sale near me, Sam’s club has got you covered. It primarily offers Arctic Glacier premium ice in bags of 6 and 20 pounds. The ice is ideal for catering services, eateries, and events. 

You can keep these large bagged ice in the freezer until you need it. You can get a 20-pounds ice bag for $2.25.

19. Safeway

Safeway has more than 265 grocery stores where you can get dry ice in Northern California and Hawaii.

They have regular and premium cubed ice in 20 pounds bags. 

20. Hy-Vee

Hy-Vee accepts electronic benefits transfer (EBT) in the Midwest and offers bagged ice in bulk at affordable prices. There are 260 Hy-Vee stores in America. 

They sell the ice with the name Krystal Klear. The 8 pounds bag will cost you $2.99, whereas the 20-pound one is $5.99. 

21. Wegmans

Wegmans is a great option to buy ice at a reasonable price range. They offer bagged ice from different companies, including Arctic Glacier.

The prices are as follows: a bag of slow-melting drinking ice containing 6 ice spheres costs $5.99, a 16 pounds Arctic Glacier ice bag also costs $5.99, and the 10-pound chilled ice is $3.99. 

22. Target

Target operates over 1000 stores and clubs throughout North America, with an S&P 500 index share. 

Target sells Sparkletts Premium Ice that will keep your beverages cold and contain no major food allergens like soybeans, wheat, or peanuts. 

The 9 pounds ice bag costs $1.67. 

23. Exxon Mobil

ExxonMobil Corporation is an American multinational oil and gas corporation headquartered in Irving, Texas. They have various other items like T-shirts, travel bags, and bagged ice. 

It sells bagged ice in 10 and 20 pounds bags. 

24. Wawa

Are you wondering, “is there crushed ice near me”? Then, Wawa is the place to go. They offer cubed and crushed ice bags for 5 and 20 pounds at affordable prices. 

The store offers multiple food and beverage options you can enjoy taking home or getting delivered. 

25. Chevron

The second-largest oil firm in the country, Chevron, has its headquarters in San Ramon, California, which not only serves vehicles but also the needs of human beings. 

Like other stores, you can get cubed ice from here in 10- and 20-pound bags. 


26. BP

BP has around 7,200 gas outlets to make it simple for pilot car drivers of big vehicles to refuel on long routes.

However, they sell more than just gas. You can visit any BP station to get the ice you need. They sell 20-pounds ice bags. 

27. Circle K

Circle K is a popular convenience store in different countries where you can get everything anytime, including gas and ice bags. 

Yes! They offer a 10-pound ice bag for $3.99, which is quite affordable. 

28. Kwik Trip

If you are on the road and need ice, Kwik Trip is a fantastic option. 

It manufactures a range of goods for its stores, including yogurt, bottled milk, bottled water, ice, and bakery goods. 

Ice cube bags come in 2 sizes from Kwik Trip: 10 and 20 pounds.

29. Walgreens

Walgreen Company, also known as Walgreens, is an American corporation that runs the second-largest pharmacy chain in the country.

Besides medicines, you can get ice from this pharmacy chain. They offer 10-pound cubed ice bags. 

30. Casey’s General Store

What would you do if you ate pizza and your cold drink wasn’t that chilled? Of course, you’ll get ice. 

If you are looking for crushed and cubed ice for this, you can get it from your very own Casey’s General Store. 

They offer 10 and 20 pounds ice bags. 

31. Giant Eagle

In the Midwest and East Coast, Giant Eagle operates over 460 grocery shops with bakeries that accept EBT. Additionally, during business hours, several of its locations offer 24-hour check cashing.

They have to ice in 7, 10, and 22 pounds with a varying price range. 

32. H-E-B

H-E-B is the curbside pickup store you’ll find on every other corner. It has a range of products, such as frozen meals, dairy, shiny sips, etc., including ice. 

A 7-pound Reddy cubed ice bag at H-E-B is $2.05.

33. Family Express

With 70 convenience stores in America, the Family Express is where you’ll find reasonably priced ice. 

You can visit the store and get 8 and 20 pounds of ice bags for your drinks and beverages. 

34. Cumberland Farms

A regional chain of convenience stores with its headquarters in Westborough, Massachusetts, Cumberland Farms primarily serves the states of New York, New England, and Florida.

They offer 10 and 20-pound cubed ice bags. 

35. Wendy’s

There are roughly 2,900 fast food outlets operated by Wendy’s, which is famous for its sea salt fries, square hamburgers, and Frosty ice cream.

If you need ice, you can buy it from Wendy’s. The 8 pounds ice bag is available there. 

36. McDonald’s

You can end your search for where to buy ice near me after seeing your favorite fast-food stop, McDonald’s, down the line because you can get what you want from there. 

Besides selling happy meals, they can offer bagged ice at premium prices. The restaurant offers cubed/crushed ice at a price range of $0.99- $1.50.

37. Chick-fil-A 

What is your favorite thing to get from Chick-fil-A? Don’t tell us loudly as you are here to find the places to buy ice. 

And what if we say you can get ice from Chick-fil-A? Surprise! They have small 5-pound ice bags. 

38. Burger King

Burger King may be famous for its burgers but let us inform you that it is also one of the places to buy ice. 

You may purchase 5, 10, and 20-pound ice bags, starting at $1 for the 5 pounds bag, excluding tax.

39. Dairy Queen 

Though you get your favorite ice cream from Dairy Queen, you can get ice bags for your home from there. 

They sell an 8-pounds cubed ice bag for $3.

40. Arby’s 

Looking for ice? Find Arby’s in your nearest location and get it delivered from there. If you say they don’t sell ice, you are wrong, mate!

They have ice bags of 10 pounds. 

41. Steak ‘n Shake

This fast company fulfills your midnight craving but also comes in handy when you get a call from your mom to bring ice. 

Steak ‘n Shake offers 10-pounds bags of cubed ice. 

42. Dunkin’ Donuts

Dunkin’ Donuts has about 8,500 stores famous for their 50+ kinds of donuts and coffee variations in 41 states. 

Besides these food items and drinks, you’ll find ice bags of 10 pounds. 

43. Starbucks

In addition to coffee and drinks, Starbucks sells ice. It means you can always refreshingly cool down with a cold drink no matter what time of year it is!

They don’t offer cubed ice. However, you’ll ask for small 5-pound crushed ice bags from Starbucks. 

44. Sonic Drive-In

Do you know that Sonic Drive-In is Buffalo Wild Wings and Arby’s parent company? Now you do!

It offers a different type of ice; a nugget in an 8-pounds bag. 

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Where Can I Buy Bulk Ice Near Me?

If you’re looking for bulk ice near you, check your local grocery store, gas station, or fast food places. Another option is to look for a specialty ice company in your area. 

These companies usually have a wide variety of ice available for purchase and may even offer delivery services. Also, you can always order bulk ice online. Several websites sell ice, and many of them offer competitive prices and nationwide shipping.

What Types Of Ice Can I Buy?

Most people think of ice simply as that cold, colorless stuff you put in your drinks. But depending on the situation, ice can function in many ways: to cool your cocktails, reduce swelling, keep your food on display fresh, or even serve as an improvised air conditioner on sweltering days. 

There are many different types of ice, each with unique properties and uses. Here are some of them: 

  • Regular Cubes 

These are the classic ice cubes you’ll find in most drinks. They’re also great for cooling down food.

  • Crescent Ice 

These are shaped like half-moons and melt slower than regular cubes. They’re great for cocktails and long drinks.

  • Crushed Ice 

Crushed ice is perfect for smoothies and slushies. It’s also good for pain relief (just put a bag on your bruise!).

  • Full Cubes 

Full cubes are larger than regular cubes, so they melt slower. They’re perfect for parties and large gatherings.

  • Nugget Ice 

Nugget ice is small and crunchy, making it perfect for snacking on. It’s also great for kids’ drinks.

  • Block Ice 

Block ice is solid and dense, making it perfect for cold food. It’s also suitable for sculpting and carving.

  • Spheres 

Spheres are round balls of ice that melt slowly. They’re perfect for fancy cocktails and romantic drinks. 

  • Dry Ice 

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide, often used to keep food cold during transportation. It can also create special effects (like smoking drinks).

What Does A Bag Of Ice Cost?

Wondering how much that bag of ice is going to set you back? Well, it depends on where you buy it. A quick Google search for “where to buy ice near me” shows that the prices vary. 

Bagged ice typically costs between $0.16 and $0.40 per pound. A 20-pound bag may cost as much as $6 or as little as $1 for a 10-pound bag. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Where to Buy Ice Near Me 

What Does a Bag of Ice Cost?

Bagged ice typically costs between $0.16 and $0.40 per pound

Can You Buy Ice From McDonald’s?

Yes, McDonald’s has a variety of ice that you can purchase. You can also buy ice from McDonald’s in different sizes. 

How Do You Buy Ice From a Gas Station?

There are different sizes of ice bags that you can get from gas stations. Pay cash or use a card, and the ice is yours. 

How Do You Buy Ice at a Grocery Store?

You can buy the ice by paying cash or using a card at a grocery store. 

Conclusion – Where to Buy Ice Near Me

Gas stations, grocery stores, fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and many other places listed in this article sell a variety of ice types at different prices. If you regularly need a large volume, you can even deliver the ice from the ice companies. Local retailers usually have ice in stock for smaller quantities while selling other main products. 

Aside from being in a convenient place near you, the best place to purchase ice is one that sells it cheaply. So, if you can, shop around and compare prices to get the best deal, and you’ll get it iced in no time. 

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