The Parenting Wake-Up Call: 17 Parenting Behaviors That Could Accidentally Harm Your Kids

Parenting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding journeys you can experience. There’s no right way to do it, but there are many wrong things you can do along the way.

Here are 17 of the parenting habits you must avoid at all costs. 

1. Not Apologizing When You’re Wrong

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As a parent, saying sorry to kids when you know you’ve done something wrong is important. You will be their role model. It’s better to teach kids early about apology. If not, you’ll have an unrepentant child who doesn’t know how to say sorry. 

It’s not that hard to admit your fault. And when your children see you doing it, this will make them feel respected, and you will gain their trust more. 

2. Forgetting What It’s Like to Be A Child or Teenager

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To understand your kids better, you need to consider how you reacted at that age. Forgetting what it’s like to be that young will not be helpful.

You’ve been at that age too, and reminiscing what it feels like will help you understand your child better, especially if you have teenagers. When dealing with little kids, talk to them by kneeling down or squatting to be at eye level. 

3. Not Disciplining Your Kids or Disciplining Too Much

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Discipline is a powerful tool in parenting. It would be a good thing to instill discipline in kids early on. Doing it too much or not enough can both be bad for them. 

It might be trial and error, but it’s important to find the form of discipline that works for you and your children. Set boundaries that your kids can follow and give them consequences for their wrongdoings. 

4. Over-Sheltering Your Kids

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It’s so easy to be protective of your kids, shelter them, and make sure they have it easy in life. But this over-sheltering can be a danger to them, too. 

You can’t protect them all the time, and it’s better to teach them independence. Not doing so may result in them becoming very anxious adults. At an early age, let them make simple decisions by giving them options. It can be as simple as food choices or toys. 

5. Comparing with Other Kids

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Comparing your kid to other kids will make them feel insecure and lacking. This will cause a major issue and will give them the tendency to always prove themselves. Let them grow into their own persons and reach their potential. 

When you compare them, you put them in a situation where they are less than other kids. If you want a way to motivate them to do better, praise your kids for their efforts and then give them tips on how to improve. 

6. Forgetting That Kids Are Not Fully Developed Adults

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Children’s brains are not fully developed yet, and parents should not forget this little tidbit. Expecting them to think and act like an adult is setting them up for failure. 

Your kids need to have playtime and the freedom to make mistakes. This will help them have high levels of social interaction that will make them feel at ease even when surrounded by other people. 

7. Not Letting Your Kids Fail

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There’s beauty in failure, and kids need to learn about it. Not letting them fail and understanding the importance of standing up when falling will prevent them from becoming resilient adults. 

Helping them grow to be resilient in life is one of the best parenting moves you can make. Allowing your kids to fail will help them gain valuable life experience.

8. Filling Every Minute With Organized Activities

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Creating organized activities that your children can enjoy and learn from is a smart thing to do. Not including rest and inattentively packing their schedule, though, is a big mistake. Burnout is possible in children, too. 

Set aside a timeslot for rest and a nap for your kids. Make sure to get them ready for the next activities. 

9. Not Encouraging Them to Learn Basic Skills

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Basic skills like cooking and doing the laundry are often overlooked by parents when raising their children. It is a big mistake. 

Don’t just let them leave the house without knowing how to cook their own food. These are basic survival skills your kids will need if you want them to survive on their own. 

10. Not Teaching Them to Think for Themselves

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Always spoon-feeding kids about what to do can be harmful to them They need to think for themselves so that they grow up to be independent and decisive adults.

Don’t make all their decisions for them. When they make mistakes, let your kids correct them. Don’t be so quick to give them a helping hand and allow them the space to make choices. 

11. Not Discussing Money With Them

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It’s vital to discuss money with kids since it will always be a huge factor in life. Not doing so can lead to adults who are irresponsible when it comes to money. Start by discussing how things cost money. You can also show them basic budgeting and how they can save money they can use for later purchases. 

12. Shouting Instead of Having a Conversation

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Don’t let your emotions control your reactions towards your kids. Many parents resort to shouting to get their children to obey. Don’t be that kind of parent.

The best approach to disagreements is having a conversation. Take the time to talk to your kids properly and make sure you listen to them too. 

13. Not Respecting Their Privacy

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Not respecting your kid’s privacy can be suffocating for them. They will feel restricted, which can lead to anxiety. Let them keep their privacy, like having a space of their own. This will make them feel comfortable enough to actually want to want to stay home. 

14. Repressing Their Feelings

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Repressing your kids’ feelings will lead to them growing up not knowing how to express themselves. Never tell them to suck it up. Instead, llow them to cry if they’re sad. Invalidating their feelings can be damaging in the long run and cause mental health issues like depression and anxiety. 

15. Thinking Your Kids Are Your Property

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Never treat your kids as your property. They are their own persons and have their own lives. Just because you’re raising them doesn’t mean they’re your property. 

Your kids have their own human rights and while you will need to guide them at an early age, you can’t control their lives like they’re your own. 

16. Never Telling Them “No”

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Never telling your kids no is a recipe for disaster. It’s one of the sure ways to cause problems in the long run. Ultimately, you will raise kids who don’t know how to handle the difficulties in life. 

Let them know the importance of rejection and make sure to set boundaries and expectations. Saying no to your kids every now and then can help them develop emotionally and mentally.

17. Forcing Them to Interact With Your Friends

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It’s fine to brag about your kids to your adult friends, but don’t force them to interact with your friends when they don’t want to. Some kids can be shy and that’s okay. Make sure to avoid humiliating them too.

Ask them first if they want to join you and your friends for dinner or snacks at home, and go from there. Make sure you tell them that they can say no if they don’t want to. 

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