18 Times Boomer Advice Had Millennials Laughing Until They Cried

Boomers have many opinions about millennials, and millennials just don’t believe that boomers think realistically. If you’re a millennial, you may think boomers are blind to what’s happening today. For a reason.

Where is this assumption coming from? Check these 18 instances where boomers’ advice had millennials laughing and saying, “Okay, boomer.”

1. Marry Your Own People Out of Culture and God

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Boomers lived in a period where there was still a dab of segregation left in society. This means that there are times when their advice can be racially or culturally discriminating. And the advice to choose people with similar backgrounds is something millennials find cringe-worthy. 

Boomers mean well, but it’s discriminating and ignorant today. For millennials, it’s up to you if you marry someone with a similar background in the name of a more convenient and seamless transition to married life. 

2. Buy a House as Young as Possible to Pay It off Quickly

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Boomers often say that millennials don’t invest properly in real estate. It’s not like millennials don’t want to have a house. It’s just they can’t afford it. 

Millennials make a third of what baby boomers made before, and the inflation is also horrible. Even putting a downpayment can be bank-breaking. 

3. Personally Fill Out Job Applications

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Boomers do it the hard way and personally visit one company office to another to apply for a job. For millennials? They send applications online – which many boomers believe to be stupid.

Today, online applications are more popular because of their convenience. You can use popular job application platforms online for free.

4. Just Go to College 

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College is an important step for some people, while for others, it is only an option. Going to college when you don’t know what you want to do wastes time and resources. 

Do you want to waste 4 years of your life and hundreds of dollars for college but then do something different after that? Self-reflect on the possible options you have. If you believe that college is not for you, don’t go. 

5. Get a Real Job

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Many boomers consider working in a fast food joint as something for the uneducated people. That’s the service industry that amounts to $81.05 billion in the US alone. 

If a 6-hour shift serving people is not a real job, what is it? Working in a fast food joint can help you pay bills and buy food. It’s a real job you don’t have to be ashamed of. 

6. Stop Being Picky with Jobs

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It’s not that millennials are picky… it’s just that getting a job is not easy nowadays. It’s also not true that many are always hiring. In fact, you can spend all day applying to jobs without getting a single call back. 

Personally, handing out your resume doesn’t increase your chances. Instead, you can apply to multiple companies to increase your chances of getting hired. 

7. Babies Just Need Love, Not Money

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Babies need both love and money, not just love and definitely not just money. Boomers have this mindset that raising a child is easy and all they need is love.

Love doesn’t buy diapers or formula, nor does it put a kid in a good school. Raising a child needs both financial stability and strong emotional support. You’re not ready to be a parent if you don’t have both. 

8. Get Your Advanced Degrees to Get A Good Position

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Some boomers believe that a good education is the key to a good job. While getting advanced degrees is an awesome achievement, it doesn’t guarantee a good position. 

You can have a Ph.D. and still struggle to make ends meet. 

9. Don’t Take a Job Unless It Gives 4 Weeks Annual Vacation

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Having a job that gives you 4 weeks annual vacation is a dream come true. This is not something you can demand from a company, especially if you’re a fresh graduate. 

Companies don’t just give out leaves nowadays. If you’re lucky, you can get a week of vacation instead. 

10. Find a Job With a Good Pension

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Finding a job with a good pension is not as easy as it sounds. Boomers had it easier when they were the working force of the economy. Millennials have it hard, even just finding a job. 

And who wants to be an adjunct by choice? Millennials want jobs with good pensions, too, but there are fewer opportunities than during the boomer era. 

11. If You Want a Man to Stay With You, Get Pregnant

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Boomers can have some insensitive ideas, like trying to get pregnant just to keep a man. Is baby the only reason for a couple to stay together? What happened to love? Having a child can never make a man stay if he doesn’t want to.

Would you even want a man who sees you as nothing but a human incubator? Start your family when you’re ready to do so and not because you want to cling to a man. 

12. You’ll Feel Different When They’re Your Own Children

Some millennials choose not to have children, and that is their choice. No, it won’t feel different, even if they’re their own children. Boomers need to stop thinking that having children can solve problems. 

Raising a child requires $16,000 annually, and not everyone can afford that. And even if you’re not short on cash, you don’t need to have a child if you don’t want to. It’s a big responsibility; if you’re not confident you can take on the role, don’t do it. 

13. Quickly Get A Job After College

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No one can deny that boomers are hard workers. One of the things they would often say is to quickly land a job after college. 

The truth is that millennials would love to get a job immediately after college. The bitter truth, though, is that today, all jobs require some years of experience. You must either work for five years or do an unpaid internship to qualify for a good-paying job. 

14. Stop Being Entitled

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Boomers believe millennials are an entitled generation that is too opinionated and complains too much. They often say millennials should work hard rather than complain about everything. 

These criticisms come from a generation working in the strong post-war economy. Millennials had to make do with the cards they were dealt with recession, inflation, etc.

15. Join the Army So Your Family Can Have a Future

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Some boomers believe that joining the army is the only way for a family to have a good future. Millennials think differently. 

While joining the army can give you financial stability and a good pension, it’s not the only way. You can carve your future without leaving your family behind in many ways. 

16. Be Grateful That You Have a Job

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Boomers are the original workaholics. However unhappy you are at work, they still believe you should be grateful for it. Millennials, on the other hand, aim for work-life balance

Happiness is a priority for millennials, and if a job makes them unhappy, they quit. You just need to look for a job you’d be okay with. Make sure to find time outside of work to have fun and de-stress, too. 

17. Work Harder So You Won’t Look Useless

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Boomers claim millennials tend to be lazy and useless. Millennials often use devices and technologies that simplify work and make it convenient. 

As the cliche goes, work smarter and not harder. That’s exactly what millennials are doing. You don’t have to physically look haggard to say you’re a hard worker. Even a person just sitting down can be working effectively. 

18. Computer Science Vs. Engineering? Choose Engineering

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Both engineering and computer science are promising fields, but boomers view the latter as unrealistic and think it will be a waste of time.

What would boomers know about a high-tech field when they can barely use computers? There are so many potential careers and growth in computer science. The industry is expected to grow more as technology continues to advance. 

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