17 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail Right Now

Do you want to try new fragrances without buying them at full price? Get free perfume samples by mail to try a new perfume the frugal way. 

When you’re looking for a new perfume to try, it’s great if you can try a couple out. Most people would rather skip the store with the current restrictions and get free perfume samples by mail. That’s why we’re going to discuss online and offline places to receive free samples. 

How do you find free perfume samples?

There are many ways to find free fragrance samples and try them out before you buy them. Here we will go into several different ways to get perfume samples. Some are easy, like getting to the store. Some require more patience, like signing up for a brand’s email list and waiting for an available fragrance sample. 

We’ve tried the methods described below and have received free perfume samples while writing this post. Who doesn’t like freebies and save money, right? Anyway, let’s dive in and get you some free perfume samples!

Current Free Perfume Samples

When you’re looking for free perfume samples, they can come in two sizes. The best perfume sample is with a small vial of perfume that will last you quite a while. 

The other form of a fragrance sample is perfume on a piece of paper you can use once. After you use it, leave it around the house to use all the scent. For example, put them in your laundry room or your clothes drawer. 

Here are a couple of free perfume samples to check out:

17 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples

How To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail

Getting perfume samples by mail is super convenient. You don’t have to leave the house. The free samples get delivered while you’re working. Whether you’re working under the table jobs or going to the office, your freebie has arrived when you come home.

1. PinchMe

PinchMe is a platform that sends you free perfume samples by mail, for free. You pay no shipping fee, and you don’t have to leave your credit card information. The only thing they ask from you is feedback on the product. 

If you’re looking for other free samples besides perfumes, they also send you other health and beauty products. Whether you’re looking for cosmetics, makeup samples, or beauty samples – you can find it on their platform. 

2. Beauty Product Testing Panels

Companies love to hear what you think about their products. They can improve it and adjust it to the needs of their clients. That’s why many companies are giving out free beauty products to test in return for feedback. 

There are several consumer testing panels that you may want to check out:

They provide you with free makeup samples, and possibly skin-care products. It is a great way to get free stuff!

3. Sephora

Sephora is an excellent source for free samples. They offer free perfume and other product samples for free. When you order online, you can add up to 3 items to your chart to try. 

The selection of their free samples changes depending on the season and what new fragrances are coming out. 

Try their Beauty Insider program that gives you free birthday samples and points when you purchase something. 

4. Request An Ulta Catalog

Sign up for an account at the markup and perfume fragrance store, Ulta, and opt-in for their mailings. Get a free monthly catalog to receive samples of different free perfume testers. Are you located in Europe? Check out their website here.

Plus, when you shop at Ulta, you can add a free sample at checkout. You can choose whether you want a perfume sample, a skincare sample, or a variety sample. 

Requesting an Ulta catalog is a great way to get free perfume delivered to your door!

5. Pretty Thrifty

Pretty Thrifty has a section where they share companies or websites that offer perfume samples. Their list is updated when a new sample product comes out. 

You can visit the website here and check out what current samples are listed. 

6. Get Free Samples When You Shop Online

Many different stores will let your order free samples when you shop online. When you check the websites from The Body Shop, Lancome, or L’Oreal, you can order free perfume samples with or without an order. 

Ordering samples when you’re shopping online is a great way to get your free sample or even different sample products delivered to your mailbox. 

7. Sign Up For Newsletters

When you sign up for newsletters of your favorite beauty product brands or stores, you will be alerted when new fragrance samples are available. Plus, when you sign up for their newsletter, you will often get a discount on your first online order – where you can select additional free samples. 

Companies that send out free perfume samples by mail to their mailing list:

  • Calvin Klein
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Burberry
  • Hermes
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Ralph Lauren

8. Check The Official Website

Do you have any favorite perfume brands? Brands like Gucci, Chanel, Dior, Versace, and Armani are some of the famous perfume lines that offer free product samples. Check out their official website and see if they have a link to free perfume samples. When they launch a new fragrance, they will put it in big letters on their website and offer free samples. 

If they aren’t currently promoting anything on their website, search for free samples in the website’s footer or check their FAQ. 

9. Free Perfume Samples On Request

If you can’t find a free sample section on your favorite brand website, look up their email address. Write an email to the company to tell them how much you like the brand and explain how you would love to try more of their products. 

Emailing directly to the company is a pretty effective way to get free samples. 

Here are some companies that are sending out free perfume sample on request:

  • Lancome
  • Serge Lutens
  • Mugler
  • Hemes
  • Olfactive Studio
  • L’Artisan Parfumer
  • By Kilian

While it doesn’t always work, it doesn’t hurt to try. These are some excellent perfume brands that you can email to get free products or a sample set of perfume fragrances. 

10. Check On Social Media

Do you want free stuff? Check your favorite social media sites for free samples. Search by hashtags like #freesample, #freefragrance, or #freeperfume, and see what you can find. 

Many brands announce their exclusive deals through their social media. Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook can be great for free stuff.

Follow your favorite brands on social media and wait for their free sample offers to come online. 

Pro tip: you can get more than just get a free sample on social media. When you search for a giveaway, you may have a chance to win a variety of products. For example, I check giveaways on social media to earn gift cards for free.

11. Visit Product Review Sites

Brands love reviews as a way to increase the sales and visibility of their products. They want to know how people like their product so they can change and improve it. They want you to review their stuff!

When you post your perfume review, you often get samples of products for free. If you need money now and you’re looking for free products to try, this is a great way. 

You can check out platforms like BzzAgent of Tomoson. The great thing about these platforms is that they’ll often offer full-sized products instead of the sample version.

12. Create Your Own Platform

Do you enjoy the world of fragrance, and are you ready to dive? Try setting up a blog, YouTube channel, or social media page where you talk about your experience.

All you need is your enthusiasm, authentic personality, and creative content. When you create content from your own character and perspective, the right people will come to your platform. 

Once you have engaging content on your platform, you will find brands reaching out to you to ask you to create content. 

13. Follow Fragrance Experts

When you want to know more about fragrances and where to get them, following a fragrance expert may be just what you need. 

Follow them on their social and see what kind of samples, promotions, and giveaways they are talking about. 

How To Get Free Perfume Samples

Going to physical locations to get a free perfume sample or Eau de Parfum sample is another way to try new fragrances. Shopping around and getting a free sample of a scent you like is great!

14. Go To A Department Store

One of the best ways to get some fragrance samples is to go to your favorite department store. Nordstrom, Macy’s, and Sephora are great stores to head to for free samples. Simply go to the cash register and ask if you could try samples. 

If they don’t have a sample of the fragrance you want to try, many people will make you one out of the current tester bottle. 

15. Check Out Free Magazines

Do you enjoy reading magazines? If you check out magazines in the store, you can see which one has a free sample included in them. These samples are often on the advertisement pages.

If you want to have free magazines? Check out the lists on platforms like Valuemags and Mercury Magazines. These magazines are free, with no strings attached. 

16. Visit Walmart

Walmart has a free sample program with sampling events, hoping that the customers will buy the full-sized product later. These are mostly products that want extra customers or are launching a new product. 

Fill out the form on the Walmart website, and you receive emails about future events. Whether you are eligible to receive the offer may be based on your age, gender, or any special holidays approaching. 

When you order an offer online, it will be on your doorstep in 4-6 weeks. When you get an offer in the store, you will get it right away. The Walmart offer is available to the United States exclusively. 

17. Check Out New Perfume Brands 

The moment a new brand or new fragrance launches, they are often giving out free perfume samples to promote their product. Check out their website, any in-store promotions, and see if they are hosting any giveaways. 

Especially in the beginning, new companies are happy to provide a free sample pack to broaden their customer base.

Conclusion – Free Perfume Samples

Getting free perfume samples is a great way to try new perfumes. It’s a great way to treat yourself in an affordable and fun way. Avoid the pink tax on perfumes by getting free samples delivered to your home.

Often you’ve tried all the ways on the list, you probably have enough free perfume to make your entire home smell good. Check out local department stores, different eau de toilette scents, and the latest free samples of the popular beauty brands. 

Try out these ways to get free fragrance samples.

Do you have any additional ways of getting free perfume samples? Let me know below!

17 Ways To Get Free Perfume Samples By Mail

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