Where To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me – Top 33 Places

Do you want to sport a fabulous new do, but your wallet is saying no? Then you’re probably wondering: Where can I get a cheap haircut near me?

Who doesn’t love that fresh, clean feeling after a new haircut? It’s like hitting a reset button for your look. A good haircut can make you feel more confident and ready to take on the day. It also helps remove damaged hair, so your hair looks and feels healthier. 

However, haircuts aren’t free. You might pay around $40 at a basic salon for a simple cut. If you go somewhere fancy, it could cost $150 or more. It’s a good idea to consider the cost and save money on it. After all, keeping your hair in shape is essential to caring for yourself.

To help stretch your self-care budget for your locks, we have drawn up a list of value-for-money places that offer hairdressing services near you. 

So, let your hair down with this wallet-friendly list of hair salons for the budget-conscious. 

Where To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me – Top 33 Places

If you have been looking for places with hair salon services where you can get your hair cut for cheap for quite some time now, your search has ended. We have compiled a list of 26 ways to get cheaper haircuts. Take a look!

1. Walmart (Smartstyle)

SmartStyle offers a complete salon service within Walmart, where you can get your desired hairstyle without breaking the bank. They provide various services such as haircuts, coloring, highlighting, perming, and styling. It’s a family salon, so everybody can get a haircut done on the go. 

2. Great Clips

Great Clips is a popular go-to place while you’re searching for cheap haircuts near me. The salon uses innovative tools for styling and hair services at an affordable price. Sometimes, you can get a haircut for just $6.99.

3. Supercuts

Supercuts has over 2,400 branches in the United States. It is a high-end salon popular nationwide. They give you a free hot towel with every haircut and a special Tea Tree Experience. Prices differ depending on your location.

4. V’s Barbershop

V’s Barbershop is popular because lots of folks love their fancy and cool place for guys to get haircuts. It has 36 branches operating in the U.S. Prices vary based on where you live.

5. Sport Clips

Sport Clips costs more than competitors like Great Clips and Supercuts, but they have over 1,850 locations and offer more benefits. You get a free MVP upgrade on your first visit and can skip the wait with their app.

6. Cost Cutters

With 700 branches in 70 states, Cost Cutters is ruling the hair care services. They give you the best rate with email subscription discounts, too. Just check their website or book an appointment for all the details. 

7. Snip-Its

Snip-its is the quickest-growing kids’ salon in the U.S. They provide unique branding, proven systems, and full support. It has made children’s hair care more exciting, changing what used to be seen as dull.

8. Cookie Cutters

You’ll always get Cookie Cutters among the options when you search for cheap haircuts near me. It has 82 units working across the country. Its salon service for children is one of the best as it provides quite an interactive atmosphere to the little customers. 

9. Hair Cuttery

Hair Cuttery has good ratings, and a basic haircut with shampoo costs $26. Check their app or website for deals. They offer discounts, including 10% off for first-time color, seniors, and military and frontline workers and 15% off on SMS sign-ups.

10. Fantastic Sams

You’ll love Fantastic Sams for haircare and more, and the best part is it’s way cheaper than other salons. You can get various hair services; even better, you can find Fantastic Sams almost everywhere.

11. Rudy’s Barbershop

If you are based on the West Coast, you might want to check out Rudy’s Barbershop. You’ll mostly find them in cities like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Portland. The cost for a haircut there can be between $10 and $30. 

12. Roosters Men’s Grooming Center

Roosters MGC is one of the biggest hair care companies franchising in beauty. Roosters is different as it’s in the middle ground between expensive independent salons mainly for women. You can check rates and discounts in person. 

13. First Choice Haircutters

First Choice Haircutters is a hair salon that prides itself on its professionalism and customer comfort. You can usually just walk in without making an appointment. They have more than 400 places in Canada and the United States. 

14. My Salon Suite

My Salon Suite claims to be “so much more than hair.” It has over 250 units in Canada and the United States. Besides hair care services, they offer face, skin, nail, teeth, and related beauty services. 

15. Drybar Shops

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The Drybar Shops mainly focuses on blowouts, but you can get a haircut before the blowdry. Just ask for it, and they will get it done for you. You can book appointments and become a member for discounts. 

16. Salons by JC

Salons by JC are one of the best places to get cheap haircuts. They have branches nationwide and offer various services, from mani-pedi to haircuts and makeup services. 

17. Scissors & Scotch

Scissors & Scotch offers men a unique grooming experience. No membership is needed, but they have packages for savings, including discounts, guest passes, special events, and unlimited drinks.

18. Barbas

Barbas has a network of barbershops, a training school, and a range of cosmetic products. They’ve launched five of their own highly successful Barbas barber shops. The deals and discounts vary based on location. 

19. Primp and Blow

Primp and Blow is a blowdry and makeup salon offering haircuts as well. You can call them for an appointment or download their app to win points on every booking. 

20. Blo Blow Dry Bar

Blo Blow Dry Bar offers several services, including hair and makeup. However, you need to book an appointment before getting any treatment or a haircut. They even offer memberships to their clients with various perks. 

21. Nikita Hair Salon

It is one of the top-rated hair salons in the United States. You can get discount offers through Nikita Hair Salon’s loyalty program. 

22. Persona

Persona is a hair care and beauty franchise with different branches. The prices vary: women’s haircuts cost $28-$50, and kids’ cuts cost $18-$30. 

23. Chaz Dean Studio

Chaz Dean Studio has salons located in Los Angeles and New York. They have their own line of hair care and styling products and are one of the best listed for affordable haircut salons. 

Where To Get Cheap Haircuts Near Me – Salons Without Branches

24. Hair N Now NYC

You can rely on Hair N Now NYC for all your hair needs. They have one of the best hair care services in New York, so if you live there, check them out for discounts and cheap rates.

25. Society

Society has the best colorists and hairstylists, and they offer various rates for different services. You can even book them for your wedding. 

26. TGF Hair Salon

TGF is a Texas-based hair salon where basic haircuts start from $13. They also offer various discounts on a range of hair products. 

Other Ways To Get Cheap Haircuts Near You

Besides salons, there are multiple ways to get cheap haircuts. Below are some of the options you might avail of:

27. Cut Your Hair

Cutting your own tresses can be a cost-effective way to achieve a free haircut, but it may require some skill and practice to get the desired results. Proceed with caution and consider professional guidance if attempting self-haircuts.

28. Get Free Haircuts from Cosmetology Schools 

You can often receive free haircuts from cosmetology schools where students practice their skills under the guidance of experienced instructors. It’s a cost-effective way to get a haircut while helping students gain hands-on experience.

29. Volunteer as a Hair Model

Volunteering as a hair model allows you to receive various hair services like cuts, styling, or coloring for free while helping hair professionals refine their techniques and showcase their work. It’s a win-win opportunity for both volunteers and aspiring hairstylists.

30. Work at a Hair Salon

Getting affordable haircuts by working at a hair salon is a great perk, as many salons offer discounted or even free services to their employees, allowing them to maintain a well-groomed appearance while saving money.

31. Happy Hour Trims

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Salons offer happy hour trims to increase their business, so be there at those hours and get a free haircut. Previously, this concept was present only at the bars, but now it has expanded to hair salons too. 

32. Discounts and Coupons from Salon Loyalty Programs

Many salons regularly give coupons through Valpak, newspapers, and email. You can usually find coupons for places like Supercuts, Fantastic Sams, and others by searching “Salon Coupons” on Google.

33. Your Local Barber

You can often score affordable haircuts from your local barber shop, as they may offer competitive prices compared to larger salons. Building a rapport with your neighborhood barber can also lead to discounts and special deals over time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cheap Haircuts Near Me 

How Much Should I Pay for a Simple Haircut?

On average, haircuts cost around $56 across the country. Women’s haircuts are typically about $69, while men’s haircuts cost around $43 on average.

Why Are Haircuts So Expensive Now?

Haircuts have become more expensive due to the rising costs of skilled labor, rent for salon spaces, and the investment in quality hair care products and equipment. Additionally, increased demand for specialized services and the desire for personalized experiences have contributed to higher haircut prices.

How Much Tip Is Enough For a Haircut?

As a general guideline, leaving a tip of 15-20 percent of the total bill for good service is recommended. It’s crucial to understand that if you’re dissatisfied with the outcome, you can consider leaving a tip closer to 15%, but omitting it entirely is not recommended. 

Remember that hairstylists often depend on tips to supplement their earnings, so giving an appropriate tip is a meaningful gesture to express gratitude for their services.

Does Hair Grow Faster After a Haircut?

Hair doesn’t grow faster after a haircut. Trimming your hair might make it appear healthier and remove split ends, but it doesn’t affect the rate of hair growth, which remains relatively constant for most people.

Conclusion – Cheap Haircuts Near Me

A good haircut is like a pair of shoes: it needs to fit and suit you (and your budget) perfectly. 

Finding the salon you can run to confidently will be a breeze when you research beforehand to make informed, smart decisions, hopefully made easier through this article. 

Give these hairstylists a try until you meet the best hands that will transform your tresses into great hair at an affordable price.

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