16 Horrifying Facts That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine, I Wish I Could Unlearn Them

There’s this popular quote that goes, “Knowledge is power,” but others may disagree and say, “Ignorance is bliss.” If you believe in the latter, here are 16 horrifying facts you would never want to know. 

1. Mad Cow Disease Can Lie Dormant for Over Fifty Years

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Creutzfeldt-Jakob or mad cow disease can remain dormant in a person’s body for over 50 years. When triggered, it resurfaces, and it’s usually fatal and has no cure. 

The mad cow disease is also hereditary. You may unknowingly pass it to your children and grandchildren, which is absolutely horrifying to think about. 

2. Neanderthal DNA Gives People Random Emergency-Level Blood Clots

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Neanderthal DNA has a gene that leads to blood clots so severe that there’s no other option but to get surgery. The risk of these impromptu blood clots is too scary.

These Neanderthal genes influence more than just the immune system but also a person’s hair and skin traits. If you have these genes, your skin has a higher chance of being tan and with the tendency of being bald. 

3. Reddit Threads Poached and Posted on TikTok 

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Reddit is a venue for people to share their opinions, but threads become incredible sources of information. It can be creepy to think about a robot voice narrating your opinion and blasting it on TikTok.

It may not be as horrifying as other facts, but it definitely sends shivers down your spine. It feels like your own opinions are displayed in a more public setting than what you intended. 

4. Brain Aneurysm Can Affect You Anytime

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A brain aneurysm has no clear symptoms. Old or young, fit or not, a brain aneurysm is not picky on its target. Only when it ruptures will you have a quick warning – a massive headache. And by then, it will already be too late. 

Brain aneurysms are very scary because they come as sudden and immediate but also excruciatingly painful. And you’re very lucky if you lived to see the next day after it ruptures.

5. Chainsaw Used for Childbirth

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Two Scottish doctors designed and invented a chainsaw that would be used for childbirth. Thankfully, this invention did not prosper much, or else women would not want to get pregnant in the first place. 

The prototype of this medical hand-cranked chainsaw is designed to cut through the pelvis if a mother has a hard time giving birth and pushing the baby out. 

6. Caterpillar Masquerading as Ant Queen

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The Maculinea caterpillar is a crafty little animal that masquerades like an ant queen by producing a sound similar to a queen in distress. 

Once rescued by the Myrmica ants, it replaces the queen, and the ants get tricked into feeding the caterpillar. When it gets big enough, it also starts eating all the ant larvae and destroys the colony.  

7. Looking For Lost Nuclear Weapons

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The United States Military has lost track of several nuclear weapons, six nuclear bombs to be precise to date. These bombs are still considered missing, with no clear understanding of where they went and how they were lost. 

Some believe that the bombs were stolen by a Soviet submarine, but until now, no solid evidence was even to back this up. 

8. Someone Living Alone Can Die Without Anyone Discovering the Body

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Living alone sounds exciting and fun, but that’s until you find yourself going solo when sick and with no one to rely on. You won’t have any help whatever happens to you, even in death. 

If you want to try living alone, make sure to still update your family and friends every now and then. You wouldn’t want them worrying to the point of asking for a welfare check.

9. Dementia Has No Age Limit

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Dementia, while often associated with the elders and seniors, does not have an age limit. The illness can hit you, however young you may be. It’s also hereditary!

The idea of forgetting everything is terrifying. You don’t just forget people and experiences, you also forget the learnings and skills you developed along the way.

10. You Can Be Resistant to Antibiotic

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Antibiotic resistance happens when you misuse or overuse antibiotics. Your body will be resistant to them. And when you need them the most, they won’t work anymore. 

In case you get an infection, you will need to use more expensive antibiotics and might even have to prolong your stay in the hospital. So from now on, make sure to use antibiotics the right way. 

11. Some Things Are Eerily Older Than You Think

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Sharks are older than trees and the rings of Saturn. Some things are just older than you think they are. With sharks, you would think they are younger, but they appeared 450 million years ago. 

Trees, on the other hand, date back to between 350 to 430 million years ago, while the rings of Saturn are said to be not more than 400 million years old. 

12. Gummy Worms Have Bones in Them

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Gummy worms do not have actual worms in them. They do have some bones in them though. 

Gummy worms are gelatin, which is made from corn syrup, sugar, citric and lactic acid, and animal by-products. These by-products are often boiled crushed bones of cattle and pigs, along with decaying hides and connective tissues.  

13. Snakes Can Live Up to 7 Minutes With Their Head Cut Off

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If you cut off a snake’s head, it can still live up to 7 minutes. In those 7 minutes, the severed head is still lethal and can bite you. 

Snakes are ectotherms. Unlike other animals, they don’t need that much oxygen to power the brain. Even after severing its snake, wait for several minutes before putting your guard down.

14. Someone in Your Social Circle May Hate You Enough to Harm You

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Whether you have a wide or close-knit circle of friends, someone may hate you enough to want to harm you, and you won’t even see it coming. 

If you have an attitude that can annoy and piss off friends, you might be building up resentment in them. It’s difficult to always think about what other people think of you. But the best thing you can do is just be kind and hope for the best. 

15. Sun Eruptions Can Cause Blackouts Across Continents

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In the 19th century, blackouts were experienced worldwide due to sun eruptions. Today, with how dependent society is on electricity, it can easily affect millions.  

There are different types of solar flares. The X-class ones can cause global blackouts, while the M-class can cause blackouts briefly in the polar regions. 

16. Stool Can Go Back to Your Digestive Tract

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If you have constipation, your stool can go back to your digestive tract. And yes, it’s physically possible to vomit feces in this case.

Medically, this condition is known as feculent vomiting, and it can happen when the intestines have a horrible blockage. It also comes with feces-smelling breath and nausea. 

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