15 People Reveal the Darkest, Most Abusive Sentences Their Ex Ever Spoke Directly To Them

Everyone wants a sweet romance with a happy ever after, but the sad reality is that any relationship can turn bitter.

Anonymous people opened up about their deepest wounds, and I came across 15 heart-wrenching stories of devastating break-ups.

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1. “Thanks To You, My Hopes Of Being With [New Partner] Are Crushed!”

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Someone’s ex left him for someone she was cheating with, but that’s not all—she dared to blame him for her new relationship’s problems.

When she returned to collect her things, all she talked about was her new partner, who had no clue about her past relationship. There was no remorse for the pain she caused, only a cold-hearted attitude toward the one she left behind.

2. “I Can Have Any Guy In This Room, Why Would I Want To Be With You?”

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A person recalled their ex who cruelly said, “I can have any guy in this room. Why would I want to be with you?”

Despite the hurtful words, people rallied around them, consoling them with uplifting words. They reminded them that such remarks reflect their ex-partner’s character and are not a measure of their worth.

3. “You’ll Never Be A Great Father”

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Someone shared that he once decided not to have children with an ex-girlfriend due to her heavy smoking habit, which she couldn’t control. Apparently, in a moment of anger, his ex told him that he would “never be a great father.” Past relationship issues aside, he is now a father of two and has been happily married for nine years.

Another person empathized with him and pointed out that the ex-girlfriend seemed “spiteful and vindictive.” They also expressed relief that he had moved on to a positive environment.

4. “You Are Worthless, And I Don’t Have Time For You Anymore”

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In a brave and candid revelation, one person shared the story of his three-year relationship in which he selflessly supported his partner, shouldering travel expenses and financing her gastric bypass surgery. However, his sacrifices were met with a cruel blow when she told him one day, “You are worthless, and I don’t have time for you anymore,” leaving him scarred by the betrayal.

5. “I Thought It Was Okay To Cheat Because I Assumed You Were Doing The Same!”

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One person shared the heartbreaking story of his unfaithful ex. When their ex admitted to cheating, they tried to justify their actions by baselessly accusing him of infidelity too.

The painful truth? He was loyal throughout their entire relationship.

6. “I Feel Disgusted When I Touch You”

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This is a phrase you would never want to hear from a partner.

One individual confided the painful memory of an ex who once uttered, “I feel disgusted when I touch you,” leaving them tormented. I can’t even imagine how much that must have shattered their self-esteem. 

7. “I’m Getting Married Tomorrow”

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One person narrated how they were shocked when their long-term partner abruptly ended their relationship, declaring, “I’m breaking up with you because I’m getting married tomorrow.”

The situation escalated when their ex threatened to file a restraining order if they didn’t vacate the house immediately. It was a distressing day for them, to say the least!

8. “I Only Ever Saw You As A Friend”

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Someone unveiled the tragic outcome of her 25-year marriage: throughout the decades, she tirelessly juggled two jobs while caring for four children and paying the bills. Despite her efforts, her ex-husband never expressed gratitude, showed affection, or even offered support when she fell ill.

One day, she confronted him about his neglect, only to receive a crushing reply: “I married a friend. I never loved you like a girlfriend, but you were my friend, so I thought that was good enough.”

9. “I Feel Like We Want Different Things In Life”

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Brace yourself for a tale of unimaginable heartache: one person’s relationship ended as the couple grew apart, realizing they wanted “different things in life.” Despite the initial confusion (they had both established goals of having children and saving for a house), they split amicably.

The shocking twist? The ex quickly entered a new relationship just four months later and became pregnant within less than a year with their new partner.

10. “I Was Just Afraid I Would End Up Alone, So I Settled For You”

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After more than five years of being together, someone’s heart was broken after their ex confessed: “I was just afraid I would end up alone, so I settled for you.”

It shows that being with someone for a long time doesn’t guarantee that you’re meant for each other.

11. “I Wish You Didn’t Get Better”

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Now, here’s an ex who was outright abusive. According to an individual, someone they dated once told them, “I wish you didn’t get better. It would have been so much easier that way.”

Wait, aren’t lovers supposed to care about each other?!

12. “You’re A Bandaid That Should’ve Been Pulled Off A Long Time Ago!”

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In their final conversation with an ex, somebody was taken aback when their ex dramatically cried out, “You’re a bandaid that should’ve been pulled off a long time ago!”

Someone replied, “That sounds like a quote from a bad movie.”

13. “Have You Ever Seen Your Face In The Mirror? I Was Just Bored”

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Sometimes, people fail to grasp the impact of their words. One individual recalled an ex who callously said as they were breaking up, “Have you ever seen your face in the mirror? I was just bored.”

Though it targeted their physical appearance, at least they knew they didn’t possess a rotten attitude (like the ex who insulted them).

14. “If We Ever Broke Up, I Wouldn’t Have A Problem Finding Someone New”

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What would you do if your partner uttered these haunting words: “If we ever broke up, I wouldn’t have a problem finding someone new.” According to one, the moment their ex voiced these thoughts, they felt uncertain about the future of their relationship.

In my opinion, it’s a red flag that a partner might already be interested in someone else.

15. “I Know We Can Fix It, I Just Don’t Want To”

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Get ready for a tear-jerking account of a romantic connection gone awry: towards the end of their strained marriage, a former wife sent mixed signals, proclaiming her love one moment and then going cold the next. Then, in a moment of painful honesty, she exclaimed, “I know we can fix it, I just don’t want to,” ultimately ending their partnership for good. 

To this day, the storyteller mourns the love that withered away.

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