13 Childhood Joys That You’ll Absolutely Hate as an Adult

Did you ever think about the things you liked when you were a kid but now feel embarrassed about as a grown-up? I found a cool question online that made me ponder. The question was, “What was great when you were a kid but not so great now that you’re an adult?” The answers people liked the most were really interesting, so keep on reading!

1. Having a Hundred Bucks

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Mr. Paper shared, “Having a hundred bucks in your bank account.” He added that it was in Danish currency, which would be around 13 US dollars.

Someone announced that they remembered in school when they were around ten years old, they had to write an essay on ‘how I would spend 1000 dollars in a day.’ They all wrote about getting huge houses and fancy limos, buying all the candy in the store, and throwing huge parties. This commenter added that their teacher laughed so hard.

2. Losing a Tooth

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One user shared a comment saying, “losing a tooth.” A second expressed that losing a tooth as a child makes you money from the Tooth Fairy. As an adult, it costs you way more than all the money the Tooth Fairy could give. 

And can you imagine running around, showing your family, “Look! I lost a tooth! Doesn’t it make me look adorable?”

3. Waking up Somewhere Else

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This person noted it’s waking up in another place than you fell asleep in. Another added their adult view on this, “sometimes I fall asleep on the couch and wake up on the couch, and I’m still confused as to why I’m on the couch. Also, why does my neck hurt, my glasses are bent, who left the TV on, and why is the cat on my face?”

It’s not as good as getting placed in bed by your parents because you fell asleep mid-road trip when you were little. 

4. Getting Mail

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Another childhood joy that many used to love but hate when they became adults was getting mail, according to one user. They remember begging their parents every day if they got mail. They had pen pals, so they got super excited when something came. Now they dread going to the mailbox.

Somebody came up with a quick solution by suggesting it sounds like they need to find more penpals. 

5. Spinning in Circles

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A parent said, “Spinning in circles.” They try to do that now while holding their little one, and they do about two spins before they’re lightheaded and dizzy as a drunk.

Another user named Chris wrote that he dreads rollercoasters and that things like it make him sick. 

6. Too Much Candy

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One person indicated eating large quantities of candy in a single sitting is something they used to enjoy as a child but not anymore when they turned into adults. Many in the thread agreed with this, and one added they just skip a meal and make that large quantity of candy dinner so they don’t get heartburn or headaches from it. I don’t think I would personally advise you to follow this.

7. Being an Adult

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Someone claimed the thought of being an adult and growing up.

Many users agreed, and someone said, “Right?! So you can do whatever you want to do, right? Lol” and added, “And then responsibilities started. I wanna go back to playing, eating, sleeping, and pooping when I want”. Don’t we all? 

8. Summer

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Somebody acknowledged summer to be pure joy. When you’re a kid, it’s three months of freedom from school. When you’re an adult, you still have to go to work, but now it’s sweltering hot, and you’re sweating all day, every day.

For some, it’s even harder, especially if you are a working parent—trying to give your kid that super awesome summer while trying to keep your job. That balance between “I want to come to play at the park with you” and “I don’t want to lose my job” is hard.

9. People Visiting Your House

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One shared that they hate it now that they are adults when people come to your house to visit and stay a few days. They added that they love their friends so much, but holy guacamole, they get so anxious having to keep people entertained for more than a night.

On that same note, they added that it’s great having those friends you are close enough to come to hang out with.

10. Everything About McDonald’s

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One person is not a fan of going to McDonald’s anymore. “As a kid, it was a victory. As an adult, it’s defeat and sadness.”

This comment made me laugh out loud, but one responded with one word only, “McShame.” And don’t mind me, I don’t shy away from a little McDonald’s now and then.

11. Staying Home on a Sick Day

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This Redditor expressed staying home on a sick day. As a kid, it was a huge victory. You get to stay in bed all day, watch TV, and have a parent tend to your every need. As an adult, you’re thinking about the work you’ll have to make up for and hope you don’t need to go to a doctor.

“If you’re sick for real, sure. But as an adult, I sometimes just barefaced lie about being sick and then lie in bed reading and watching TV all day, and that’s pretty dope,” one stated. 

12. Snow Days

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One voiced a snow day and elaborated they either have to take a vacation or make up those hours because they will likely spend the whole morning shoveling their driveway.

An elementary school teacher wrote they are unsure about snow days, but hurricane days are not days off anymore. The kids just stay home and do online learning. Even if a kid is sick, they don’t miss school anymore. They just sign in from home.

13. No Pain

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A final individual replied to this question with “no pain.” There was simply not so much pain when you were a kid. They could fall, scrape their knee and cry for about a minute, then get back up, ride a bike, or play tag or something. 

Now, when they fall, he notes, “I am staying down and may need Life Alert!” They have to take Advil, put their knee up with ice, and complain to their wife how painful it is for the next week. That is if he is lucky and doesn’t break the whole thing.

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