17 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A Year [In 2024]

Are you looking forward to bigger savings at the end of the year? You might be wondering how long it takes for you to reach your financial goals and you ask yourself with 17 dollars an hour is how much a year?

Adulting is hard but budgeting your money for a week, a month, or even a year is even harder than you think. 

When you get paid by the hour, it’s not always clear how much you’ll take home. That’s why we will be sharing in this article how much you will earn with $17 per hour in a year, in a month, and in a week. In addition to that, you can check out our list of jobs that offer $17 per hour and get some tips on how to live on $17 an hour.

How Much is $17 an Hour Yearly?

How much is your salary per year if you are paid $17 an hour? You will have to multiply your base salary of $17 by the number of hours, weeks, and months you work in a year.

Suppose you work 52 weeks of the year and work full-time, that would be a total of 40 hours per week on average. 

40 hours multiplied by 52 weeks is 2,080 hours in a year. Multiply your salary an hour to the number of hours in a year.

$17 per hour multiplied by 2,080 hours in a year is a total annual income of $35,360 per year.

How Much Is $17 An Hour Monthly?

In today’s economy, businesses are suffering huge losses and people are learning to adapt to the new normal. Having a job is not something to take lightly especially when others are having a hard time finding one.

Before you compute your total earnings in a month when making $17 an hour, you will need to know how many hours you work in a day. 

Keep in mind that each month has different working hours and there are months that have less working hours. To compute your annual hours on a monthly basis, the number of hours you have worked in a year will be divided by the average of 12 months in the year.

To know how many working hours there are in a month, divide the total working hours in a year by 12 (months) and the answer will be the total working hours in a month. There are 2,096 working hours a year, divided by 12 which would be a total of 175 working hours per month on average.

To compute your monthly income, multiply $17 an hour by 175 hours worked and the total will be $2,975.

For manual computation you will have to multiply the number of work hours in a day to the $17 wage rate then the result will be multiplied by the number of days you have worked in a week. The total will be multiplied to 4 (number of weeks in a month) then you can see your total monthly salary.

There may be a difference with the total if you have worked more than the allocated hours or you got overtime pay.

That’s a lot of numbers! Better get your salary calculators ready.

17 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A year

How Much Is $17 An Hour Per Week?

How about a weekly computation? We hear you! If you want to break your salary down to a week, you just have to multiply $17 to the number of hours you have worked in a week. 

Assuming you worked 8 hours a day multiplied by 5 (days), you will get a total of 40 hours. Multiply that by $17 and you will get a total of $680 as your weekly income.

If you worked for 30 hours a week your total average weekly income is $510.

For 20 hours a week, your weekly salary is $340.

If you are a part-time worker and you worked 15 hours a week your total income per week is $255.

It’s easy, right? Hang in there!

How Much Will I Earn for $17 an Hour Bi-Weekly?

If you are being paid bi-weekly as agreed by both you and your employer, here’s how to calculate it.

Let’s say you work two 40 hour full-time weeks that would be a total of 80 hours. You will be paid $1,360.

If you work two half-time 20 hour weeks for a total of 40 hours, your weekly salary is $680.

Now, if you work two part-time jobs 30 hours per week for a total of 60 hours, your bi-weekly salary would be $1,020.

How Much Will I Earn if I Have Unpaid Leave?

Every minute is important for us, so it is important for us to take some time off. Both for your physical and mental health. Now, if you don’t get paid time off, how much will you earn?

Suppose you work for 50 weeks in the entire year and you have 2 weeks of unpaid leave. Let’s say you work 40 hours a week,

The number of hours (40) will be multiplied by 50 weeks equals 2,000 hours in a year. 

Then multiply your hourly wage by the number of working hours in the year.

$17 an hour multiplied by 2,000 working hours and you will get a total annual salary of $34,000.

Is $17 An Hour Good?

There is no such thing as good or bad pay when it comes to your needs. As long as it puts food on the table, pays your bills, and keeps your house you have a great job!

$17 per hour is a good salary for most cities in the US. It’s double the minimum wage in the US and then some. 

There’s a big portion of Americans who are making between $7.25 and $12 an hour, except for those places where the minimum wage rate is $15 an hour.

Now, if you calculate the cost of living in those areas such as New York, San Francisco, and Boston, where the rent is incredibly high and don’t even mention the taxes, it’s likely hard for people earning the minimum wage to make enough to cover their expenses. 

If you are making $17 an hour, that’s a good and adequate wage to live a comfortable life. 

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$17 An Hour Jobs

Now that you know how to compute your salary per week, per month, and per year, it’s time for you to check out the jobs that offer $17 an hour! 

We know how hard it is to look for a job that matches your skills and experiences. It’s a competition out there, so are you ready to show these employers what you are capable of?

Here are some of the jobs that pay $17 an hour:

  • Work at Chick-fil-A in California.
  • Customer service workers.
  • Sales representatives, like retail sales associates, assistant route service, store supervisor, and many more.
  • Virtual assistant jobs, including content writer, social media manager, photo editor, and website designer.
  • Freelance and sell your skills. Marketable skills include things like writing, photo editing, or graphic design.
  • Starting your own blog has become a popular way to make money, you can start in fifteen minutes. 
  • Build any of these high-income skills including digital marketing, copywriting, search engine optimization (SEO), trade skills, and software engineering.

Who would have thought that these occupations are paid $17 an hour?

Aside from a full-time job, there are also part-time jobs that you can get paid for $17 an hour such as:

Currently, working remotely is the fastest-growing career you can easily get into with just a few gadgets like a computer desk, laptop, and even just with your phone. Remote work has a growth rate of 309% in March 2020 and is still continuing to rise. 

Be confident you will land a job or two if you put your mind to it! Believe in yourself.

How To Live On $17 An Hour?

Ah, our favorite part of the article, the budgeting. The question that’s been running through our minds since the beginning is; how are we going to live with a $17 minimum hourly wage? How can I feed my family and at the same time pay my bills? 

Is this enough? Do I have some savings left? You don’t have to fret, we are here to help! Channeling my inner budget nerd, let’s start with the common expenses.

Sample Monthly Budget for $17 hourly pay.

Housing Costs$74525%
Personal Spending$29810%

$2,975 less the total expenses of $2,380 leaving you with $595 for saving and investing. The budget is relatively small and it is fit for a single person who is renting an apartment together with their friends or roommates.

Yes, you can live on an hourly wage rate of $17. However, it highly depends on your living and family situation. If this budget doesn’t work for you, there are other ways for you to use that matches you. You can even read our budget rule article with this you get to learn more than just writing a list of your expenses.

Explore the world of budgeting. You’ll be amazed to discover how fun it is to do financial planning. You’re one step closer to being financially independent!

Some Ways to Earn Extra Money

We can’t depend on doing overtime hours to earn some extra cash. It may compromise your (mental and physical) health in the long term and you often can’t rely on consistent overtime hours. It’s better to have some side occupations like working part-time as a freelancer.

As a freelancer, you can work at your own pace and time. Plus the pay is above average. You can have a fixed wage or hourly wage. And as you get more experience, your salary will increase. 

When your skillset includes negotiation, why not bargain a wage increase? All hard worker employees deserved to be compensated fairly for their work.

Here are a couple of other ways to make extra money:

Overall – 17 Dollars an Hour is How Much A Year

Can you really live on a $17 an hour salary? Is it enough to cater to both your needs and wants? You can if you want to. 

With 17 dollars an hour, you earn $35,360 per year, which isn’t bad. 

$17 an hour is above the minimum wage and enough to live for some areas, considering you live alone. It will depend on how you really know what’s more important in your life and what you want to spend your money on. 

Most people think that having a high-paying job is the secret to wealth and success. Sure, it’s easier.  However, as your income increases many people increase their expenses too. 

Learn the importance of budgeting, how to live a frugal lifestyle, look for ways to earn extra money, and spend less than you make. You will be surprised to see that you are doing good on $17 an hour.

17 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A Year