The 11 Worst Things About Being a Man That No One Talks About

Curiosity got the better of me as I scrolled through the internet and stumbled upon a thought-provoking question: “What’s the worst thing about being a man?” The top-voted responses were insightful and surprising.

But one answer stood out and left me with more questions than answers. Do most men really have hair literally everywhere? Want to know what the rest is? Keep reading.

1. Showing Their Feelings to Others

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Someone wrote that the worst thing about being a man is always being told to show your feelings more and then having them ignored or laughed at if you do show them.

Many users shared their experiences about sharing their emotions and being shut down afterward. An individual wrote his thoughts, “I’ve found people want you to feel how they think you should feel.”

2. Too Many Responsibilities

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One user stated that he’s still just a little boy inside with too many “responsibilities” now. According to another individual, it’s not difficult responsibilities themselves, but rather the resistance to them that can be emotionally taxing.

They explain that it’s easier to take care of what needs to be done rather than avoiding it and wishing it wasn’t their responsibility. However, by facing these responsibilities head-on, one can experience a sense of maturity and fulfillment.

3. Always Keeping Yourself Together

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Someone stated, “Having the expectation to always keep myself together.” This commenter added, “Being vulnerable [when you’re a man] is a weakness. Failing is not an option. Provide money for the family, regardless of the state of your overall health.”

Another added this is probably the biggest one. If you’re in a bad place, no one cares. You’re expected to never be in a bad place. And if you tell people, they just ignore it and act like it’s nothing.

4. Hair, Everywhere

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One indicated, “Hair, everywhere. I mean, seriously, does it have to come out of my ears?” According to many, this is as normal as it gets.

One described, “I hate how I have to shave them down so they don’t tickle my ears when the wind blows or make me think a bug is trying to crawl into my head.”

5. Being a Father

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Someone raved about how being a father is his biggest problem. In his personal experience, fatherhood means everyone thinks he’s an idiot when it comes to his kid. This dedicated father didn’t shy away from his parental responsibilities. He was just as hands-on as the mother, changing countless diapers and pulling all-nighters.

When his child was a baby, he took a three-month break from work to bond with her. Although he may not be a hair expert, he can still manage to put it in a ponytail. With a confident statement, he asserts that fathers are just as capable as mothers when it comes to raising their children.

Many dads agree with this, and one explained that he watches all the kids’ cartoons with his kids, and the father is always the one falling over for laughs. Meanwhile, the mom can do no wrong. It’s so ingrained in society that even cartoons emulate that stereotype. His advice is for fathers to “stay strong. One day, people will see what we do.”

6. Male Pattern Baldness

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Someone who wanted to express himself said, “MALE PATTERN BALDNESS.” In all caps.

He shared that he is deciding whether to just buzz it right now, and someone commented about it, saying, “If you have to ask the question, the answer is yes.” This commenter added that he knows from experience. His self-confidence and success with women increased after he started shaving his head.

7. Not Receiving Hugs From Fellow Men

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Somebody articulated that when his mom suddenly died, all he wanted was for a friend to hug him and be willing to listen. His wife’s girlfriends will, but none of his male friends, despite telling them he’s hurting. 

Several users shared that “some of us hug just to say hello,” and he received a lot of virtual hugs. One shared that he says I love you to friends. “Nothing wrong with showing love to the homies if you really appreciate them.”

8. Never Getting Compliments

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One user said that one of the worse things about being a man is never getting compliments. This thread is filled with compliments to each other such as, “You handsome devil you,” and a personalized one to another user saying, “Awesome work with your coding! Great job accomplishing something extremely difficult!”

It’s heartwarming to know that there are people out there who are kind and encouraging. If knowing about these comments doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

9. Initiate Everything When Dating Someone

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Somebody shared that dating and having to initiate everything with women sucks. He added that he might just say never mind and not try to find anyone. He’s starting to think that staying single is a better life.

Thankfully, the people in the thread disagreed, and Voilet shared that she once bought a man flowers as initiation. She sent them to their work and watched him receive them at his desk. She stated, “I’d never seen a man so happy. We’ve been married for almost 12 years now.” She got a response from someone who said she made his day and gave him hope that there are wonderful people out there to date. 

10. Having Your Net Worth as Your Status

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One individual noted that if you’re broke, you are nothing. Your status is your net worth.

Someone expressed that even though he hates to admit it, he’s fairly confident he would not be married today if he had almost no money in the bank.

11. Clothing Choices

Happy Woman At The Beach With Arms Wide Spread

One shared he’s going off the rails here and saying, “I wish men had as many clothing choices as women.”

When he sees a woman in a light, airy summer dress on a hot day, he’s like, “Here I am in my jeans, sweltering, while she looks so comfortable!”

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