20 Worst Jobs for Introverts Who Hates Interacting With People

Do you like working on the frontline? Are you sociable? Are you good at making sales talk? If you answered no, you should stay clear of situations that call for such traits and avoid the worst jobs for introverts.

We are all born with a certain personality type. As we grow, we make various life choices based on our personal preferences. You are not alone if you prefer working alone or working from home. Like you, many introverts need help finding a career path that complements their temperament so they feel free in situations. 

An introverted person is often perceived as quiet, withdrawn, shy, aloof, reserved, sensitive, and even anti-social. While this isn’t necessarily all true, introverts tend to get drained when talking to people and only recharge when they’re spending time alone. 

If you can relate to this situation, this article can help you consider your career options as an introvert. So you can find a job that suits your personality type and helps you grow and flourish. 

20 Worst Jobs for Introverts

1. Sales Executive

Anyone with the slightest idea about sales knows that it is all about interacting with people and convincing them that they need the product you are trying to pitch the sale for. You are not only required to engage in a lot of small talks, but you must also maintain a warm and friendly attitude so that the potential customers feel comfortable. 

At times, sales executives are also required to make formal presentations depending on the nature of the product to explain the product features or benefits in detail. Since the job description revolves mostly around interacting with different people, it can be challenging for introverts. Being shy, self-conscious, and awkward is not good for this type of job.

2. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives usually work in call centers and are required to cope with high-stress situations. They must be capable of handling customer queries and, at times, selling products and services. 

As a customer service representative, you may be required to answer numerous customer calls during a single shift, including product inquiries, complaint registrations, etc. Personalities not in line with this skill set will not be able to do their tasks very well.

The job’s nature is such that you must be able to cope with all situations by engaging with clients and customers. If you feel stressed out by the idea or are a highly sensitive person, there may be a better fit.

3. Recruiter

If you think recruiters only need to look for people with the requisite skill set for a certain job, think again. Recruiters not only hunt for the right resource but are also required to conduct interviews and keep the candidates in the loop during the hiring process. A recruiter needs stimulating conversations with applicants to get to know the personality traits of the person applying for the job.

At times, their job nature also involves pitching a job to a strong candidate, liaising with clients and outsourcing agencies, and negotiating client contracts. So, you need strong people skills and must be able to interact clearly and confidently.

4. Real Estate Agent

If you are not a people person, you may have a hard time coping with the challenges of being a real estate agent. Small talk and sociability are basic skills an agent needs to have in this line of work. Real estate agents must be assertive to sell to potential clients.

As a job requirement, you will need to interact with clients to determine their requirements and liaise with them to work around their schedules, facilitate them through property showings and negotiate the price requests. 

Luckily, there are jobs in real estate that don’t have these requirements that may fit an introvert better.

5. Event Planner

Event planners, as the name suggests, assist clients in organizing the event and ensuring that the entire affair is handled smoothly. You must be capable of coping with unexpected situations and handling last-minute issues.

If you have an introverted personality, it may be overwhelming to meet with clients and keep a steady line of communication with them. Explaining the event brief to the client, determining their expectations, and talking to vendors and caterers can be distressing. 

Event planners usually talk to people from different backgrounds, so they need to speak up more and enjoy socializing.

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6. Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers must have strong social skills to cope with the job demands. These include assisting the patients, looking after their needs, and maintaining communication with doctors, nurses, and the medical staff. They must also work in high-stress situations and handle multiple cases simultaneously.

While introverts have a strong sense of empathy, making them excellent candidates for healthcare, it can also be overwhelming if they internalize people’s distress and pain, which may have a toll on their mental and physical health.

7. Front Desk Receptionist/Secretary

The main part of a front desk receptionist or secretary’s job is to communicate with people all day long to make or answer inquiries. They are required to interact via phone and talk to individuals face to face. 

While the major part of your day is spent interacting with all kinds of people, it may not be for you if you find the entire scenario too overwhelming. 

8. Bartender

Bartenders must not only be adept at preparing beverages according to the customer’s requirements, but they must also be proficient at tending the bar at all times. 

The nature of their job may often push them into situations where they need to engage with customers, tend to their needs and even mediate to neutralize an aggressive situation. The job also involves an incredible amount of small talk, which needs to fit your personality.

If you find it difficult to socialize with people, let alone manage in crowded areas, bartending may not be the job for you.

9. Mediator 

To work as a mediator, you require good interpersonal skills and conflict resolution skills. Your job will mostly entail engaging with both sides, getting them to cooperate, and settling the conflict outside the court. It can be a high-stress job at times.

Since job success depends on one’s ability to cope with different social scenarios and engage and negotiate, not all introverts will be suitable for the job.

10. Teacher

People skills are one of the most pertinent aspects of being a teacher. As part of their job, teachers must make and deliver lessons to their pupils with enthusiasm and indulge in discussions and conversations with their students to build a good classroom environment. You must also possess good conversational skills to talk to parents at meetings, answer their queries and alleviate their concerns.

You may not be cut out for the job if you prefer to work alone and needs a more peaceful work ambiance, as you have to spend time with students and other teaching staff.

11. Human Resources Staff 

HR personnel in different capacities are the go-to persons for individuals in a company. They are required to handle numerous kinds of human resource matters and multitask to cope with the job demands. 

The more you can form a good bond with the employees, the better you will be at your job. It is a demanding job, and you must be able to cope with all kinds of situations. 

12. Public Relations Officer

As the name suggests, PR professionals uphold their client’s reputations. You will be required to attend meetings, and public events, address media queries, and manage a team of people handling different aspects of your job. 

The stronger your rapport with the clientele, your industry profile will be stronger. So, you will have to multitask and maintain an efficient communication line with clients and your team. 

If you are a reserved person and dislike social activities, you may find this job challenging.

13. Social Worker

Social workers’ job revolves around people, working with families and individuals to help them during tough situations. They need to counsel people to help them during vulnerable times and support them in making decisions.

On the other end, you will be keeping your supervisors in the loop. Given the job nature, you must be able to cope with tough and distressing situations while being patient and empathetic, which can be exhausting. 

14. YouTube Content Creator 

The content creators we see in millions of videos on YouTube make it look easy. However, you must have the guts to put yourself out there, the confidence to speak while facing the camera, and the courage to face criticism. 

If it seems daunting to face the camera, this profession may not be for you.

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15. Modeling 

Being a fashion model is no easy feat. You need to face the camera and walk the ramp confidently. You must also talk and engage with designers, brands, media personnel, and the general public. Thus, in addition to being good, you also need to be able to converse smoothly and effortlessly.

Your work environment constantly changes as you hop from one project to the next. If the prospect of a constantly changing work environment stresses you, you are not cut out for it.

16. Influencer

Like models and content creators, the job of an influencer revolves around working with brands and making content for social media. Influencers also share snippets of their lifestyle with their followers and promote products for different brands.

Some people make it seem effortless, but if you dislike sharing private aspects of your life or being the center of attention, this line of work may not suit you.

17. Singer

Similarly, professional singers are the center of attention, whether performing on TV or in front of a live audience. You may not always have to interact with people, but you will be the center of attention.

If you are a talented singer and want to share your talent and skills but are not comfortable being in the spotlight, you may need to consider what you really want.

18. Babysitter

Babysitting is like teaching, as you will be dealing with children. You will need to control the situation but be able to cater to their needs and be empathetic. 

If you are an introvert, you may find it exhausting.

19. Tour Guide

You should have a deep knowledge of your city’s or country’s history and be proficient in a few foreign languages, which are required to be a good tour guide. You also need to be a little enthusiastic and energetic to keep the tourists happy during the trip.

But if you find talking to and dealing with people exhausting, it may not be the right job for you.

20. Coach

As a coach, you may work with one individual or many at a time, depending on the sport. If you have the right skill set and are adept at identifying people’s strengths and flaws, you can help them improve.

However, the main part of your job is to be able to encourage and train people, for which you need to be constantly dealing with people. Coaching is socially demanding, but it can be very rewarding if done right. 

5 Best Jobs for Introverts

While you may not feel comfortable with certain career paths as an introvert, it is important to realize that your personality type cannot hinder your career aspirations. If you are passionate about something, keep your reservations from keeping you back.

Before you indulge in a self-conceived notion of being incapable of doing a certain job, focus on your ambitions, and soon you will find yourself enjoying your work.

Nevertheless, a few career ideas are often considered the best jobs for introverts.

Delivery Driver

As a delivery driver, you can run a solo flight without having to work with a team and converse without wanting to sell anyone anything. You will be on the road on your own most of the time. You may consider apps like:

  • DoorDash – As a DoorDash driver (Dasher) can earn from $15 to $25 per hour or up to $500 a week, depending on your skills. Read more on our full DoorDash review.
  • Postmates – You can make an average of $20 per hour. DoorDash and Postmates are considered popular delivery apps. Read our full Postmates vs. DoorDash and see which suits you best.
  • Instacart – You can earn an average of $30 per hour as an Instacart shopper.

Freelancing/Entrepreneurial Venture

Introverts are good thinkers and enjoy working on their projects. Your intuitive skills can come in handy when starting a venture. It can be anything you enjoy doing or something you are passionate about.

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Web Designing

Web designing is a good profession for introverts since they can work remotely. It is the right field for you if you have creative skills, the requisite skill set, and prefer to be alone at work.


If you have a knack for creating beautiful pictures and videos and have an eye for capturing the essence of an image, you can divert your creativity toward photography. While you may need to engage with clients, you will mostly be on your own during editing and processing the images and videos.

You may also sell your photos online, which doesn’t require interaction with people.


If you like to explore, study things in depth, and make discoveries, being a scientist may be the right fit. Both introverts and extroverts can enjoy this type of job.

Professional Tips for Introverts

It takes all kinds of people to make an organization work, and while you may feel that extroverts are usually preferred, it is not always the case. 

You not only need to consider a profession that matches your skill set, but you will also be more comfortable in a scenario where you do not feel too overwhelmed by the job nature or work environment. 

That being said, here are a few tips to help you thrive in your professional life.

  • Work on your public speaking skills. If you struggle with speaking in public, make it a point to challenge yourself and practice so you can do better.
  • Take alone time at work. Only some things have to be done in a group. If you find a work meeting or presentation draining your energy, spend some quiet time in solitude. It will help you feel calm and refreshed.
  • Only some have to be the talker. You can be a good listener and contribute meaningful points to the discussion.
  • Communicate in writing when you can. While some situations require you to speak publicly, you can manage with written communication in others.
  • Use your ability to observe quietly and make it your strength. It will help you make objective decisions.
  • Do not understate your achievements. While you may be uncomfortable being the center of attention when you talk about your accomplishments, you can talk about your projects and how you have contributed to the success of those ventures.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Worst Jobs for Introverts

What Is the Most Introverted Job?

There are various jobs that introverted individuals can consider, including being a scientist, freelancer, web designer, photographer, videographer, delivery driver, writer, etc.

Are Introverts Less Likely to Get Hired?

While some people have the bias that introverts have poor social skills, this doesn’t have to be the case at all. When you’re an introvert that’s qualified at your job, your chances of being hired are high. In some fields, introverts are highly requested because of their attention to detail, innovative ideas, and independence.

What Are the Disadvantages of Being an Introvert?

Introverts are often overlooked in professional and personal scenarios as they tend not to publicize their skills or achievements. They also find it hard to increase their networks and make friends.

Conclusion – Worst Jobs for Introverts

Whether introverted or extroverted, you should “stay true to your own nature,” as author Susan Cain wrote in “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” Respect your unique personality and know the setting where you can do your best work. 

Needless to say, if you are an introvert, steer clear of the jobs that are listed in this article. Don’t hide your light; thrive and shine!

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