Product Tester Jobs 101 – Top 24 Platforms Offering Exciting Testing Careers

Do you believe that the customer is always right? That the consumer should be a company’s focus? That’s why there has been a rise in the demand and supply of product tester jobs.

Testing and reviewing products is a legit and easy side hustle that more and more people are doing. Consider that the average weekly pay for a Product Tester in the United States is $1,880 and that courses on product testing are being offered, suggesting that this gig can become a lucrative, full-time career option for some. 

Manufacturers value consumer opinions in their research and development, incorporating user feedback into their production and marketing processes to make better products. Thus, product testing has become a popular remote gig.

Since some product tester jobs offer free products and others offer healthy compensation, these flexible, remote gigs are sought-after. 

24 Top Platforms Offering Product Testing Jobs

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the best-paid survey communities; it also offers multiple product tester jobs through its website’s ‘Discover’ section. 

You just need a gadget and an internet connection to earn through this platform. Start by making and verifying an account (use our link and get a $5 sign-up bonus). Once you’re done, you can start earning gift cards and cash. 

For more information, check out our complete Swagbucks review.

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2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie occasionally offers well-paid product testing opportunities. You can be paired with suitable tester roles by signing up and filling out your profile. To be eligible, you must be 16 or older and live in the U.S., Australia, or Canada. 

If chosen for testing, you’ll complete a preliminary survey, receive the product, and then provide detailed feedback through a subsequent survey. Find out whether Swagbucks is the right platform for you through this Swagbucks vs. Survey Junkie review.

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3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research sends free product samples to its panelists. Join by providing demographic details and, after testing, give feedback via a survey. Sometimes, Pinecone Research asks for reviews on existing items or new ideas. 

It also offers paid surveys and rewards reviews with points convertible to cash or gift cards.


4. Survey Club

Survey Club provides product tester jobs, clinical trials, focus groups, and online surveys. The availability of focus groups and product testing varies based on your location.

While invitations to participate in these opportunities are infrequent, the compensation is quite generous. Register on their website to get started.


5. American Consumer Opinion

Established in early 1986, American Consumer Opinion is a reputable company providing genuine opportunities for individuals. More than just a survey platform, ACOP allows its members to test and experience new products. Registration with ACOP is free, offering the chance to participate in surveys.

They pay you in points, from 100 to 5,000, for each survey or project. Cash out once you hit 1,000 points using PayPal, or give it to charity. Anyone from anywhere can join and try out products.


6. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is popular and lets you make extra cash or snag-free stuff. You can earn by getting new apps, signing up for free, making online purchases, completing surveys, or giving to charity. There’s also a special club called Branded Elite to earn even more. Just sign up and tell them about yourself.

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7. Toluna

Toluna has been around since 2000 and is a legitimate survey site. As a Toluna member, you can take surveys, test products, participate in polls, join contests, or invite friends to earn more.

Signing up is a breeze, and it’s open to folks in places like the US, Canada, and Australia. They pay with gift cards or checks; you keep them for free when you test products.


8. YouGov

YouGov is a widely recognized survey site covering politics, media, and health. Occasionally, they offer members the opportunity to test products, and in return, you may receive payment in the form of cash or gift cards.


9. Amazon Vine 

You can become an Amazon product tester through product influencers, Amazon Vine, and Amazon review sites. Amazon Vine is an exclusive program that handpicks the most perceptive reviewers from the Amazon store. 

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Amazon will directly send you products from participating vendors for unbiased reviews—sellers aren’t allowed to send items directly. Ensure your reviews are current and valuable. Buying products regularly on Amazon can increase your chances of being invited to the Amazon Vine program.

10. Under Armour

Under Armour product testing is a program where people can test new products before they come out. Athletes get involved in developing the products, and testers need to keep a record of what they do with the product daily. After trying it out, they fill out an online survey. 

Even though testers aren’t paid, they can try out top-notch sportswear for free and see new products before anyone else.

11. Brooks Product Testing

If you’re into running or exercise, check out Brooks Product Testing and tell them what you think. They might give you free stuff or a deal for sharing your thoughts. You must be over 18 and live in the U.S. or Canada to join in.

12. Adidas

Adidas product testing is a program where people can try out new products before they are available. When you join the Adidas Testing Program, you can test different Adidas items and share your thoughts with the company. The program asks testers to record their daily experiences with the product and fill out an online survey afterward. 

Although testers aren’t paid, they can try out high-quality sportswear for free and see prototype products before anyone else. The program aims to collect honest feedback and real-life information to help shape future Adidas products.

13. UserTesting 

With UserTesting, you evaluate test websites and apps, providing feedback that aids brands in enhancing the user experience. Register with User Testing and install their software. When paired with a relevant test, you can commence your evaluation. 

Each test lasts about 20 minutes, and you receive a $10 payment through PayPal.

14. Home Tester Club

Home Tester Club is a community where individuals can test products and share opinions. To become a member, simply visit their website, sign up, and provide information about your buying preferences by answering a few questions. If you’re deemed a good fit, they will email you additional questions to determine your eligibility for product testing. If selected, you can expect to receive the item by mail within 1-3 weeks.

Once you’ve tried the product, Home Tester Club encourages you to complete a survey sharing your experience. They appreciate it when members include pictures or videos in their reviews. You can participate in contests with the chance to win prizes every week. Home Tester Club operates in the USA, UK, Canada, and more.

15. Beta Testing

The Beta Testing community enables you to test various products, such as applications, websites, and associated products. To begin, sign up and establish your profile along with your demographics. Subsequently, you will receive email invitations to participate as a product tester. These tests can vary in duration, ranging from 30 minutes to a few weeks.

It’s important to note that you can only test products with the specific device you registered during the sign-up and profile creation process.

16. Influenster

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If you’re a social media influencer looking for product tester jobs, Influenster might be the platform for you. It is a place where people review products. Sign up, fill out your info, and link your social media or blog. They’ll send you a Voxbox, a box with big-sized products inside.

Try the stuff and talk about it on your social media. Brands get noticed, and you get cool free things!

17. JJ Friends and Neighbors

The Friends and Neighbors lets you try and review products for free. They want folks like you to test new stuff before it hits stores. Sign up, fill in your details, and they’ll email you invites. You can also peek at their site to see if there’s anything for you. If they pick you, use the item and tell them what you think.

They also have other ways to earn, like surveys and group chats.

18. Social Nature

Social Nature is all about picking healthy stuff that’s good for our planet, and they need your help to review things. To test products with them, sign up, fill out your info, and choose stuff you want to try. If they pick you, they’ll send you a coupon code or pay you back for buying it. After trying it, just let them know what you think.

The site provides various items, ranging from snack foods and vitamins to beverages.

19. SheSpeaks

SheSpeaks is a place for women to express their opinions on products, discover deals, and enjoy free samples. Members can discuss and recommend products, occasionally getting opportunities to test new items or take surveys. The site is user-friendly, providing a platform for women to share their views with various brands. 

Although it’s not primarily a paid product-testing site, members may still have the chance to try products, participate in surveys, and engage in discussions. 

20. PINCHme

If you’re into freebies without the fuss, PINCHme is your spot. Every “Sample Tuesday” each month, they ship out free samples. Just sign up, fill out a quick survey about your shopping, and score some free stuff. You can give feedback as soon as you receive the samples.

21. Smiley360

Want free stuff in exchange for reviews? Check out Smiley360. Sign up, answer some questions about your life and the stuff you use, and they’ll match you with products to review.

Fill out your profile, chat in discussions, and complete those surveys. If you’re chosen for a “Smiley360 Mission,” they’ll email you. Try the product they send, and within ten weeks, leave feedback on their site and social media.

22. Product Report Card

Product Report Card is a site where you can try out products and give your thoughts. Besides testing stuff, you can also make money with surveys, chats, and other cool tasks. Just sign up, fill out your info, and await product testing invites in your email. If they pick you, they’ll send something for you to review.

For other tasks, they’ll pay you with Amazon gift codes or even more free items.

23. ProductTube

ProductTube pays you to talk about your favorite brands. Sign up for free, then film a video about products, whether you’re at a store or home. Don’t worry about editing; just upload your video using their website or app. In return, they’ll give you Amazon gift cards.

24. BzzAgent 

BzzAgent allows testers to test out products and services. Sign up, answer some questions to get matched with campaigns, and then apply to join one. They’ll send you a Bzzkit to test out.

Give the product a spin, then chat about it on social media or write a review. After the campaign, they’ll also want your final thoughts in a wrap-up survey.

How To Become a Product Tester 

There are no strict requirements for being a product tester, although the following qualifications would help.

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Skills and Background

  • To become a product tester, having keen observation and good communication skills is vital. 
  • While no special education is usually needed, some firms prefer those with industry knowledge or market research experience. 
  • Being active on social media or blogging can be an advantage, as companies value testers who promote their products.

Steps on How To Become a Product Tester

  1. Sign up with testing platforms or research firms, all linked below.
  2. Fill out your profile to increase the chances of being matched with products.
  3. Once matched, expect to receive a product packet and instructions.
  4. Use the product as directed.
  5. Provide honest feedback through surveys or reviews to help companies improve their products.
  6. Stay active and updated on the testing platforms to enhance your chances of receiving more testing opportunities.

Tips For Finding the Best Product Testing Jobs 

  • Do Your Homework: Always research a company before signing up. Look for reviews or mentions on trusted websites.
  • Check Social Media: Many legitimate product testing companies have active social media profiles. It’s a good sign if they regularly post and engage with their community.
  • Avoid Upfront Fees: Be wary if a site asks for money upfront. Most legit product testing jobs won’t charge you to join.
  • Stay Updated: Join forums or Facebook groups dedicated to product testing. They can be great places to learn about new opportunities or potential scams.
  • Read the Fine Print: Ensure you understand what is expected of you as a tester and how you will be compensated.
  • Protect Personal Info: Don’t give out unnecessary personal information. A legit company won’t ask for things like your Social Security number (SSN).
  • Trust Your Gut: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be cautious and trust your instincts.
  • Ask Around: If you’re unsure about a platform, ask friends or family if they’ve heard of it or have any experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Product Tester Jobs

What Does a Product Tester Do?

A product tester tries out products to evaluate their functionality, quality, and overall user experience. They provide feedback to companies, often through reviews or surveys, to help improve or market the product. 

Do Product Testers Make Money?

Product testers can make money by reviewing and providing feedback on products. The compensation varies, but testers may receive cash, gift cards, or get to keep the products they test.

How Do I Become a Tester for Products?

To become a product tester, sign up on product testing platforms or with market research firms that partner with brands seeking feedback. Once registered, you’ll be matched with products to review based on your profile and preferences.

Is Product Testing Hard?

Product testing is typically not difficult, as it involves using and evaluating products as any consumer would. However, providing thorough and valuable feedback can require attention to detail and clear communication skills.

Conclusion – Product Tester Jobs

So, are you now ready to try that household product and give your two cents worth about its convenience? Or perhaps you are thinking of how to share your user experience after exploring a website.

Make sure to do your research and weigh your circumstances and goals against the product tester job you are considering. May you get the testing job that best suits you!

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