10 Things That Are Not Talked About – But We All Do Them Anyway

I was online and found a question asking, “What do folks do secretly?” I found it intriguing, so I collected some answers. Check them out!

1. Giving Advice They Don’t Follow

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The top-voted comment is giving advice that they don’t follow. It was agreed by many in the thread.

Someone expressed that people get mad when they do this, and it’s frustrating. They just wanted more input from another perspective. Just because they didn’t follow it doesn’t mean they didn’t listen or consider it. 

2. Judging

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A second responded with “judging.” They say we all do it, but it’s about being intelligent enough not to let it cloud our perspective.

Another elaborated by agreeing and adding that it’s sometimes okay and even good to judge. Sometimes, people are bad to be around, and that’s important to recognize. They continued saying that being judgmental is only bad if you are overly doing it. They closed by acknowledging that even with that, we all do it. 

3. Picking Your Nose

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Leo wrote, “picking our nose.” I didn’t really want to go there, Leo, but here we are.

Someone shared that there was a similar ask a while back, and the same topic came up. One person’s dad apparently had a saying, “We all pick our noses… it’s what we do afterward that separates us.”

4. Wondering about People

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Somebody shared that for them, it’s to wonder if people who have long disappeared from your life (or those you’ve only met once or twice) still think about you.

Another person related to this and said that what’s weird is bumping into them and them saying, “It’s that person I told you about!” to someone you don’t know. Makes you wonder what kind of reputation you have.

5. Compliments

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Thinking about compliments given by someone years ago, as mentioned by Suven. Many people in the thread shared the compliments that they received, literally years and years ago, and were still thriving on.

As simple as “I can see your face!” after someone cut his hair, “Wow, your eyes are so pretty!” instead of compliments on his physical body. And a random “you have straight and pretty teeth” from a random old lady.

We should all complement each other more! 

6. Singing

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Kumori replied, and I have to quote this because I am kind of the same, “I tried to sing, like, really good. When I’m alone, I’ll be hitting those high notes even though I sound like a dying walrus.”

After reading the rest of the comments on this reply, I know we aren’t the only ones. 

7. While Showering…

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One described that they (used to) cup their hands over their chest in the shower. Let it fill with water and let the water then drop all at once.

Another announced, “Haven’t done this in years. I’ll be right back.” A third added that they have to do the water bending too when it runs down their arm and to their fingertips. 

8. Talking to Yourself

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An individual remarked that it’s talking to themself when they are alone. A second suggested that it’s because they are in great company.

A third user added, with some sarcasm, that it’s smart of you to do it only when you’re alone. 

9. Toilet Time

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Dave said it’s looking at their poops in the toilet for him.

Many agreed, and some added why… like the person that said your doctor would probably tell you that’s actually a good habit to get into because it can alert you of any gastrointestinal (GI) problems you might have. 

10. Bedsheet Washes

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According to one, it’s bedsheet washes. They admitted that they’re going longer than one week between bedsheet washes.

There are some differences in the replies, from “Wait, you’re supposed to wash bedsheets every week? I’m genuinely shocked at myself if I do it every month,” to “I really do change my sheets every week, with occasional exceptions. Getting out of the shower and sleeping in fresh sheets feels nice.”

I myself am definitely on team 2 because nothing feels better than having everything clean at once. But you do you!

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