Nobody Believes These 17 Strange Encounters: From Heartwarming to Bone-Chilling, What’s Your Take?

People have experiences that feel like they were straight out of a fiction novel, whether it’s a romance or a thriller book. These events might seem unreal, but they’re just amazing coincidences in life. Here are 17 unusual meetings that lots of people find tough to trust.

1. One House – Three Buyers All Connected to 1 Person

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Someone shared that his cousin bought a house in the early 2000s. Later on, that same house was sold to his best friend and his wife. Years after, they put it up for sale, and in 2014, this storyteller’s girlfriend’s family bought that exact same house.

That’s three buyers who did not know each other but knew one person in common—this storyteller.

2. The Same Rashes Formed on the Other Baby Twin

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A mother gave birth to twins, and while one was perfectly healthy, the other had to come with oxygen on. The twin had two round rashes on each cheek where the oxygen was secured.

Mysteriously, two similar round rashes also formed on the other twin who was not using oxygen. That’s what you call twin power. 

3. I See You in There

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This person narrated his experience staying at this hotel in another state. At 3 in the morning, someone called his cellphone and told him, “I can see you there” in a scary voice.

He checked all the windows, and all the curtains were closed. That’s just creepy. 

4. Daughter’s Bad Thoughts Channeled Through Mom

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A mother shared her horrible experience when she felt depressed and anxiously on the edge. She even shared how she stood on a chair with a rope in her hand.

Her daughter was in the same situation two weeks later, and unfortunately, she completed the deed. 

5. Trapped in A Dream

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Someone related a story where he had a very realistic dream about a normal day in school where three people threw up in the trash can at lunchtime.

When he woke up, everything happened exactly in his dream, and he even thought he was still dreaming. He woke up the next day, still scared that he might still be dreaming. 

6. Dreaming About A Dog Adoption Before It Happens

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An individual shared a dream she had about receiving a black dog named Hudson. A month later, there was a wildfire that killed many.

An acquaintance then visited her and asked her to adopt a young black dog who lost her home in the fire. She agreed and named the dog Hudson. 

7. Seeing a 3-Foot Long Worm

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While nobody might believe him, someone shared an incident when he saw an actual 3-foot-long worm. And no, it wasn’t a snake! 

It might seem like too big to be a worm, but this can be possible. You’ll know it to be a fact if you’re a biologist. 

8. Backyard Tree Told Me Grandfather Passed Away

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An individual shared that when he was a kid, he heard a whisper by the backyard tree that his grandfather passed away. When he told his mother, she slapped him because it wasn’t true.

Later that same day, they received a call overseas with the same bad news. 

9. Someone Creepily Watched Me and My Friend Sleep

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Someone shared his sleepover experience with a friend. While the other slept on the sofa and another in the bedroom, both felt like someone was standing near them and watching them sleep. Worse, they seemed to be frozen in fear, couldn’t move, and couldn’t wake up.

The next day, both horrifyingly shared the same story with each other. 

10. A Man in Our Haunted House

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Another individual shared that when she was in second grade, after a month of moving into a new home, a man started appearing everywhere (at her door, at the end of her mom’s bed, downstairs with her little sister), staring at her and her family members and then would disappear.

They moved again because of him. 

11. The Case of the Missing Bag

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This man told his story when he was a young schoolboy. He rode the school bus and tucked his bag below his seat with his friend, telling him he’d probably forget about his bag when they reached school, which he did.

When he got home, his mom asked him what he missed, which confused him since he hadn’t told his mom yet. Turns out that his bag was in his closet. But how?

12. Watched Mom Did Something Horrible Through Her Eyes

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Someone narrated how she saw her mom put her sick cat down through her eyes. It was a memory from when she was still young, and she thought it was just her imagination.

When she asked her mom, though, she confirmed and told her that it was true she had to put her cat down, and she did it when she was with a babysitter on the other side of town that day so that she wouldn’t see it. It’s mysterious, but could it be real?

13. Spoiling Something Good

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An individual shared that whenever something good is about to happen, and he tells it to someone, it will all be messed up.

That’s why now he tends to shut up until the good thing has already happened. Bite your tongue!

14. Comforted by the Spirit of a Dead Siamese Cat

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This woman narrated a story about his beautiful Siamese cat Salem who died when she was 11. On one particularly harrowing day in school, she got home so frustrated that she burst into tears.

Suddenly, there was a mist in the kitchen, and she just felt peace in her heart. She just knew it was Salem comforting her.

15. UFO Sighting in Northern Vermont

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Image Credit: DepositPhotos/mcornelius

This Vermont guy swore he saw four flickering lights in the night sky that seemed to move like they were controlled and then disappeared. This was before drones ever existed. 

Many have stories about bright lights floating in the sky. While it’s easy not to believe, it’s also surprising that these stories come from all over the world. 

16. Clogged Fridge Ice Dispenser Solved

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This woman shared that the family’s fridge ice dispenser would always get clogged without knowing the cause. After her husband died, it never happened again. 

Is it a farewell gift from her dead husband?

17. Yelling Put to an End

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This person grew up with his parents yelling at him for every little thing. One day, all the aggression and yelling just completely stopped. He didn’t know why, but it was a blessing nonetheless. 

Maybe they finally put their differences aside and realized the effects of fighting in front of their kids. Whatever the reason is, it’s a good change. 

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