Should I Start Blogging? – 25 Good Reasons Why You Should Start A Blog Now

Have you ever considered blogging? Maybe for self-expression, accountability, or building a business? Let’s get into your reasons after affirming your answer to the question, “Should I start blogging?”

With the hard work, time, and money involved, blogging is not exactly for everyone. However, your motivation will come from your reasons. 

Whether you have already carefully thought out your circumstances or are still hesitating if blogging is really for you, it would be beneficial to enumerate various reasons people start blogs to compare or validate your decision to leap into the blogging world.

As you read the different reasons for and against blogging discussed in this article, weigh them with your own reality, personality, and goals. Let’s give the best answer on whether you should really begin your blogging journey. 

25 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

Why should you blog? Let us count the reasons why.

1. To Build a Brand

Blogging is the best way to start your journey to the top if you are building a brand. Once you gather a good audience that trusts you for the information you provide about your niche, they will most likely return to your site and trust the brands you recommend. You will earn money initially from these affiliate links while gradually working on building your own brand. 

When you want to blog more professionally and increase your chances of making money, there is a way to do that. Check this step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and head on to this reliable web host, Bluehost, that provides various feature-packed web hosting options to help you build your website without a sweat. 

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2. Helps You Become a Marketing Expert

As a blogger, you will be exposed to marketing techniques such as content marketing, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), email marketing, etc. The more you learn these techniques, the better you can shape, focus, and customize your blogging content toward your target audience.

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This course will teach you how to effectively include affiliate links in blog posts, various ways to implement the methods, and go into the legal side of affiliate marketing. Michelle has built a blog that makes over $50,000 monthly from affiliate income, which is certainly something to learn from.

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3. You Get Paid for Sharing Your Views 

What’s better than earning money for sharing your opinion or knowledge with others? It is a win-win situation where all you need to do is to pick a niche, write your first blog post, start monetizing your blog, and watch the inflow of money over time. 

If you’re still looking for a platform to monetize your ads, I’ve been very satisfied with Ezoic over the first 2-3 years of blogging. If you want more information on the platform, please head to our full Ezoic review to hear my personal experience with the platform.

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4. A Steady Source of Passive Income

Blogging is a great source of passive income, so you should start blogging today. Although it takes time for beginners to reach a stage where they can easily earn $2,000 per month, every time you invest in blogging is worth it. 

When you want to be in a blogging group with like-minded people, try the Insiders Program I’m a part of. It’s a group of bloggers serious about making blogging their full-time business and working hard to get there. 

Personally, I’ve learned the skills there to get me to $6,000+ revenue months, and I can’t recommend it enough.

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5. To Sell It for Profit 

You can also sell blogs online. Many sites like Flippa and Motion Invest allow you to sell your blogs easily. 

Your number of subscribers, blog traffic, and income will determine your blog’s worth and selling price.

6. To Inspire People 

For those who prioritize inspiring others over side hustle income, blogging can be a powerful platform. You can motivate and engage a targeted audience by choosing a niche and sharing your ideas and experiences. 

Through your content, you can help others learn and excel in their lives, making a positive impact and fulfilling your desire to inspire.

7. To Grow Your Business

For entrepreneurs, growing a business through blogging is a great opportunity. The first step is to define the audience you want to target through your blogs. Once you know your target audience, pick the topics for your blogs that can turn your readers into customers. 

Alternatively, if you already have a business, building a blog around it can be a great way to attract more customers and increase your revenue.

8. Low Initial Investment

The cost of starting a blog is pretty low. You can start from $65 per year. If you go with the platform I used when I started, Bluehost, it’s perfect for beginners if you don’t have high traffic to your site yet.

Bluehost is one of the best service providers to help you set up your first blog at the most reasonable cost. When you use our specific link, you’ll temporarily get a free domain name (value $15) when signing up with Bluehost.

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9. Building SEO Traffic

Blogging is one of the best ways to boost SEO traffic.

If you have a blog on your website, you can target relevant keywords to your platform and work to get your website at the top of Google. 

10. To Connect With People

Blogging is the easiest way to connect with people, providing a platform for you to lead people of your mindset. 

By creating a community where all members share equal thoughts, you can help develop an audience that trusts and listens to you. 

11. To Share Knowledge

If you have good knowledge about a specific product, service, history, or anything relevant, you can start a blog and share your knowledge with the rest of the world. You will be helping people while earning some good cash. 

The more knowledge you share, the more it will increase.

12. To Learn New Skills

Many people start blogging for fun and eventually do it full-time. 

One major reason for it is that it helps you develop your skills. As a blogger, you can learn many new things, such as WordPress designing, writing, etc. You also learn about various marketing, SEO, and content management concepts. 

For me, it’s so much fun to learn different things and build skills. I’m very easily bored and love doing different things throughout the day. If that is also true for you, you should start a blog.

13. To Expand Your Social Media Following 

Although blogging isn’t primarily done to increase social media following, it is a great way to increase your followers over time. 

Many people start a blog sharing their life with links to their social media accounts. When people read your blog, you can also lead them to your social accounts to increase followers. 

14. To Become a Better Writer 

Blogging needs you to be a good writer to attract people to come (and stay) on your platform. Writing helps you shape your arguments and opinions in a much better way. 

While writing, you have more time to think about what message you want to convey, which helps you come up with creative ideas to engage your audience. 

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15. To Get More Traffic to Your Website

If you already have a website to your name, blogging is the best way to give it a little Google boost. 

It can help you generate new traffic different from what you are already getting. The more blog posts you have on your website, the more chances you have to appear on the search engine results page (SERP) on search engines like Google and Bing. 

16. To Convert Traffic Into Leads 

Converting all the traffic into leads is easy and simple. All you need to do is to add a lead-generating call to action to every post. These can be free eBooks, trials, or anything a person can get as a reward for some information. 

When you give them their freebie, you can provide value to them while you will also get their information to build an email or call list. When you send regular emails to your list, you can convert them to buy your product or service.

17. Blogging Your Long-term Results 

If you shape your content in a way that always answers the right questions most frequently asked by the customers, you will get long-term results. The readers will come back to you, repeatedly, searching for the answers to their questions. 

Over time, your position in search engines like Google will also increase, which means you will get even more traffic to your platform. 

Having the right systems in place may result in more revenue and profit.

18. Allows You To Earn Without Leaving Your Home

Blogging doesn’t ask you to work with the machinery or stay all day at the office. All you need to do is to stay at home and write. You can do most of the work from home, which is a huge bonus. 

You can also work from anywhere, which is a dream for me. I quit my day job last year, traveling the world while working wherever I wanted.

19. To Build Self-Confidence

Writing your own opinions about many topics allows you to build a lot of self-confidence. People reading your opinions and appreciating your works allow you to recognize your worth. 

Over time, you can express yourself better and get more confident in your arguments.

20. Allows You To Create Courses and Teach

Creating courses is much easier when you have your own blog, which allows you to set up a class of students without searching for them. You use your current audience to enroll in the offered programs. 

21. Raise Awareness Among People 

Some bloggers use their blogs to raise awareness, targeting a general audience and ensuring they get the right message. The message can sometimes bring a massive change in society. 

22. Doesn’t Require Any Special Qualification

Blogging doesn’t require you to be highly qualified with a master’s degree. You just need to craft engaging content that people want to read and see yourself rise in popularity. 

23. A Good Hobby 

As you explore yourself and get creative through blogging, you may find that keeping a blog is a pleasurable activity that you enjoy doing. 

It’s a bonus when your blog gets monetized: nothing is better than a hobby that pays you. 

24. You Can Write About Almost Anything

As a blogger, you need to pick a niche, but that doesn’t take the freedom of picking any topic you want. The variety of topics to write about and share your views on is a good reason to start blogging.

25. Amazing Growth Opportunities

Your blog is highly likely to get recognition if your content is engaging. Around 409 million people visit over 20 billion pages monthly, which means there are more than enough pageviews to go around.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog

  • Not a Quick Cash Grabber

If you want to make quick cash, blogging shouldn’t be the first thing on your list of things to do. Blogging is a good source of passive income, but it requires you to invest ample time initially. Staying motivated and committed is the only way to become a successful blogger. 

  • No Fixed Income

Blogging is not a good option for people who can’t deal with risks. As a blogger, you won’t make money regularly nor get a fixed income every month. 

  • You Love To Read Blogs 

Many people start blogging just because they love reading. In that case, make sure that you are actually interested in blogging. Not every reader is a good writer. 

  • You Want To Share Your Day-to-day Life

Blogging shouldn’t be the place to go if you just want to share your daily routine with people. Many people write blogs about routine activities that don’t get much attention. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Should I Start Blogging?

Is Starting a Blog Worth It?

Starting a blog is worth it, considering the pay-offs in accomplishment, network, and profit. However, be ready to invest some precious time, effort, and even money to become successful. 

Are Blogs Still Relevant This Year?

Yes, blogs are still relevant this year, with self-care, travel, health, and lifestyle as their top niches. 

Blogging, or what is now called content marketing, will continue to be relevant as long as it evolves according to the needs and realities of society.

Why Do Most Bloggers Fail?

The main reason that most bloggers fail is the lack of engaging and attractive quality content. Failure could also come from unclear or inconsistent goals, an undefined audience, and 80% of bloggers quitting within the first 6 months. 

What Type of Blog Is Most Profitable?

The most profitable niches include:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Money Making
  • Food and Recipes

Conclusion – Should I Start Blogging?

After reading this list, we hope that you have a better understanding of why people start blogging. 

Many blogging platforms are available for those who want to make money, share their passion, or become a blogger. If you’re passionate about something, starting a personal blog can be a great way to express yourself and connect with others who share your interests.

Getting started is easy with just a click, and tutorials are readily available to guide you through the process if you’re unsure where to begin. Once you start creating blog content, it’s important to consider the best way to write for your chosen audience and learn about monetization strategies to make money blogging. Generating blog post ideas is also key to keeping your blog fresh and engaging.

Whether you’re blogging for business or personal reasons, publishing your blog is an exciting step towards your goals. So, welcome to the blogosphere, and good luck on your new journey!

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