Ezoic Review 2021 – Case Study & 629% Increase In Revenue

Do you want to make money blogging? Placing advertisements is a great way to do so. In this Ezoic review, we will go into how Ezoic can help optimize your blog’s revenue.

When you have put in the effort to start a blog, and you are writing blog posts consistently, you want to be rewarded for your efforts. 

While Google Adsense may be a great way to start monetizing your blog initially, there are Google Adsense alternatives like Ezoic that will bring in much more revenue. 

Ezoic Review Summary

Ezoic is an excellent platform if you want to grow the income from your blog. The set-up is completely hands-off, and customer support replies within hours. Our EMPV (revenue per 1000 visitors) has increased from $13.50 to $28.15, which is an increase of 109%. Our ad revenue increased from $35.38 to 258.24, which is six times as much (629% to be exact).

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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is a platform that helps bloggers and website owners to monetize their websites. Besides that, Ezoic also has tons of tools to optimize your website for ads, their ad tester to be one of the prominent ones. 

Ezoic is unique in that its ad tester uses data-driven artificial intelligence to optimize your site. It optimizes the ad placement and what ads are placed based on what your audience likes. The longer you have it on your website, the better it gets. 

There is absolutely no action required from your side, the Ezoic support team sets it up for you, and the Ad Tester learns by testing. It will test ad density, advertisement location, and what ads perform best with the audience.  

The approach Ezoic uses will increase the performance of your website in most cases. It increases site engagement, which in turn increases your revenue.

Ezoic is one of the most lucrative ways to monetize your platform and make extra money when you haven’t hit the 100K monthly pageviews mark. 

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How Does Ezoic Work?

Ezoic loads your website into one of their layouts when someone visits your site. It will measure the time on page, bounce rates, page views, and ad income to determine the best layouts for your site and audience. 

Ezoic has artificial intelligence to test thousands of different layouts, ad sizes, ad density, ad location for your website. The system will gather data of your site over time, determining the preferences of your visitors. 

The Ezoic algorithm determines the best performing layouts for your audience, uses these, and increases your ad revenue. 

Ezoic Review & Case Study

For the case study, we’ve switched to Ezoic in September and have over four months of data at this point. We wanted to see if changing to Ezoic would get better results. The average number of page views is 28,000 per month from September to December. 

We switched to the Ezoic Premium program in January, which we will cover in detail later in the article. As the Ezoic Premium program is not available initially, we will not take the extra cash generated from that program in this case study – we will look at pre-Premium advertisement income.  

Ezoic Vs. Adsense

Pre-Ezoic revenue is Google Adsense earnings. Here are the results after the first two weeks of switching:

Ezoic vs Adsense - Adsense Alternatives

Adsense results week total:

Ezoic Review - Results Adsense Week

Ezoic results week 1-2:

Ezoic Review - Results Ezoic 2 Weeks

As you can see, the site has improved dramatically. The ads are placed better and they generate way more revenue, which means I’ve actually started to make money from the blog. Whaaaattt?

What Features Does Ezoic Have?

Ezoic has a couple of different tools that you can use. My favorites are:

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Ezoic Ad Tester

The Ezoic Ad Tester uses an algorithm to test ads on your website and optimize them for size, location, number of ads, ad types, and what works best for your specific website. 

I like the Ezoic Ad Tester because it considers both maximizing revenue and optimizing user experience by default. For example, some users will get three ads when they read your posts, while others will get five. It is all based on the behavior of the people visiting your website. 

Title Tag Tester

The title tag tester is a relatively new feature of Ezoic, where you can test different titles for a blog post. You insert several titles that you want to try and wait while Ezoic will determine which title will give the most clicks. 

Site Speed Accelerator

Ezoic has a Site Speed Accelerator tool that you can use to increase your website speed dramatically. They reported an average 200% increase in site speed after analyzing over 90+ websites that used the Site Speed Accelerator. 

While not every website will experience a 200% increase in site speed, it is a great way to increase your site speed without needing to install dozens of plugins. They guarantee an 80+ score out of 100 when you sign up for their Site Speed Accelerator.  

They offer a free 7-day trial to try the service out. After that, you have to pay a small monthly fee depending on how much traffic you generate. 

Here are my results from using the Site Speed Accelerator. Let’s look at my mobile site speed first. Yes, I know it’s terrible. And yes, I used AMP.

Ezoic Review - Site Speed Accelerator Mobile
Ezoic Review - Site Speed Accelerator Mobile After

I’m still working on my site speed, and my homepage is immensely loaded with images and JavaScript. I’m planning to increase this to in the 90s this week, and the Ezoic Site Speed team is assisting me with this.

Now for my site speed on my desktop website:

Ezoic Review - Site Speed Accelerator Web Before
Ezoic Review - Site Speed Accelerator Web After

The Site Speed Accelerator feature from Ezoic had increased my desktop site speed score from 64 to 95, which is an amazing increase.

My page load time decreased in seconds as well, which means more visitors will stay on the site and thus more ad revenue. Win-win!

Big Data Analytics

Ezoic Review - Dashboard

Ezoic has a free analytics tool that you can use for reporting and analyzing your numbers. As a personal finance enthusiast, I love the reporting and analytics part of Ezoic. Give me all the numbers! The Big Data analytics tool they provide helps you learn more about your site and your readers’ behavior. 

You can see anything you want, my favorite including:

  • Revenue by landing page
  • Bounce rate by page load time
  • Social shares by page
  • Engaged pageviews (minimum of 10 seconds interaction with your platform). 

Ezoic Layout Tester

The Ezoic Layout Tester works just like the Ad Tester, only with your page layout. It tests what kind of layout performs best for your readers and will give you the best time-on-page. It doesn’t only do that for your browser website, but also your mobile website. 

Ezoic AMP Converter

Ezoic AMP Converter

The Ezoic AMP Converter is a free tool that you can use to convert any page of your website to AMP. The tool will ensure that your ads are still set up correctly, which can be a problem for some people when using other AMP plugins. 

How Does Ezoic Pay?

Getting paid by Ezoic is automatic every month between the 26th and the 31st. You can get paid by international bank transfer, check, Payoneer, or PayPal. You have to earn a minimum of $20 before they pay you. 

When you use Ezoic, a small amount of your traffic will be sent to Adsense by default to push you to higher revenue.

In the rare case that Adsense does give you higher revenues, your traffic will be sent through their platform for optimal results. It means that you may still get paid small amounts through Adsense.

You can deactivate that when you want to have 100% of your traffic go through Ezoic. 

What Are The Requirements For Ezoic?

It can be challenging to start blogging, especially if you want to stick to your plan. You have built a site, and you’re writing content, trying to rank in Google, doing some Pinterest, trying affiliate marketing, and want more people to your site. 

Two of the best things that I have done that moved the needle for me:

  • Joined a mastermind where we talk about all the things SEO, site growth, and monetization. 
  • Got into the Ezoic ad network. 

Honestly, Ezoic almost tripled my revenue overnight. Unfortunately, not everyone can get into Ezoic. They have specific requirements that you need to meet before you get approved. 

The requirements to join Ezoic are:

  • 10,000 monthly pageviews
  • Compliant with Google
  • High-quality platform

Let’s go into them in more detail!

1. Minimum Website Traffic

When you want to apply to Ezoic, make sure that you have at least 10,000 monthly page views to your site. Not 10,000 visitors or 10,000 sessions, but 10,000 pageviews. The AI system they use at Ezoic needs data to optimize, which means a minimum of 10,000 page views per month. 

Be aware of this: if you have high-quality content and your website is growing rapidly, you can also apply when you are almost there but not quite. We got approved when we had 9,300 pageviews, so if you’re unsure, apply to the platform and have a chat with them. 

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2. Compliant With Google Adsense Policy

Ezoic is a Google Publishing Partner, which means that they need to check if your platform is compliant with the Adsense policy. Ezoic wants to keep their relationship with Google good, which is why they don’t want to approve your site if it is not compliant with Adsense policy. 

3. High-Quality Platform

Ezoic wants to connect to platforms and websites with lots of content and provide the reader with information. If you have an e-commerce platform, but you have a blog attached to it, you can be considered for their platform. 

What Are The Pros Of Ezoic?

The pros of using the Ezoic ad platform are:

  • Higher revenue because of ad testing. Ezoic’s algorithm is very effective in testing your website and uses machine learning to optimize your website. 
  • Amazing analytics and reporting. I am an absolute analytics nerd, and I love to see the numbers behind the platform. Ezoic has a great dashboard where you can see revenue, EMPV (earnings per 1,000 visitors), page views, bounce rates, top revenue pages, social shares, and more. 
  • Complete control over your website. Ezoic allows you to have full control of how many ads you show, the ads’ design, the color of the ads, and you can set a maximum number of ads per page. You can also exclude pages from showing ads or selecting what devices you want to show the ads. 
  • Possibility for sticky ads. Sticky ads are one of the highest revenue ads. However, you can’t use them with Adsense. With Ezoic, you can enable sticky ads to your website in your sidebar or have an anchor ad at the bottom of the screen if you want to. Personally, I use them both since they are generating a lot of revenue. 
  • Payout possible from $20. The payout from Google Adsense is $100, and it took me over a year to make that. The minimum payment threshold for Ezoic is set at just $20. 
  • Awesome customer support. Ezoic has fantastic customer support. They are very responsive and often respond within a few hours. They take the time to explain why and the language they use is not hard to understand if you have minimal knowledge about the technical side of blogging.

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What Are The Cons Of Ezoic?

The cons of using the Ezoic platform are:

  • You need 10,000 pageviews. When you want to get accepted to the Ezoic platform, you need at least 10,000 monthly pageviews (not sessions or visitors). If you are not yet there, it would be best to focus on growing your traffic first. 
  • Machine Learning can take some time. You need to give the Ezoic algorithm some time to learn about your website and your visitors’ behavior. It can mean that your revenue is lower in the first couple of days. It can take up to 30 days before the algorithm has enough data to maximize your revenue. 
  • Ad at the bottom of the page. Ezoic offers their service for free when they can place a small ad at the bottom of your page. For me, it’s not a problem, since most visitors won’t scroll that far down. If you want to remove the ad, you can upgrade to pay 5% of your revenue.

How To Start With Ezoic?

Installing and integrating your website with Ezoic is straightforward. Follow the steps below to make sure that you set up Ezoic for your platform correctly. Luckily, Ezoic is extremely easy to set up. 

When you have any support questions, be sure to contact the Ezoic support team, they will happily help you!

1. Create your Ezoic account.

Be sure to click here to create your Ezoic account, and you get started right away. You confirm your email address, and you will get access to the setup wizard in your dashboard.

The setup wizard ensures that you go through all the steps of setting up your Ezoic account. 

2. Integrate your site with Ezoic.

You can integrate your website with Ezoic in three different ways:

  1. Link your Cloudflare account by simply signing in. 
  2. Change nameservers at your hosting provider (click here for details)
  3. Install a WordPress plugin called Ezoic Integration and follow the steps. 

3. Make sure you deactivate previous ads.

When you switch your ad network over to Ezoic, make sure to disable any ads you have placed before the switch. When you remove the previous ads, Ezoic’s system can test all different kinds of ads in size and location. If you have other ads still on your page, they will show up and influence your Ezoic results. Plus, your user experience may be affected since both of the ads are showing. 

Ezoic has a great article on wrapping up your ads, where they explain it step by step. 

4. Let the Ad Tester do the work.

Your ad manager will look at your website and place possible ad spaces on your platform. The Ezoic algorithm will do its work and inserts ads on different locations. The ads won’t be displayed in all areas, but they will be optimized for the user experience. 

You can influence the ads by removing or adjusting placeholders you don’t like. For example, I turned off the ads in my header or on top of the page.

There’s always a degree of influence you have on the ad placement. You can tailor the ads as much as you want, just be aware that it can influence your revenue.

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How To Get Great Results With Ezoic?

If you decide to switch to another ad network, you want to make sure it is worth your while. You want to make more revenue, increase your side hustle income, and improve the quality of your website. Luckily, we found that there are some best practices for Ezoic. 

1. Let Your Ad Manager Take Care Of Ad Placements

When you sign up with Ezoic, you will get an ad manager. They will help you set up your account, and they will put several different ad placements on your website. The ads will be different sizes, and they will have different locations. 

The ads don’t appear all at the same time, the Ezoic Ad Tester is an algorithm that tests the placement of the ads for optimal revenue and user experience. 

Your ad manager is the one who has experience with placing the ads on your website. They set it up for me, and I didn’t have to do any manual changes. If you have any preferences, like no ads in the header section, they will take care of it. 

2. Let The Algorithm Do Its Work

After the ads are placed on your website, let the algorithm do its work. Some will see immediate results, while others will have to be more patient. Ezoic is gathering data every day from the people visiting your website. It takes time to optimize the ad placements and optimal ad sizes for your audience and content. 

Give the algorithm a month to see if you get any significant benefits from the Ezoic platform. I was out-earning my AdSense ads after a couple of days, but my earnings stabilized after a month. 

3. Check Your Analytics

Check your analytics regularly to see what content performs best. You can see what pages are making money online and what pages are great for user engagement. You will see what your audience likes and what they are reading. 

If you want to make more money with display ads, you can write similar content since that’s what your audience is interested in. 

Ezoic Review – Frequently Asked Questions

It can be quite a decision to choose from all the ad networks available to you. When I was considering switching, I read a lot of online content and had many questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. 

If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments below the post!

Is There A Contract With Ezoic?

No, there’s no contract with Ezoic. That is one of the things I paid close attention to when I signed up with Ezoic. There are other advertisers where you need to stay at least one year or have a specific notice period. Ezoic is not one of these. You can turn off Ezoic temporarily or permanently if you aren’t satisfied with the results. 

How Long Does The Approval Process Take?

For me, it took about a week between signing up with Ezoic and integrating Ezoic on my website. Ezoic is growing rapidly, with more and more applications for their platform every month, which means it could potentially take longer. Ezoic is hosting over 10,000 websites at this moment. 

Will Ezoic Clutter My Website With Ads?

The Ezoic Ad Tester has an algorithm that tests for the frequency of ads and the ad placement based on the visitors and their behavior. The algorithm will manage the most profitable placements and the optimal frequency for customer satisfaction. 

Ultimately, you can decide if you think your website has too many ads. You can ask your ad manager to reduce the ads, as you have complete control over your website. 

Is Ezoic Really Free?

Yes, Ezoic is really free. They do place a small ad at the bottom of your page after you’ve finished your 30-day trial to earn a small amount of revenue from you. You can prevent that by joining their Premium program that starts at $49 per month, giving you access to higher payouts and premium advertisers. 

How Can You Get Paid By Ezoic?

Ezoic pays monthly between the 26th and the 31st when you have at least $20 available for payout. They pay through PayPal, Payoneer, international bank transfer, or check. 

How Can You Integrate Your Site With Ezoic?

There are several ways to integrate your site with Ezoic: you can link your Cloudflare account, change your nameservers, or install a WordPress plugin. When you use the Cloudflare integration, your website will be faster than when you use a plugin. 

Can I Still Integrate With Ezoic If I Don’t Use WordPress?

Absolutely! Ezoic works with many different CMSs, hosts, and website building platforms. A couple of examples are Blogger, Squarespace, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Rebel Mouse, and more. If you don’t have a WordPress blog, you can’t use the plugin method to link Ezoic, meaning you have to connect Cloudflare or change your nameservers. 

What Other Ways Can I Make Money With My Blog?

How to make money online is a popular subject. If you want to make good money with your blog or online platforms, affiliate marketing or freelance writing are the easiest two. Freelance writing is active and easier to build up, while affiliate marketing is passive and harder to build up. Both are high-income skills that can be great if you need money now.

Try a combination of the two where you write for a couple of clients on the side, as an additional revenue stream. At the same time, you can build up affiliate programs and write affiliate articles for your platform. 

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What Is Ezoic Premium?

Ezoic Premium is an invitation-only program from Ezoic where you can increase your revenue by showing higher paying ads. When you meet a certain amount of traffic and Ezoic has determined that you are a good fit for these advertisers, you are invited. They offer a 14-day free trial to try the program, and once you accept the invitation, you’re in immediately. 

With Ezoic Premium, you get results quickly. Within 24 hours, the Ezoic Premium ads will run on your platform, and you will see results. 

You pay a monthly fee to get access to the higher-paying ads and get more revenue. The Ezoic Premium program is set up in a way that you will always earn more than the monthly fee you pay.  

My Ezoic Premium Results

I got invited to Ezoic Premium at the beginning of January. I did some research and ended up accepting the invitation in mid-January. That means I’ve started using it fairly recently, and my results are from about a month. 

When more results come in, I’ll be sure to update this section. 

For now, my current monthly revenue is $215.75, and the monthly costs are $144. It gives me a net profit of $71.75 and an ROI of 49.8%, which will grow as my site grows. 

Pros Of Ezoic Premium Ad Program

Ezoic Premium has several pros and cons to their program. Let’s start with the pros:

  • Increase profit – the premium ads deliver more profits than they cost. Depending on how much traffic you get on your websites, this could be hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. As your website grows, the profit will increase as well. 
  • Optional quarterly site review session with an expert – once a quarter, you can schedule a site review session with an expert. You can talk about SEO, user experience, ad placement, revenue, and ask any other questions you may have. 
  • No revenue share – the Premium Ad fees that Ezoic charges is their only charge. They don’t ask for a percentage of your earnings. It is a transparent model that shows how much they’re making and how much you can keep. 
  • Premium advertiser reports – you can see premium advertiser reports in your dashboard. In these reports, you can see what advertisers account for what part of your revenue. It can be a great way to see what fits your audience, perhaps even check if they have an affiliate program you can use. 
  • Ezoic Premium doesn’t display more ads – when you use Ezoic Premium, a similar amount of ads is displayed on your page. They will place equal amounts of ads, and your revenue will increase because of the premium advertisers that bid more on the ad placement on your account. 

Cons Of Ezoic Premium Ad Program

Ezoic Premium has several pros and cons to their program. Now let’s dive into the cons:

  • Upfront payment – with the Ezoic Premium program, you have to pay with a credit card upfront. There is no possibility to deduct the amount from your existing ad revenue at this moment. It means that you get your premium revenue between 30-45 days after paying for your subscription. 
  • Discount on annual subscription – you get a 20% discount when you have a yearly subscription with them. Committing to an ad network for a year can be a long time. Depending on the tier you’re in, this may save you a lot of money. If you don’t know if you commit for a year, it may be a problem. 

What Happens When My Ezoic Revenue Goes Down?

Suppose your Ezoic revenue goes down while on the Premium program, they will automatically lower you to a lower-tier plan with lower costs. Because Ezoic detects it automatically, you should mean that you always profit from Ezoic Premium. Full disclosure, I don’t have any experience with this situation personally. 

Is There A Free Trial?

Yes, you can try Ezoic Premium for two weeks at no cost to you. You have to put in your credit card details, so make sure you cancel it on time. The Premium program is structured to always make you a profit, which means that it’s profitable for almost all platforms. 

Conclusion – Ezoic Review

Hopefully, this Ezoic review helped you clarify what Ezoic is and how joining the platform can benefit you. 

Ezoic has been a real gamechanger for me. It enabled me to invest more in my platform in terms of a mastermind group, time-saving subscriptions, and more. I regret that I haven’t made the switch earlier!

Initially, I was very skeptical, mainly because of the claims they made. It was also hard for me to hand over the control of the ad placements to an algorithm. However, the results have completely changed my blog, and I have more than doubled my monthly revenue

If you have around 10,000 monthly page views, join Ezoic!

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If you’re missing something, you can leave a comment below or head over to their site

Ezoic Review - Make Money Blogging
Ezoic Review - Increased Ad Revenue 629%

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