Jobs That Hire at 15 – 35 Best Options In 2024

Are you looking for a job hiring at 15? Are you worried about your age being a barrier? Fear not! We have made your life easier by creating this list of jobs that hire at 15.

Working at 15 trains you for future financial independence and empowerment. Maybe you want to boost your allowance, get a new phone, or start saving for your summer vacation. 

Now, if only suitable and lucrative jobs for minors are that easy to find! 

With this list, we will walk you through the numerous options for 15-year-olds looking for their dream jobs.

Jobs That Hire at 15 – Online 

1. Surveys

Jobs that hire at 15 are few and far between, so surveys provide an excellent opportunity for young people like you to earn back some cash quickly. 

Check out these reputable survey sites for rewards in the form of cash, gift cards, or products: 

  • Swagbucks. This rewards program lets you earn points by browsing the web, shopping online, and participating in surveys. Signing up with Swagbucks is completely free. Your points are converted into free gift cards or cashback. Read our full Swagbucks review here.
  • Survey Junkie. Earn extra cash through Survey Junkie by completing online surveys or sharing your data. You will be paid with gift cards or cash through Paypal. Check out our full Survey Junkie review for more information.
  • MyPoints. Complete surveys, watch videos, play games, and do other micro-tasks to earn points in MyPoints. For more details, read more in our complete MyPoints review.

2. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants are extremely popular now, as many online business owners need VAs to help grow their social media and business. 

As a virtual assistant, you must have strong organizational and multitasking abilities, excellent communication skills, and above-average computer skills since the work will be done online as virtual support for the boss or the company’s full-time staff.

Gina Horkey, the mastermind who founded FullyBookedVA, started a part-time VA business in 2014, earning $4,000 monthly after 6 months. Half a year later, she quit her 9-to-5 job and has since helped thousands of people build successful VA businesses, with some earning more than $10,000 monthly.

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3. Gaming

If you love playing video games such as Mistplay and want to monetize your passion, there could be jobs for you, whether helping develop the games themselves, writing about them online, or simply playing to your heart’s content on platforms like GameHag.

Check out our full Mistplay review here.

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4. Selling Crafts

Selling crafts online can be an exciting and beneficial job for teens looking for work. Whether just putting together a few pieces here and there as a hobby or creating entire collections as a side hustle, selling crafts online is an excellent way to make extra money. 

Check out online marketplaces like Etsy to give you an idea.

Woman Selling Items Online Using Tablet
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5. Editing Videos

Editing videos is a great way to kickstart a career in the creative industry, even if you’re still young. Creating promo videos, editing music videos, and even cutting commercials are all jobs that hire people aged 15 and up. 

Video editing is fun and teaches skills like focusing on details, collaborating with others, and having a good eye for how images and sound come together visually. 

6. Customer Service Representative

As a customer service representative, you can interact with customers daily, engaging in dialogue about products or services and resolving any issues that arise professionally yet friendly. 

Jobs That Hire at 15 – Delivery Jobs

7. Local Delivery

In many neighborhoods and communities, some cool programs offer delivery jobs to teenagers as young as 15. These jobs involve delivering stuff to people living nearby, and you get to use bicycles or electric scooters to zip around your area. 

It’s a great way to earn money while learning important skills like managing your time, finding your way around, and ensuring deliveries are done on time and accurately. 

Make some cash and gain valuable experience!

8. Newspaper Delivery

Jobs that hire as young as 15 are often hard to come by, but newspaper delivery fills the gap perfectly. 

It doesn’t require excessive hard labor or skill set and allows for flexibility with hours, so it won’t interfere with school or other activities.

9. Flower Delivery

Flower delivery presents a promising job option for 15-year-olds seeking employment. This role involves transporting floral arrangements to customers, providing them with joy and satisfaction. 

With reliable transportation and a positive attitude, teens can get this opportunity to earn income and gain valuable experience in the floral industry.

Jobs That Hire at 15 – In The Neighborhood

10. Pet Walking

Pet walking is a great part-time job for teenagers. Being a dog-sitter usually pays well and allows you to get some fresh air and exercise while spending time with a man’s best friend.

Here are some of the best dog walking apps and sites we have collated for you.

You could also try Rover, the top app for pet walking and pet-sitting jobs. Using Rover, you can make more than $1,000 every month. The average hourly pay falls between $15 and $26. The hours are flexible, so you can easily fit walking jobs into your part-time schedule.


11. Babysitting 

If you’re searching for ways to make extra money that doesn’t require too much commitment, babysitting might be the perfect job. 

The working hours are often flexible and don’t require any previous experience. All you need is patience, energy, and knowledge of primary child care. 

Check out our list of the best babysitting platforms.

12. Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is a perfect option; you’ll enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise (who doesn’t want toned arms after pushing around a lawnmower?), and maybe even meet some of your neighbors. 

Like any job, it’s essential to do it properly, so brush up on your gardening knowledge beforehand. 

13. Landscaping 

Landscapers can work closely with nature, creating beautiful spaces – from residential homes to parks and hospitals. 

Although the job requires physical labor and working in varying weather conditions, there’s something special about bringing life and beauty to a landscape.

14. Youth League Referee

Not only can it be fascinating, but it also offers a great way to help your local community. 

With the right attitude and training, anyone can become a referee and ensure that the budding athletes of their area have the best possible environment to play in. 

15. House Cleaning

It’s an excellent way to help others maintain their homes and improve their living situations. Plus, you can learn much about time management and prioritizing tasks to complete the job as efficiently as possible.

16. Barista

Baristas work in coffee shops, providing everything from espresso to freshly-brewed drip coffee. 

Of course, it comes with the responsibility of making accurate and consistently delicious drinks. Still, it can be an excellent way for young adults to develop customer service and communication skills.

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Jobs That Hire at 15 – Retail

17. Cashier

Jobs that hire at 15 are great for young people who want to learn valuable lessons about responsibility and money management. One of the most common jobs for teens is a cashier. 

Cashiers help manage stock, assist customers with making their purchases, and accurately collect the total from customers using cash registers. 

18. Shopping Bagger

Working as a shopping bagger at the grocery store is one of the most popular jobs that hire at 15. It allows young people to learn essential customer service practices such as being approachable, communicating clearly and efficiently, and helping customers find specific items within the store.

19. Sales Associate

As a sales associate, you meet many exciting customers, build communication skills, and help out around the store. It’s also an opportunity to learn about different products and services and how they work together, which can benefit your future career.

Jobs That Hire at 15 – Restaurants

20. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins offers jobs to people aged 15 and up, making it a great starting point. There’s no need to worry about having previous experience; they offer plenty of training so anyone can learn the ropes quickly. 

You’ll be rolling out scoops in no time at all! 

21. Dairy Queen

Have you ever been looking to make extra money and wondered if there are anywhere jobs that hire at 15? Well, lucky you! Dairy Queen hires workers ages 14 and above, so if you’re searching for a way to earn some side cash while still in high school, this could be the perfect opportunity. 

22. Ben and Jerry’s

For young people looking for ‘where can I work at 15’, Ben and Jerry’s offers the opportunity to join their team as an associate in a scoop shop, customer service representative, or production worker positions. It’s a great way to get hands-on work experience while being introduced to the business world. 

23. KFC

KFC is among the best places to work at 15, from entry-level positions to management roles, so there’s something for everyone. 

The best part is you’ll be able to learn on the job while earning some extra cash. Plus, who doesn’t like getting fried chicken now and then?

24. Arby’s

The full-service restaurant Arby’s doesn’t just offer customers delicious meals. It brings teens professional and learning experiences in a friendly work environment. 

Jobs range from customer service to kitchen work, so there is something sure to interest everyone. 

25. Burger King

With various part-time roles perfect for teenagers, working at Burger King has its perks. You will develop valuable skills and earn money; you might even enjoy your favorite Whopper or Fries here and there! 

26. Boston Market 

Boston Market is one of the best places that hire at 15. 

Teens can be employed at Boston Market in roles like dishwashing and cashiering. You can make money and gain valuable experience to put on your resume or job applications.

Jobs That Hire at 15 – Grocery Stores

27. Giant Eagle

Jobs include bagger, cashier, and grocery clerk positions that offer competitive wages and excellent benefits. With many store locations nationwide, finding a Giant Eagle job will be accessible no matter where you live. 

28. Safeway

Safeway strives to create opportunities for young people with flexible hours and competitive pay rates. Jobs may include working as a cashier, bagger, or courtesy clerk. 

29. Kroger

Kroger’s jobs include cashier, bagger, grocery clerk, stocker, and more; each position plays a vital role in keeping the store running smoothly and providing its customers an excellent service. 

30. Publix

With great customer service, flexible part-time hours, competitive pay, and discounts on groceries and other items, young employees can look forward to working with Publix.

31. Winn Dixie

Jobs at Winn Dixie can give you practical skills like critical thinking, customer service, and responsibility – all vital tools for future employment opportunities.

Woman Holding A Paper Cup While Typing On Laptop
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Jobs That Hire at 15 – Odd Jobs

32. Concession Stand Worker

As a concession stand employee, you get to meet interesting people, learn about customer service and cash handling, and gain valuable experience in food preparation. 

33. Mascot

Mascot positions offer engaging job opportunities for 15-year-olds. 

As a mascot, individuals have the chance to bring life and excitement to events and sports games through their vibrant and entertaining performances. This job allows young teens to showcase their creativity, energy, and teamwork skills while creating memorable experiences for spectators and participants alike.

34. Distributing Flyers

Distributing flyers presents a suitable job option for 15-year-olds seeking to earn money and gain valuable work experience. This task involves delivering promotional materials to targeted locations, such as neighborhoods or local businesses. 

By engaging in flyer distribution, young teens can develop responsibility, time management skills, and interpersonal communication abilities while helping local businesses reach their target audience.

35. Theater Usher

Theater ushers check tickets, seat guests, and answer customer questions. It’s an incredible way to gain experience in the customer service field, and you will also get to explore your passion for the arts!

What Laws Apply When Working at 15 Years Old?

What Labor Laws Apply at 15 Years Old?

When searching for a job as a 14 or 15-year-old, it’s important to know specific labor laws stricter than those applied to adults. Though organizations may prefer employees 18 and above, these laws don’t prevent teens from working. 

The U.S. Department of Labor Fair Labor Standards Act protects young people from child labor, covering everything from hours worked and paychecks to jobs available. Whenever state regulations differ from the FLSA’s federal rules, the law that grants better protection is always applied.

What is The Minimum Working Age?

The minimum working age is 14 years, as per FLSA. 

However, the FLSA also allows for limited employment opportunities for younger individuals. For example, 14 and 15-year-olds may work in specific industries such as retail, hospitality, and food services, but they are subject to restrictions on the number of hours they can work and the types of tasks they can perform. 

These regulations aim to balance providing young individuals valuable work experience while ensuring their safety, education, and overall well-being.

What Are The Working Hours at 15 Years Old?

The FLSA allows 14 and 15-year-olds to work in non-mining, non-manufacturing, and non-hazardous jobs outside school hours. The act specifies that these youths can work 8 hours on holiday, 3 hours on a regular school day, 40 hours on a non-school week, or 18 hours in a school week. 

Nighttime work hours are usually from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. but can be extended to 9 p.m. for specific events, like June 1 through Labor Day.

What Is My Expected Income At 15 Years Old?

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), minors are subject to specific wage regulations. 

During the initial 90 days of employment, these individuals can be compensated at a minimum wage rate of merely $4.25 per hour. Subsequently, they must receive at least the federal minimum wage, which currently stands at $7.25 per hour. It is essential to note that while numerous states enforce higher minimum wage standards, it is crucial to verify the specific regulations applicable in your state.

However, it is worth noting that 2 states, namely Georgia and Wyoming, do not have a state minimum wage rate surpassing the federal mandate. Consequently, employees working in these states should be reimbursed at a rate no less than $7.25 per hour, as stipulated by the FLSA.

Lady With Glasses Smiling While Typing On Her Laptop
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How To Find Jobs That Hire at 15

Utilizing job platforms such as Fiverr and Flexjobs can help you search for jobs available in your community that would be willing to hire someone at 15. You can also take advantage of other internet resources like social media and apps, which may list available jobs right up your alley. 

Don’t forget the old school approach: talking to people you know and checking community bulletin boards in places like the grocery store or library – something you may already do in your everyday life! 

Word of mouth is also one of the best ways to hunt for a job at 15, so don’t hesitate to ask if anyone knows a place needing employees your age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Jobs That Hire at 15

Can You Get a Job at the Age of 15?

You can do different jobs at 15, such as working in restaurants, grocery stores, or delivery. 

Labor law provisions allow minors as young as 14 years old to be employed, as long as it involves non-manufacturing or non-hazardous occupations, performed after school hours, and takes no more than three hours on a school day.

What Is the Best Job for a 15-Year-Old?

When you search for “jobs near me for 15-year-olds”, multiple options appear, including cashier, sales representative, and pet sitter as the best ones. 

Working as a tutor appears to be the most viable and suitable option: teenagers can do it after school hours; the task would help review and hone their own academic knowledge and skills, and it can provide a mean hourly wage of $22.

Can 15-Year-Olds Work at McDonald’s?

Yes, but they should have their parent’s consent. 

The official hiring age at McDonald’s is 16, but employees as young as 14 can work as cashiers or in other general, non-food service functions.

Conclusion – Jobs That Hire at 15

There are actually loads of job vacancies out there from countless websites and platforms. While most of them are legit, some might be dubious job opportunities or even scams, so it pays to really look at them with a sharp lens.

Aside from having credible information at your fingertips, it is also important to clarify to yourself what your job skills, aptitude, goals, expectations, and limitations are. This is to narrow down your search and land the best job for your age. 

If your qualifications are still lacking, you can always upskill by continuing your current school work and through online courses. Now, are you ready to land that ideal job? Here are more options for the best jobs for teens and the best places that hire at 16.