Are You Aware of These 11 Deeply Troubling Issues Society Has Come to Tolerate?

The web has tons of info. I was looking around when I found a question: “What’s messed up but we’re cool with it?” People had different answers, and the ones with the most votes were pretty fascinating.

1. Social Media Addiction 

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What’s most messed up, but we’re okay with in society, is the use of social media. Many people are addicted to social media these days, and kids that use social media start getting younger and younger. 

Many users in the thread agree that they notice children and people around them have a shorter attention span because of their social media intake. They point out TikTok and YouTube as social media that target mostly the younger audience now. 

2. Political Corruption

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Maybe people are tired of talking about this and have started to go easy on the ones who do it, especially when they can’t do much about it. Corruption in politics is getting worse and worse, to the point where it’s really hard to convince anyone that politics is fair and equal for everyone.

One user even shares that they feel “there’s nothing we can do about it apart from an all-out war against our government.”

3. How People Parent Their Kids

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Some people started talking about parents who aren’t very good at caring for their kids. They mentioned how some parents think it’s okay to hurt their kids when they misbehave, but that’s actually against the law.

Another person said they see many kids who aren’t cared for by their parents. These kids don’t get the education they need, even though their parents could homeschool them. It’s really sad for those children. 

4. Worker Exploitation

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It’s bad how workers are being taken advantage of, and they don’t think many people realize it.

For example, the minimum wage set by the government in Louisiana in America hasn’t increased since 2009, even though the cost of living has increased a lot since then. Prices have also increased by 40% between 2009 and 2023 in Louisiana. The minimum wage differs per state, so it’s not the same everywhere.

5. How Hard We Work

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Some people think the pressure to study and work hard to have a good life is getting tougher. It feels like everything has become a big competition that we can’t escape from. Unsurprisingly, more people are facing mental health problems everywhere.

When we have too much stress, get burnt out, or feel anxious all the time, it can hurt our well-being. For this reason, mental health becomes connected to the pressure we feel when we study and work too hard to have a good life.

6. Unhealthy Food

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It can be tough to avoid unhealthy food in America, and sometimes people don’t realize how challenging it is. While America gets a lot of criticism for its high obesity rates, many other countries also face similar problems. They add that not every issue is exclusive to America.

However, another person disagreed and said that eating healthy in the United States is actually quite easy. They suggested going to the store and buying healthy food from the produce section, which is pretty straightforward.

7. Factory Farming

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There’s a big problem called factory farming, which we think should not be allowed.

Factory farming is when animals like pigs, chickens, or cows are kept in large numbers in industrial facilities. But the sad part is they don’t have much space to move around. They may be kept in small cages, crates, or crowded pens where they can’t stretch or roam freely. It’s not a good way to treat animals, so some people think it shouldn’t be allowed.

8. Unnecessary Circumcision

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One user commented, “Circumcision on babies. And 99.999% are unnecessary.” Sometimes, even people who talk a lot about respecting personal choices and having control over their bodies act differently regarding babies. It’s like they believe in body autonomy for everyone except babies. One person even said it’s okay to do something to a baby “because they won’t remember it.” But that’s wrong because doing anything to a baby without a good reason is not okay, even if they won’t remember it.

Many parents have shared in the thread that they get asked multiple times if they will have their baby boy circumcised. Some people keep asking them repeatedly, and they can be quite insistent. It can be uncomfortable for the parents because it’s their decision, but some people don’t seem to understand that and keep pushing their opinions.

9. Alcohol

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One concerning thing is how we treat alcohol differently compared to other substances. You can find it everywhere, even in TV commercials. It’s not only seen as normal but sometimes even encouraged.

On the other hand, other substances are illegal. It seems strange that we have different rules for both highly addictive things.

10. Driving in General

Woman Driving in Car, Behind the Wheel MSN

One thing that’s concerning because of how accepted it is, is how we approach driving. It’s a complex and demanding task that requires skill and focus to ensure everyone’s safety. However, we give driver’s licenses to almost everyone and design our cities based on the assumption that everyone will be driving.

We also seem to accept that thousands of innocent lives are lost yearly in car accidents. It’s something we should think about and find ways to improve.

11. The Price of Healthcare

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It’s strange how some people are losing their lives in America because they can’t afford the important treatments and medicines they need, even if they have insurance. Not enough people are talking about this issue.

Some medicines, like insulin, are necessary for people’s health and are being used as ways for companies to make a lot of money instead of being affordable for everyone who needs it.

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