You Can’t Make This Up: 16 Insane Facts That Are Stranger Than Fiction

The world is like an endless mystery. Just look around you—chances are, there is something extraordinary to be discovered if you just dig a little deeper.

From the little-known origins of everyday items to fascinating history trivia, here are 16 unusual facts that will make you wonder about all the things we don’t know.

1. Kidney Transplants Give You An Extra Kidney

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If you think this surgical procedure involves removing a kidney, you’d be surprised. Instead of taking a kidney out and switching it with a new one, a third kidney is inserted into your abdomen during a transplant.

2. More Eels Swim Out Of The Bermuda Triangle Than Into It

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Image Credit: rostislavstefanek/DepositPhotos

Since they breed so fast, more eels leave the Bermuda Triangle than go in.

But why do eels rapidly spawn in that specific site? This phenomenon stumped scientists for decades, but we finally have an answer: eels travel all the way there to lay eggs on floating seaweed, and as their offspring hatches, they grow in number.

3. Pink Used To Be A Manly Color

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The opposite may be true now, but back then, pink was considered a masculine color. Soldiers in the 18th century wore pink garments during battle—the harder they fought, the lighter the shade got. Thus, wearing pink became a symbol of toughness.

Maybe Kens and Barbies aren’t so different after all.

4. LEGO Is The World’s Top Manufacturer Of Tires

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Image Credit: Rosinka79 via Depositphotos

Famous for selling plastic vehicles that fit in the palm of your hand, the tires produced by LEGO outnumber every tire company in the world. It makes sense because toy cars are much smaller than life-size ones. Now, if only they cost the same…

5. Queen Victoria Popularized White Wedding Dresses

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Contrary to popular belief, the custom of wearing white on your wedding day didn’t start out as a symbol of purity.

In fact, brides used to wear dresses of all colors before Queen Victoria started the trend in 1840 with her white satin gown. At the time, white fabrics were expensive to make, so the color served as a symbol of wealth.

6. More Than Half Of The World’s Cork Is Made In Portugal

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Image Credit: papandreos on DepositPhotos

Home to 2.2 million hectares of cork oak trees, Portugal produces over 60% of the world’s total supply of cork. So if you’ve ever used cork as a wine bottle stopper or bought accessories and bags made from cork, chances are it was a Portuguese export.

7. The Lewis And Clark Expedition Was Marked By A Trail Of Mercury-Flecked Poop

Lewis And Clark Trail Sign MSN
Image Credits: EWYMedia on DepositPhotos

As the Lewis and Clark expedition mapped North America in the 1800s, they lived on an all-meat diet, which resulted in bathroom troubles.

To find relief, they took pills called “thunder clappers,” which contained mercury. Little did they know that remnants of mercury in their waste would later guide archaeologists in tracking their historic journey.

8. McDonald’s Almost Sold Bubblegum-Flavored Broccoli

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Image Credit: radub85 on Depositphotos

To encourage kids to eat healthier, the fast-food chain introduced bubblegum-flavored broccoli in Happy Meals in 2014. However, the kids in the taste-testing group weren’t impressed, so the idea never took off.

9. Lobsters’ Bodies Don’t Age

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Image Credit: Rostislavv on DepositPhotos

Lobsters gradually grow throughout their lifespan, but their bodies don’t deteriorate. Once they outgrow their shell, they replace it with a bigger one. Lobsters only die when their shell gets too heavy to carry.

10. Santa Claus Originally Wore Green

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You’re surely familiar with the jolly old man who comes around every Christmas, but did you know he wasn’t always dressed in red? 

The image of Santa Claus transformed across many cultures over time. Some trace his origins to Norse mythology, while others remember an earlier version known as Sinterklaas, a Dutch name for Saint Nicholas. But it was a magazine cartoon that introduced the present-day Santa Claus in his famous red suit and cap. And with Coca-Cola’s clever marketing move to promote its brand colors, the shift from green to red Santa was cemented.

11. Blobfish Don’t Actually Look Like Blobs

Sad Blobfish Illustration MSN
Image Credit: AlexBannykh on DepositPhotos

Have you ever seen a picture of a blobfish? It’s likely that you saw its slimy, jelly-like form. Truth be told, blobfish look totally different in their natural habitat. Blobfish thrive in the deep sea, where the extreme water pressure “squishes” their bodies. So when they’re above water, they decompress, which explains their distorted look.

12. It Takes Over 32 Years To Visit All The Beaches In Australia

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Image Credit: THPStock on DepositPhotos

Australia is known for its coastline, which extends farther than the eye can see. To cross all 10,000 beaches off your bucket list, you would have to spend 32 years visiting one a day.

13. Dragonflies Catch Prey 95% Of The Time

Dragonfly In Nature MSN
Image Credit: OndrejProsicky on DepositPhotos

Who would have guessed that dragonflies have the highest success rate of any predator?

 With their natural hunting instincts and remarkable accuracy, dragonflies are highly adept at capturing prey. Small but deadly!

14. In New York, There’s A Traffic Light That Works Upside Down

Red Traffic Light In The City MSN
Image Credit: mrivserg on DepositPhotos

You know the drill: red on top, green on the bottom when it comes to traffic lights, right? Well, in one New York neighborhood, it’s as if every day is an “opposite day.”

Interestingly, the traffic light was flipped due to political tensions. Irish residents, angered by the British red above the green, demanded their order be reversed.

15. Octopuses Have A Brain In Each Tentacle

Octopus Close Up View MSN
Image Credit: hdamke on DepositPhotos

Octopuses are one of the smartest creatures on Earth. With eight arms separately controlled by nerve cells (mini-brains), they can perform complex tasks like solving puzzles and opening jars.

16. Frogs Swallow With Their Eyeballs

Green Frog Sitting On Leaf MSN
Image Credit: connect on DepositPhotos

Frogs have a unique way of eating. As they gobble down, their eyeballs move inward, pushing the food down their throat. Gross but cool!

Did you learn something new today? If you’ve got any mind-blowing facts to add to the mix, let’s keep the conversation going!

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