14 Best Fetch Rewards Hacks – Earn More, Save More

Are you a smart shopper? Then you probably use mobile apps that offer shopping rewards, and you could use some more tips to save and earn more. You’re in the right place because this article will share useful Fetch Rewards hacks.

Founded in 2014, Fetch Rewards is one of the most popular legit shopping apps, with over five million daily users who scan their receipts and earn redeemable points as cash, gift cards, and other rewards.

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To score more Fetch rewards points effectively, you need to know more about the app and its rules. Check out the full Fetch Rewards review

This post will discuss hacks and tips to maximize earnings and make the most of this app. Stop wondering how to save more and learn to be a smarter Fetch Rewards shopper. Let’s break it down!

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Best Fetch Rewards Hacks

1. Submit Your Receipts From Multiple Stores 

Tired of the same old grocery store receipts reaping the rewards? With Fetch Rewards, you can hack your way to more rewards. You can access even more rewards by submitting your receipts from supermarkets, wholesale clubs, hardware stores, pet stores, gas stations, and more. 

Even better, convenience stores, clothing retailers, and fast-food restaurants are eligible, too! Get the most out of Fetch Rewards by taking advantage of their store diversity hack. Submit your receipts from all your favorite places for maximum savings and rewards.

2. Ambassador Referral Bonus Points

Becoming a Fetch ambassador has benefits, especially for those who love saving money and earning rewards. With the referral bonus points program, ambassadors can earn anywhere from 2,000–5,000 points per person they refer. That’s up to $5 in a referral bonus, which sweetens the deal. 

No hard pitching is required either: just a few words telling friends and family how easy it is to bag gift cards with the Fetch app. All followers need to do is scan their receipts, and the points will be ready for them, with no extra effort required. 

3. Use a Fetch Rewards Referral Code

Get your frugal game on and maximize those rewards with a Fetch Rewards referral code hack. By entering the referral code SUPPORT, you can get 3,000 points for starters. An extra $3 is available for free cash or gift cards. 

Plus, once you scan a few of your receipts, you’ll get 1,000 more points, bringing your total up to 4,000. So, use Fetch Rewards referral codes for every purchase and save big every time.

4. Use Fetch Rewards Special Offers

Special Offers are the key. Located on the app’s Discover tab, these offers can provide incredible rewards—from 5,000 to 20,000 points and sometimes even 100% back in points from your purchase. 

It’s like couponing 2.0 without worrying about clipping or activating an offer. Just buy the item listed under Special Offers and scan your receipt to get your points.

5. Enter the Giveaways

Entering sweepstakes for Fetch Rewards can be an effortless way to rack up those points with minimal effort. Following the company on social media and watching for giveaways is vital here. Fetch Rewards regularly posts about their contests on Twitter, so that’s a great place to keep track of all the enter-to-win opportunities they’re offering. 

Sweepstakes prizes often exceed tens of thousands of Fetch Reward Points, meaning a quick win could make you $50 to $100 richer in no time.

6. Convert Your Fetch Points Into Money 

The Fetch Rewards platform offers a great hack to convert your points into cash with just a few simple steps. All you have to do is download the app, sign up for an account, and then ensure you link your preferred debit or credit card. 

Once that’s done, every time you make purchases at any store, you’ll automatically earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and used in stores like Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and many more! It’s that simple and can help maximize your earning potential. Your points are as good as cash since you can also redeem them as $5, $10, $25, or $50 Visa gift cards. 

7. Buy Items From Associated Brands

Looking for a Fetch Rewards hack? Here’s the secret—buy items from participating brands to ensure you earn maximum points! 

Fetch Rewards collaborates with over 350 U.S. brands representing a wide array of categories from companies such as Unilever, Mars, General Mills, L’Oreal, PepsiCo, and Kimberly-Clark, among others, so there are plenty of opportunities to get more out of your shopping spree. 

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Eligible receipts with at least one participating brand can bag you an impressive 35+ points. Just look in the “Partner Brands” section on their website or under their Discover page on the app. 

8. Use GoodRx To Refill Prescriptions

Take your prescriptions up a notch—literally. By downloading GoodRx and using it to refill your prescriptions, you can take advantage of the partnership between GoodRx and Fetch Rewards to score some serious points. 

Filling your first prescription earns you up to 10,000 points that can be put towards cash back, gift cards, and more. For future refills, you’ll even bag yourself 1,500 points each time you upload proof of purchase. Talk about a win-win situation for your health and wallet.

9. Activate Fetch Rewards eReceipts

With just a few clicks, nabbing bonus points while you shop at over 350 stores is fuss-free; just activate Fetch Rewards eReceipts. 

Answer the call of popular brands like Amazon (minus digital purchases), Best Buy, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Chewy, Costco Wholesale, CVS, and DoorDash. All you need to do is connect your account and email address. 

As soon as your purchase status changes from “ordered” to “shipped” or “delivered,” you are automatically rewarded points.

10. Combine Rewards for Extra Savings

One great hack is to combine rewards instead of using coupons, brand apps, and store in-app offers separately. Try linking your loyalty accounts and store apps directly to Fetch and rake in rewards. With every purchase, you’ll get points that can be exchanged for gift cards. It’s not only easy and convenient, but it could even maximize your cashback amount. 

11. Join Clubs to Maximize Savings

Does shopping at your favorite retailers feel like a chore? With the Fetch Rewards hack, you can make it an exciting experience. Earn points simply by buying at your favorite stores and redeeming them for discounts—even free memberships to local clubs, such as the Pepsi Tasty Rewards program, Huggies Rewards+, and General Mills’ exclusive Good Rewards Club! 

Plus, with Fetch Rewards’ free membership, which boasts exclusive offers from major brands and companies, you feel like royalty whenever you show your Fetch card.

12. Upload Up To 35 Receipts Every 7 Days

With Fetch Rewards, you can save more money than ever before! Upload up to 35 receipts every seven days and watch your savings stack up. 

Whether stocking the pantry, doing your weekly grocery hauls, or indulging in some retail therapy, tracking all those receipts can feel overwhelming. 

Instead, ease into it and upload a manageable amount of receipts each week—that way, you’ll get an idea of what you can save with this awesome hack, plus have time to shop around for even better deals. 

13. Take Advantage of Inactivity Points

Don’t give up if you’re trying to accumulate points on Fetch Rewards but have taken a break due to travel, busyness, or simply forgetfulness. 

If you have been inactive for 12, 60, or 80 days, Fetch will email or text you to remind you to scan your receipts, use your GoodRx card, or redeem your points. Otherwise, your account will be deactivated, and your points will expire.

Fetch lets you pick up where you left off, even after inactivity. Open the Fetch app with your old log-in details, reactivate, and submit your new receipts. You can say goodbye to zero-point days. 

14. Use Multiple Receipt-Scanning Apps

Ready to give your budget a much-needed boost? Then it’s time to get savvy with some Fetch Rewards hacks! A great way to do this is by investing in multiple receipt-scanning apps and using them all at once. 

You heard that right. Double the coins, gold, and paybacks for your grocery receipts. With websites like Ibotta, CheckPoints, Receipt Hog, and Swagbucks, you can earn extra cash for the same receipts.

Fetch Rewards Tips to Avoid Suspension

If you’re using the Fetch Rewards app, there are a few guidelines to help you avoid potential suspensions. 

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  • Never Scan Any Random Receipts

One important tip to remember is to always scan your receipts. Never randomly scan receipts from strangers. 

Pay attention to the quality of the images you upload and ensure they are legible and within Fetch Rewards’ guidelines. 

It may take a few extra steps, but taking these tips seriously will help you reap the program’s rewards without jeopardizing your membership.

  • Don’t Use a Self-Referral

One tip for avoiding suspension is to avoid self-referrals, which are when someone uses their referral code or link to make their purchase. 

Fetch Rewards monitors these activities and regularly suspends those who use self-referrals, so it’s best to avoid the temptation and ensure everyone playing the game follows the rules.

Recommend shopping with friends and family only. With Fetch Rewards, everyone wins, so always play fair.

  • Don’t Modify Receipts

You must refrain from fudging your receipts to keep your Fetch Rewards account in good standing. Sure, getting extra points from special offers if you haven’t bought them may be tempting, but trying to do that by doctoring up your receipts will likely have dire consequences. 

Fetch Rewards has advanced algorithms that can detect photoshopped or otherwise altered receipts, potentially resulting in a permanent suspension of your account. Not worth the risk! Stick with honest tactics, and your Fetch Rewards experience will remain unaffected.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Fetch Rewards Hacks

Can You Use Fake Receipts on Fetch?

No, do not use fake receipts on Fetch. The app has advanced algorithms that can detect synthetic or digitally altered documents, and an attempt to pass them off as valid receipts could result in suspending your account.

How Do You Get Free Money on Fetch Rewards?

You can get free money on Fetch Rewards by scanning receipts and accumulating points. These points can be redeemed for cash as Visa card denominations, gift cards from Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, and other stores, or other rewards.

What Happens if You Scan Fake Receipts on Fetch Rewards?

If you attempt to submit a fake receipt, Fetch Rewards will detect it, and your account could be suspended immediately. It’s essential only to upload valid receipts for the app to reward you for your purchases appropriately.

Conclusion – Fetch Rewards Hacks

Fetch Rewards is one of the easiest and most user-friendly shopping rewards apps available: you just need to scan your receipts to accumulate points. However, getting those points faster and more effective means saving and earning more quickly.

With its programs and promotions, users have access to more chances of increasing their reward points. So try the hacks and start boosting your savings and earnings!

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