Get Paid to Listen to Music: Turn Your Playlist into Profits on These 20 Sites

Are you a music lover? Care to turn that passion into quick bucks? Yes, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You can get paid to listen to music. 

In our current digital age, we usually spend money on music through online subscriptions or downloads, like earlier generations bought CDs, cassette tapes, or even vinyl records to enjoy their favorite tunes. So it’s great news that you can make money from listening to music instead of parting with your dough. 

You can earn extra cash in your spare time through many Get-Paid-To (GPT) sites that will pay you to listen to their music. Some may require you to download the tune, install an app, write a short feedback, transcribe lyrics, chat on a radio show, and do other music-related tasks.

Read on if the prospect of keeping your headphones on to earn good money appeals to you. Here are 20 of the best ways to earn money with music in a fun and easy way.

Top 20 Ways To Get Paid To Listen to Music

1. Dive Into Paid Surveys

You can get paid for sharing your thoughts on your favorite songs. Check out these top survey sites!

  • Rakuten: Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is more than just your typical survey site. It stands out by offering cashback on your everyday online purchases. Get a $30 welcome bonus after your first purchase.

Read the full Rakuten review for more details.

  • Survey Junkie: Survey Junkie is all about surveys, and lots of them. You can find short and straightforward surveys that take just a few minutes, making it easy to earn rewards quickly. You will receive a $5 bonus and earn points, which you can exchange for gift cards or cash. 

Learn more about Survey Junkie hacks and make more money.

  • Swagbucks: Swagbucks is a treasure trove of earning opportunities. While surveys are a major part, you can also make money by watching videos, playing games, and shopping online. A $5 bonus awaits you when you sign up today and earn your first money with Swagbucks. 

Learn more about Swagbucks cheats to maximize your earnings on the platform.

So, how does it work? Pretty simple. You listen to a tune, watch a music video, and then complete a survey. And finally, cash flows into your account. 

2. Earnably

Earnably is not just another way to get paid to listen to music sites but one that offers a medley of tasks to keep your interest piqued. Want to spill the beans in a survey? Go for it. Tempted by a shopping offer? Dive in. Or lay back and watch ads or groove to music. Yep, you’re compensated for that too. 

What stands out, though, is their $1 minimum payout threshold. Pretty reasonable. Especially when pitted against heavyweights like Swagbucks and Branded Surveys.

3. Current Rewards

Current Rewards is a user-friendly, free app available for both iOS and Android devices, and it offers you a simple way to make money online while enjoying your favorite tunes. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can explore their vast library of 10,000 custom radio stations. You earn valuable points for every song you listen to on one of these stations. The more songs you thoroughly enjoy, the more points you accumulate.

4. Media Rewards

Media Rewards is another user-friendly Get-Paid-To (GPT) app that aims to turn your TV and radio time into potential rewards. By allowing the app to collect data on your viewing and listening habits, you become eligible to earn. However, it’s essential to note that guaranteed cash rewards are separate from the package here. 

For instance, if you reside in the United Kingdom or other supported countries, you might have a shot at winning anywhere from £50 to a generous £1,000. Likewise, for users in the United States, these cash prizes range from $50 to $1,000.

5. HitPredictor

Ever heard a song and thought, “This is gonna top the charts”? HitPredictor is where your musical foresight can shine. Owned by the big shots at iHeartMedia, it’s all about predicting the next big hits. 

Plug in, listen to fresh tracks, and give your two cents on whether it’s a yay or nay. Each song gives you 3 points in the bank. Admittedly, these points might only earn you a couple of pennies, but it’s all good fun.

6. Slice the Pie

With a thriving community boasting over 2 million reviewers, Slice the Pie is a hotspot for those keen on influencing the music industry. Newbies are pouring in daily, eager to leave their mark. Now, what’s the catch? Simple. Listen to a song, typically around 90 seconds, and give your thoughts. 

Did you love a song? Say it. Not a fan? Express it. But here’s where the rubber meets the road: your literary and musical efforts translate to earnings ranging from $0.02 to $0.10 for each review. It might seem tiny, but think of it as your two cents, literally and figuratively.

7. Playlist Push

The heart of this app beats for the emerging artists desperately looking for feedback. You see, by tuning in and jotting down reviews, you’re filling your pockets and playing a pivotal role in shaping an artist’s journey. 

Regarding compensation at Playlist Push, you can expect $12 for every song you critique. No more waiting on checks or vouchers; your earnings go straight to your bank. 

8. Radio Earn

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Making money with Radio Earn is as simple as surfing the internet. The key requirement is spending time on their website, which might be fine if you enjoy browsing it. Here’s the deal: You must stay on the site for a specified period. While this may require some time, the potential rewards make it worthwhile.

Each session of 1,000 points translates to $3.15, meaning you could earn around 30 cents daily. Over a year, that accumulates approximately $600 in passive income. All you need to do is listen to a few online stations, and you’ll be on your way to earning a steady income stream. It’s a straightforward and potentially lucrative way to monetize your online presence.

9. Cash4Minutes

Now, here’s something interesting. Cash4Minutes doesn’t only want you to listen; it wants you to talk. Have extra call minutes? You can convert them into cash while chatting on their radio show.

The deal? Make a phone call to their broadcast, and you’ll earn $10. The catch? You need to spend 83 hours on calls. It might sound a bit crazy, but here’s the trick: spread it out and take your time. It’s a slow process, but it’s money for simply tuning in.

10. Nielsen Market Research

Nielsen has been the big kahuna of market research for a long time. And now? They’re jamming to the digital beat. Their app, available on both Google Play and the App Store, offers cash to get a peek into your musical world. 

Download. Install. And let Nielsen in on your device secrets. They’re curious little cats keen to see your surfing habits, the tunes you’re into, your favorite platforms, and more.

11. Focus Forward

Focus Forward is a dynamic market research company specializing in a wide range of research studies, and one exciting avenue they explore is music focus groups

These groups allow you to immerse yourself in new melodies and provide valuable feedback that shapes the music landscape. Your time investment can yield substantial rewards, as Focus Forward compensates participants generously. The prospect of earning anywhere from $50 to $200 per session is a solid incentive to lend your ears and opinions to the world of music.

12. Music Xray

Music Xray introduces you to new tracks and lets you earn money while reviewing them. Independent musicians and record labels use Music Xray to submit their music for review and feedback. Your role requires listening to these music clips and sharing your honest opinions. 

For each music clip you review, you earn a cool 10 cents. So, put on your headphones, immerse yourself in the melodies, and start writing those reviews. Once you’ve accumulated at least $20 in earnings, you can request a payout to your PayPal account. 

13. Radio Loyalty

Radio Loyalty might be your go-to platform if you’re a live radio fan. You can indulge in your love for music and earn money by simply tuning in to radio channels through their website or app. What’s more exciting is that as you listen to live radio stations, you’ll also have the opportunity to hear advertisements and earn commissions. 

To ensure your attentiveness, you might be prompted to enter a CAPTCHA every 3-5 minutes, keeping you engaged and your earnings flowing.

14. WeLocalize

WeLocalize takes a unique approach to making money through music by focusing on lyrics. As a member of this platform, you’ll be tasked with transcribing lyrics while listening to songs. Once you sign up for a free account, you’ll receive new tracks daily that you must transcribe. A good typing speed is essential to generate a decent income from this site. 

Currently, WeLocalize pays around $4 for each song transcription. It’s achievable to transcribe the lyrics of around 30 songs per month, requiring just a few minutes of your time each day. This gig is a perfect way to earn extra bucks if you have nimble fingers and a passion for music.

15. Fix

Fix is a great companion for music enthusiasts looking to boost their income. After a straightforward registration process, you unlock a world of music possibilities. Enjoy your favorite songs and artists, and stay updated with the latest music news. Plus, if you ever plan to attend concerts, you can conveniently purchase tickets through Fix. 

The real icing is that you’ll earn cash rewards for every track you listen to. These rewards can be seamlessly redeemed through your linked PayPal account, turning your music passion into a rewarding experience.

16. FusionCash

FusionCash is the ultimate destination for those who want to earn while grooving to music. Signing up is a breeze, and you’ll be greeted with a generous $5 welcome bonus. However, there’s a catch – this platform is exclusively available for users residing in the United States. 

Once you’re in, you’ll have immediate access to all your beloved tunes through a user-friendly dashboard. FusionCash prompts you with captchas every few minutes to ensure you’re actively engaged. 

17. Wear the Critic Hat and Review Music

Sites like Hit Predictor and Slice the Pie will pay you to drop reviews on tracks. Here it goes: Sign up, get a playlist, and jot down your feelings about each song. 

And if you’re on fire and churning out review after review, guess what? You could snag some bonus goodies, like Amazon gift cards. For instance, Hit Predictor is shelling out about $1 for every trio of reviews you do. 

18. Work as a DJ

Did you know some GPT sites will pay you to work as a virtual DJ? You won’t be standing behind a neon-lit booth, but you will be curating playlists, recommending tracks, and interacting with a virtual audience. 

Requirements? Well, you’d need a good ear for music, an eclectic taste, and the ability to understand audience preferences. As for income, while starters earn a modest amount, consistency and engagement can lead to earning potential comparable to part-time gigs. 

19. Review Music

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Some GPT platforms are looking for ardent music enthusiasts ready to give their two cents on fresh releases. Here’s what you need: a genuine interest in music, an analytical ear, and the ability to articulate your feelings in words. 

The pay? It varies based on the depth of the review and the platform, but trust me, with the proper dedication, it can sum up to a pretty penny. And, as a bonus, you get first dibs on some of the newest tracks. 

20. Transcribe Lyrics

An opportunity awaits you if you have an ear that catches lyrics perfectly. Some GPT sites will reward you for transcribing lyrics from songs. It’s meticulous, yes, but also rewarding. You’ll need a sharp ear, patience, and fast typing skills. And perhaps a love for deciphering mumbling singers.

The payment is typically per song or word. If you’re efficient, this can be lucrative, especially considering the added advantage. You’ll likely always remember the lyrics to those songs again.

Are Get-Paid-To-Listen To Music Sites Legit?

Hold on! Earning money by just jamming to your favorite tunes? Sounds like every music enthusiast’s dream, right? Here’s the lowdown: The past few years have witnessed a curious rise in websites and apps promising cash rewards for listening to tracks. 

Why? Well, emerging artists and music producers are ever-hungry for feedback to fine-tune their work. They shell out dollars, and users give their ears and opinions in return. 

Although the compensation might not make you rich overnight, a penny for your musical thoughts is exciting. Most platforms opt for PayPal, though some dole out gift cards or other perks.

Now, the burning question is: Are these sites for real? Like all things on the internet, it’s a mixed bag. Upsides? Discover fresh tunes, pocket some change, and you’re shaping the future soundscape.

But, as with most opportunities that seem too good to be true, there’s a flip side. A handful of sites might delay payments or impose tricky thresholds. And, occasionally, the repetition might make your music experience feel more like a task than a treat. A word to the wise: Always do your homework before diving in, read user reviews, and set realistic expectations.

That’s how the ecosystem of the GPT to listen to music sites works.

Tips on How To Earn Money by Listening to Music

  • Dive into Music Review Jobs: Consider exploring platforms that pay you to write music reviews. Websites like Slice the Pie and MusicXray offer earning opportunities by sharing your thoughts on songs. The more detailed and insightful your reviews, the better your payouts.
  • Tap into the World of Music Streaming Platforms: Sign up for music streaming services that reward you for listening to songs. Some platforms, like SlicethePie, pay you for each track you stream. It’s an effortless way to make extra cash while enjoying your favorite tunes.
  • Monetize Your Playlists: If you’re passionate about curating playlists, why not make them profitable? Platforms like Spotify and YouTube allow you to create and share playlists with others. You can earn through advertising revenue and sponsorships as your playlists gain popularity.
  • Participate in Music Surveys and Market Research: Watch for market research companies and music-focused surveys. These organizations often seek the opinions of music lovers. By participating, you contribute to the industry and earn rewards or cash for your valuable insights.
  • Explore Music Licensing and Royalties: If you’re musically inclined and create your tunes, consider licensing your music in videos, podcasts, or commercials. Platforms like Epidemic Sound and Soundstripe offer opportunities to earn royalties every time your music gets used.
  • Join Online Music Communities: Engage with fellow music enthusiasts in online forums and communities. Some websites and forums offer compensation for contributing valuable content or reviews. It’s a great way to share your passion while making extra income.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Get Paid To Listen To Music

Can I Get Paid for Listening to Music?

Absolutely! You can earn money by listening to music through specific platforms. They pay you for enjoying your favorite tunes – it’s like getting rewarded for your music-loving vibes.

How Do You Get Paid To Listen to Spotify?

Getting paid to listen to Spotify is possible through specific apps or websites designed for this purpose. These platforms connect your passion for music with extra cash, making your jam sessions more enjoyable, such as participating in market research, becoming a playlist curator, or through affiliate marketing.

Which App Gives Real Money for Listening to Music?

There are a few options if you’re looking for an app that offers real money for your music-listening skills. You can explore apps specializing in paying you for tuning into music, turning your beats into some extra bucks, such as Current Rewards, and participating in paid surveys like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

Conclusion – Get Paid To Listen To Music

By exploring these different online platforms, websites, music programs, and apps, you will learn about the different ways the music industry will utilize your skills. You can choose which suits your needs and interests most, eventually maximizing your earnings as you get paid to listen to music.

Doesn’t it sound like an ideal job for those who love music? Even if you are not so much into music, getting paid to listen to music is an amazing opportunity to start making money either as a full-time job, a source of passive income, or a side hustle

We hope the curated list above will inspire and help you to begin monetizing your love of music. 

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