17 People Over 30 Reveal How They “Ruined” Their 20s, A Must-Read for the Younger Generation

Your 20s would be a period of personal growth and accomplishment. However, the realities of life often present challenges and obstacles that can lead individuals down different paths.

We delve into various ways people have chosen to spend their 20s, shedding light on different life experiences and choices that made many people feel like they wasted their 20s. 

1. Overthinking the Future

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This individual reflects on their past, acknowledging that they devoted a significant portion of their 20s to worrying excessively about the future. This ultimately prevented them from fully experiencing and enjoying the present moment.

So a friendly reminder to experience things in the moment; don’t live in the future. It’s never the future. It’s always the present. 

2. A Reflection on Age

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It’s a common thread for people to feel too old when they’re in their 20s. They were already avoiding stuff because they thought, “I’m too old…”

But the more you reflect on this, the more you’ll realize it’s more important to appreciate your age. Being in your 30s is still considered relatively young. It’s a reminder that today is the youngest you’ll ever be again, so it’s essential to enjoy it.

3. You Can’t Have It All

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One person reflects on their twenties, pointing out they always had this yearning for an alternative path. Whether it was a decade of partying or spending all earnings on globetrotting adventures, this person, probably like many others, wished they had focused more on studying and building a stronger foundation.

On the flip side, if you spent your twenties studying diligently, working hard, and laying solid groundwork for your future, you might later yearn for that carefree partying and fun experiences others enjoyed. It’s all about balance.

4. Little Steps Do Wonders

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Kiera confides that she’s hesitant to confront her parents and pursue the life she desires.

For her, it’s important to begin taking small steps, and you’ll find yourself making progress. Everyone experienced the feeling of being stuck in a situation at one point, which can be frustrating. However, you’ll start feeling better as soon as you embark on the journey, not just when it reaches its destination.

5. Navigating Depression

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Xeavor has experiences with depression. They couldn’t remember anything significant from 18 to 25, during which they mostly stayed home and existed without much happening.

For those in a similar situation, Xeavor advised taking action and pursuing something of interest. They pointed out that trying something new won’t worsen things when you’re already at a low point. Whether learning to play an instrument, trying sports, traveling, or pursuing any other passion, the goal is to regain a sense of enjoyment in life. Plus, accomplishing these goals can be an impressive feat in itself.

6. Choosing the Right Career in Your Twenties

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Choosing a career that doesn’t align with your true interests during your twenties can be a significant missed opportunity. By investing your twenties in a career that doesn’t resonate with your passions, you risk looking back and feeling like you wasted those years.

If you’re stuck in a job or field that doesn’t align with your authentic self, you may forfeit the chance to uncover your strengths, interests, and a career that genuinely fulfills you. Ultimately, not pursuing the right career path in your twenties can hinder your ability to fully realize your potential and find lasting satisfaction and success in the years ahead.

7. Eating Disorders

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Suffering from an eating disorder throughout your twenties can be a significant setback, and it’s an experience many people share It involves an unhealthy preoccupation with food and body weight, often resulting in repeated hospitalizations.

Many individuals wish they could turn back time to make more fulfilling choices. An eating disorder during this period can hinder personal growth and prevent you from doing what you want. Remember, you are more than your body. And if you feel like something is not okay with you, seeking help is always best.

8. Heavy Drinking

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Excessive alcohol consumption during your twenties can be a substantial setback for several reasons. It can seriously impact your health, leading to long-term physical and mental health issues. It can result in missed opportunities from education to career advancement. 

It may strain relationships with family and friends, potentially causing lasting emotional pain and isolation. Financially, it can lead to instability and drain resources that could have been used more wisely. Moreover, legal troubles arising from alcohol-related incidents can have lasting consequences, including a criminal record. 

9. Fear and Financial Drain

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Allowing fear of others to dominate your interactions and allowing people to take advantage of you by constantly borrowing money are two unhealthy situations.

These two can hinder your emotional and financial well-being. It may lead to missed chances to develop healthy relationships, gain financial independence, and learn valuable life lessons about boundaries and self-advocacy. In essence, spending your twenties this way can prevent you from fully engaging in personal development and building a solid foundation for your future.

10. Screen Time Regrets

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Devoting excessive time to watching TV or movies and isolating youself is considered by many as one of the wasteful things that happen in their 20s. This behavior may result in missed experiences in life.

Limited social interaction can impede the expansion of your social network and learning from others. The lifestyle associated with extended screen time can adversely affect physical and mental health.

11.   Getting Married

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One significant reason to consider not getting married in your early twenties is the potential lack of emotional maturity and life experience. Marrying young can limit personal growth and self-discovery, as you may not have fully developed your own identity or had the opportunity to explore your individual goals and aspirations.

Another reason is the potential for differences in long-term compatibility. As people evolve and change, those who marry very young may grow apart as they discover new interests, priorities, and values. 

12. Not Breaking Free from Shyness

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Allowing excessive shyness to dominate your twenties can lead to missed opportunities for personal growth and hinder your social connections. It can limit romantic experiences, prevent you from exploring various interests, and negatively affect your self-empowerment. 

Taking risks and pushing past shyness can lead to greater self-confidence and more fulfilling personal and professional experiences. Remember, life doesn’t provide a magical savior like in the movies; you must take the initiative to create opportunities and embrace new challenges.

13. Early Retirement Planning

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Trav considers himself fortunate because he harbors just one regret. Not allocating more funds toward his retirement savings

Despite his good fortune, he recognizes the importance of securing financial stability for the future and wishes he had taken greater steps to ensure a comfortable retirement. 

14. Career Over Connection

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Spending excessive time on her career during her 20s and neglecting her relationships with friends and family feels like a waste for Tria. While it did bring financial rewards, she now realizes she would trade all that for more time spent with friends and family who sadly passed away. 

In retrospect, she sees that her career priority came at the expense of precious moments and connections with loved ones, making it a regrettable choice during that phase of her life.

15. Prioritizing Tasks

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In their twenties, Ruth’s primary regret was procrastination. They consistently delayed tasks related to making appointments or phone calls, opting to postpone these responsibilities instead of addressing them promptly. 

It wasn’t until their thirties that they began using a calendar and making checklists, and in hindsight, they wish they had started these practices earlier.

16. Not Embracing Authenticity 

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One of the common regrets during the twenties is spending too much time in the closet due to concerns about people’s judgments and opinions. 

This period of hiding took a toll on people’s emotional well-being. It may prevent you from fully embracing your authentic identity and living life to the fullest. Looking back, many people wished they had been more open about who they truly were, recognizing the importance of self-acceptance and living authentically from an earlier age.

17. Having Toxic Relationships

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This woman says that being in toxic relationships is something she reflects on and thinks she wasted her 20s with. Her entire twenties were consumed by relationship turmoil, and she’s now grappling with the consequences. She is deeply in debt, having been used and manipulated in her most recent relationship. This has left her physically, emotionally, and financially shattered. 

Despite this, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of future dating, but she recognizes the need for a break and time and space to focus on self-improvement and restoring her career and finances.

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