These 10 Things Are Gone, and Nobody Even Noticed

I recently scrolled the internet’s front page when I saw this question, “what quietly went away without anyone noticing?” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. 3D TVs 

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The best-voted comment was 3D TVs. One Redditor added he and his wife talked about it the other day. There have been several attempts to make 3D TVs take off, but it hasn’t gotten past the novelty stage. 

They were trying to figure out why there hadn’t been more buy-in and didn’t come up with a good answer. His wife’s happy about it because she has bad eyesight, so the 3D doesn’t look right.

2. Toys in Cereal Boxes

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Milton said when there were actual toys in cereal boxes. 

Another said, with some frustration in the undertone, that he missed contests where you could win by just checking the packaging instead of scanning a QR code and making an account for everything. I know it’s because he misses toys with cereal like any other human.

3. Taco Bell’s Chihuahua

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Do you remember when Taco Bell had a chihuahua as their mascot? The chihuahua just disappeared one day, and anyone born after 2000 probably doesn’t know this. 

Ingenue said that she still has a stuffed toy version of that dog. He says the usual “Yo quiero Taco Bell” and quotes a specific Taco Bell ad that cross-promoted a Godzilla movie. He says, “Heeere lizard lizard lizard!” And “I think I need a bigger box.”

4. Reading a Gaming Manual

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Nevorar said, “Buying a new game and having a thick chunky manual filled with game lore which you would read before playing heightens the anticipation of the game itself.”

Another Redditor related and said they miss those days so much. They remember their grandmother buying them Halo 2 as a kid and then going to a furniture store, so they just followed her around, reading the manual while she looked at furniture.

5. All Day Breakfast

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Emerald responded the thing she misses is the McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu. Many people in the thread related to this. 

I mean, what’s better than having breakfast foods whenever you want?

6. Ownership

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Jaxiti suggested that we used to pay money, so the thing belonged to us. Now everything is rented or leased. He mentions music that we stream as part of a service. Movies and software as a service. We spend and spend, and we hold nothing in our hands.

He edited later that you can also subscribe to clothes. That is news to me to be honest. 

7. 24-Hour Grocery Stores

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Something people have noticed disappearing now, but nobody noticed when it was happening at the time it did: 24-hour stores. They live in a major city and don’t have a single 24-hour grocery store since the pandemic.

Someone added that was the only thing that changed for them during the pandemic. They couldn’t get groceries after work at midnight.

8. Facebook Poke Wars

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Someone expressed Facebook poke wars, and I wonder, will they be missed? But yes, that just stopped one day to another. Many Redditors related and remembered they must check who won the poking war. 

9. Turning Off the TV

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A Redditor said, “When you turn off the TV, how the image would shrink to a dot before slowly fading away.” 

Someone remembered that and added they would run their finger on the screen, hear the crackle, and feel the static on the glass. Another responded that reading that just now was oddly comforting. So hopefully, someone who reads this feels the same comfort. 

10. Telephone Books

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Telephone books just disappeared. Another user added, “And on that note, pay phones.”

I don’t know where you can find a book so thick you can unwrinkle your paper these days.

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