The Unspoken Rules of Driving – Are You Breaking Them Without Knowing?

Are you a new driver and curious about hidden road rules that people don’t usually talk about? Or are you a skilled driver wanting to check if you know all the important rules? You’re in luck! I found a discussion where folks shared their most liked answers to this question!

1. Don’t Be Nice, Be Predictable

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The top-voted reaction was to not be nice but to be predictable. Someone explained that this means don’t slam on your brakes to let someone else go if you should go first when following the rules of driving. Drive predictably.

The importance of driving predictable was confirmed by someone saying yielding when you have the right of way just slows everything down. When it’s your turn to go, go. 

2. Assume the Worst

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Assume everyone else is an idiot. That’s the safest for everyone, as one person expressed.

Another clarified, “This! And don’t barrel into an intersection just because you have the green. EXPECT that someone might run the red light.” 

3. Green Means Legal

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And on that note, green means legal, not safe. Assume everyone is trying to crash into you.

Many people shared their experiences of someone running the red light. One even said she watched an incident happen, and the lady in the wrong got out of her car and said she ran the light. “I could not believe her audacity to admit what she did while refusing to take responsibility.”

4. When Merging Onto A Highway

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Seina wrote that merging onto a highway and interstate should be a very active process. Try to match the speed of traffic and fit into an open slot. Don’t slow down to a crawl and wait for a wide berth.

“It’s the merging lane, not the wait-your-turn lane,” someone agreed with Seina. 

5. Don’t Trust a Turn Signal

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Tali advised not to trust a turn signal. Tenes indicated that you also shouldn’t trust the absence of a turn signal.

So back to number two. Always assume the worst from everyone for your safety. 

6. Beware of the Car With Duct Tape

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Somebody suggested that the car with the most duct tape has the right of way.

Aote elaborated with, “And Uhaul trucks! Chances are the guy driving a Uhaul truck is driving a vehicle much bigger than he is used to, hasn’t had enough sleep, and is having a long day.”

7. Leave Yourself A Way Out

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According to one, the unspoken rule of driving is always leaving yourself a way out if needed.

A second articulated this by saying their mom taught them this as they lived near a rough neighborhood. Keep enough space between you and the car in front of you to make a U-turn and get out of there.

8. Follow the Rules of the Stopsigns

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Eli raved that he hates it when he does have a stop sign, and the person who doesn’t have one thinks they’re being nice by waving him through. “No sir, you don’t have a stop sign, and I ain’t risking an accident because you wanna be nice.”

Jab added that when he sees someone slow down, and he doesn’t know why they are slowing down, then they stop and wave at him to go. They would have passed him if they kept driving, and he could have turned.

9. Know What’s Around You

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An individual expressed that you must always know what’s around you. Know what cars are behind you or in the lane next to you. That way, if you have to change lanes quickly, you know whether you can or can’t.

Another person advised that an old boss of theirs used to put it this way: “On the road, there are FIVE people you need to be aware of at all times: the guy in front of you, the guy behind you, the guy directly to your right, the guy directly to your left, and the guy that comes out of nowhere.”

10. Put Your Lights On When It’s Raining

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Someone advised if it’s raining, put your light on. No matter the time of day. It isn’t law but better have them on, especially when needed. Say, for instance, when it’s raining.

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